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Sendung am 18.12.13  (Wdh. 22.12.13 und 23.12.13)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


*   Besinnliches bei H'ART On Air!   *

Die besten  Rock- und Metal-Balladen aus dem Jahr 2013



VENGEANCE "Promise Mi"  /  BROACH "Raining"  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "Sitting bei The Railroad"  /  BREED 77 "Motionless"  /  STONE SOUR "Sadist"  /  DAYS WE ARE EVEN "Seventeen"  /  BONFIRE "Let Me Be Your Water"  /  ROXIN' PALACE "Gothic L.A."  /  LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE "All For Nothing"  /  FILTER "It's My Time"  /  REACH US ENDORPHINE "Behind Illusions"  /  ENCYPHER "Stoned In The Glasshouse"  /  SALTATIO MORTIS "Der Sandmann"  /  CORRODED "All The Heroes Are Dead"  /  NICKELBACK "How You Remind Me"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "All Ends Well"  /  AVENDGED SEVENFOLD "Crimson Day"  /  FIVE FINGER DATH PUNCH "Remember Everything"  /  TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "I'll keep Your Secrets"  /  GONOREAS "Still In My Heart"  /  PILOMOTOR "Somehow Great"  /  FIVE FINGER DATH PUNCH "House Of The Rising Sun"


Sendung am 11.12.13  (Wdh. 15.12.13 und 16.12.13)                Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:

Simon "das S!" Schillinger Guitars von FINSTERFORST  /  Dieter Schwarz, Drums von DARK ZODIAK
Max Berner, Drums von GASMAC GILMORE  /  Sebastian Sepp Stiegeler vom HEAVY X-MAS - Festival - Grafenhausen



FINSTERFORST "Nichts Als Asche" --- "Ein Lichtschein"  /  DARK ZODIAK "Throwing Stones" --- "We Are Your Nightmare"  /  GASMAC GILMORE "I Am God" --- "The Monkey March"  /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Always"  /  CROSSPLANE "Bring The Fire" --- "Easy Lay"  /  UNDERTOW "Inside One" --- "Slatesoul"  /  REFLECTIONS "Lost Pages"  /  BITTER PIECE "Impact" --- "End Of Days"  /  MOONCRY "Puppet Crow"


Sendung am 04.12.13  (Wdh. 08.12.13 und 09.12.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:  Klaus Adamascheck von SHIREGREEN



THEN COMES SILENCE "She Lies in Wait"  /  EMINEM "Survival" --- "Berzerk"  /  CREMATORY "Shadowmaker"  /  VENGEANCE "Headquake" --- "Train"  /  NO SINNER "Boo Hoo Hoo"  /  SHIREGREEN "The Year That I Turn Fifty-Five" --- "Old Graveyards" --- "The Stories I Could Tell"  /  EMBERCROW "Return To The Realms"  /  BETZEFER "Cash"  /  ANDI DERIS "The Last Day Of Rain"  /  BLOODSPOT "By The Horns" --- "Burst Black"  /  AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Crimson Day"  /  VYRE "The Initial Frontier"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "All Ends Well"  /  AIRBAG "Redemtion"


Sendung am 27.11.13  (Wdh. 01.12.13 und 02.12.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:

Ania Dziezewska - Klaus Kipfmüller - Joey - Volker Scheurer

Simon Ulsfstedt  -  Künstler/in der Ausstellung OUT OF ORDER im Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil am Rhein



DIE VERSENKER "Online"  /  BLACKFIELD "Jupiter"  /  BATTLEAXE "Dirty Rocker"  /  OLMAR "Song"  /  SMURF "Soll es so weitergehen" --- "Wo"  /  ILSE DELANGE "Learning To Swim"  /  ANDI DERIS "Blind" --- "Cock"  /  LOST IN DESIRE "Sun"  /  PRO PAIN "Can't Stop The Pain"  /  TERRORBLADE "Gates Of Hell" --- "Prometheus"  /  DARK MAN SHADOW "Betrayal Of Trust"  /  EAT THE GUN "Won't Let You Down"  /  BETZEFER "The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land" --- "Killing The Fuss"  /  SPIRAL ARMS "Drugs And Alcohol" --- "Blackmoon Morning"


Sendung am 20.11.13  (Wdh. 24.11.13 und 25.11.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Reto, Drums und Hens, Guitars von ADRENALINE 101



ADRENALINE 101 "Demons In The Closet" --- "Raise Em' Up" --- "Straight Clowning" --- "Mayflies" --- "Shedding Tears" --- "Buckwild"  /  MAD MAX "Five Minute Warning"  /  LOST IN DESIRE "Skin" --- "Coming Home"  /  MARY FAY "Where Lovers Carve Their Mark"  /  BATTLEAXE "Her Mama Told Her" --- "Shout It Out"  /  PRO-PAIN "Deathwish" --- "Southbound"  /  EAT THE GUN "At The End Of The Day" --- "Bad Memories"  /  DIE VERSENKER "Wertlos" --- "Dislike"  /  OPERADYSE "The Path Of Divine"


Sendung am 13.11.13  (Wdh. 17.11.13 und 18.11.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:          Thomas W. Bossert, bildender Künstler, Lörrach


SUZEN'S GARDEN "Summersong" --- "Woman In The Moon"  /  DIE KRUPPS "Robo Sapien" --- "The Machinists Of Joy"  /  LION TWIN "Wings Of Love" --- "Day Of Anger" featuring UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER  /  MONSTER OF LIEDERMACHING "Marzipan" ---  "Laterne"  /  EUROPE "Sign Of The Times"  /  SAXON "Battle Cry" --- "Call To Arms" (Orchestrated Version)  /  BELTEZ "Nagelfar"  /  GONOREAS "Serpents"  /  PILOMOTOR "Somehow Great"   /  ADRENALINE 101  "May Flies"  /  ROADFEVER "Brother"


Sendung am 06.11.13  (Wdh. 10.11.13 und 11.11.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:      Christiane Wendt, Schmuckdesignerin, Schwäbisch-Gmünd

Am Telefon-2:      Markus Marx Reisenbauer, Vocals von SADAKO


BONAFIDE "Bombo"  /  PILOMOTOR "Surrender" --- "I Was Afraid"  /  SUMOSLUTS "Just Wanna Say"  /  KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES "Set Me Free"  /  TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "Music Box Blues"  /  FATE "Bridges Are Burning" --- "Taught To Kill"  /  TIMES OF GRACE "The Forgotten One"  /  SADAKO -Hikikomori- "Bigger The Lie"  /  SADAKO -Panic Transistor- "Damage Done"  /  EUROPE "No Stone Unturned" --- "New Love In Town"  /  KAMBRIUM "Taken by The Storm"  /  GONOREAS "Breathe Again" --- "Still In My Heart"  /  TRIVIUM "To Belive"  /  ONCE I SAW A GHOST "Malevolent Annihilaton"  /  NICKELBACK "If Everybody Cared"  /  SLEGEST "The Path Of No Return" --- "Past Burden Strenght"  /  FX3 "New World" Prolog


Sendung am 30.10.13  (Wdh. 03.11.13 und 04.11.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



BONAFIDE "Backroom" --- "Rock 'N' Roll Skål"  /  BARONS BALL "Born To Rock"  /  KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES "Peace" --- "Drive"  /  KING OF THE WORLD "Bluesifield"  /  HILLBILLY DELUXE "The Coward"  /  TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "Wizards In Winter" --- "I'll Keep Your Secrets"  /  KAMBRIUM "Scepter Of The Serpent" --- "Dark Lights"  /  AL & THE BLACK CATS "Time Stand Still"  /  NICKELBACK "How You Remind Me" --- "Burn It To The Ground"  /  PEOPLES TEMPER "Liquor King"  /  TRIVIUM "Vengeance Falls" --- "Trough Blood And Dirt And Bone"  /  FIVE FINGER DAETH PUNCH "Wrong Side Of Heaven"  /  ONCE I SAW A GHOST "Recover With A Dying Smile" --- "Into The Abyss"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Lover"  /  SUMOSLUTS "Son Of A Bitch" --- "One More Time"  /  BLACK DAFFODILS "Your Painkiller


Sendung am 23.10.13  (Wdh. 27.10.13 und 28.10.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Edith Ganter von der Galerie Ganter in Zell-Pfaffenberg


HILLBILLY DELUXE "The Coward" --- "How Long"  7  KING OF THE WORLD "Better Leave While You Can" --- "Number One"  /  EVERLAST "Sad Girl" --- "Today"  /  LOWFIELD "Vertigo"  /  PEOPLES TEMPER "Frisco Bay" --- "Bring Me Down"  /  THE ANSWER "Burn You Down"  /  BARONS BALL "Last Gas Station for 200 Miles" --- "The Working Man"  /  AFRICAN CORPSE “Enemy Mine”  /  FYRNASK "Saltrain"  /  CORRODED “I Am The God”  /  BLACK DAFFODILS "The Sighing" --- "Silent Raindrops


Sendung am 16.10.13  (Wdh. 20.10.13 und 21.10.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Chris Furer, Guitars von FROZENROOM


BOURBON BOYS “Hail To The Chief“ --- “Son Of The North“  /  AVENGED SEVENFOLD “Hail To The King”  /  FLYING COLORS “The Storm”  /  HELLRIDE “Army Of Angels”   /  FROZENROOM “Your Pain” --- “What If”  /  S.A. ADAMS “Partings Always Painless” --- “Kiss Of Death”  /  ELECTRO_NOMICON “You In Shadows”  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Remember Everything”  /  MOTÖRHEAD “Heartbreaker” --- “Do You Believe”  /  ALTER BRIDGE “Fortress”  /  AFRICAN CORPSE “Death Sentence” --- “African corpse”   /  CORRODED “Beautiful Revolution" --- “As I Am”  /  CHILDREN OF BOTTOM “Halo Of Blood”  /  THE ANSWER “Spectacular” --- “Speak Now”  /  SOULFLY “Chains”


Sendung am 09.10.13  (Wdh. 13.10.13 und 14.10.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Angela Lenz von der European Art Gallery, Badenweiler


JOHNNY HANDSOME “Summersong”  /  RUNNING WILD “Run Riot”  /  SIMON McBRIDE “Don’t Be A Fool” --- “Alcatraz”  /  PAPA ROACH “Give Me Back My Life”  /  HELLRIDE “Aerials” --- “Warbusiness”  /  DIGNITY “Blackout”  /  AVENGED SEVENFOLD “Doing Time” --- “Crimson Day”  /  IN EXTREMO “Kunstraub”  /  ALTER BRIDGE “Cry Of Achilles” --- “All Ends Well”  /  KORN “What We Do”  /  ELECTRO_NOMICON “Waiting” --- “Far Away”  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Intro --- Under & Over IT” --- “Lift Me UP” (feat. ROB HALFORD)  /  ADRENALINE 101 “Maylies”  /  FISH “A Feast Of Consequences”


Sendung am 02.10.13  (Wdh. 06.10.13 und 07.10.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



JOHNNY HANDSOME “These Days” --- “Loser”  /  BUZZ DEES “Immer Weiter”  /  THE RED PAINTINGS “Wasps”  /  JADED HEART “Fly Away”  /  FISH “All Loved Up” --- “High Wood”  /  KYLER “Tonight”  /  PAPA ROACH “Still Swingin’” --- “Leader Of The Broken Hearts”  /  DEAD SEXY “Anyway”  /  IN EXTREMO “Die Beute” --- “Du und Ich”  /  MYGRAIN “The Ghost In Me”  /  DIGNITY “Lion Attack” --- “Rise”  /  KORN “Mass Hysteria”  /  DARKFALL “Never Ending Hate”   /  RUNNING WILD “Resilient” --- “Desert Rose”  /  CRYSTAL PALACE “Sleepless”


Sendung am 25.09.13  (Wdh. 29.09.13 und 30.09.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Marcus, Vocals und Peter, Bass von KYLER


KYLER “The Unknown” --- “Buried Alive” --- “Unloved” --- “Bad Socks” feat. ROBOCOCK --- “Tonight”  /  BUZZ DEES “Icke” --- “Tawarisch Putin Kamerad”  /  LOXODROME “Sea Of Dust“  /  MYGRAIN “Waking Up The Damned” --- “Black Light Supernova”  /  DIABOLOS DUST “Wheel Of Fortune”  /  JADED HEART “Saints Denied” --- “Justice Is Deserved”  /  DARKFALL “War Has Come”  /  DEAD SEXY “Lonesome Poupée” --- “Polaröid Twist”  /  JIMMY MARTIN “Life Without Love”


Sendung am 18.09.13  (Wdh. 22.09.13 und 23.09.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Friedrich Resin, Vorsitzender des Kunstverein Weil am Rhein


PAULO MENDONCA “21 Century” --- “Remedy”  /  BERGITTA VICTOR “Free As Can Bee“ --- “I Don’t Mind“  /  JIMMY MARTIN “Different” --- “I Wish You Here Tonight” with ROBIN BECK  /  LOXODROME “Black Sun“ --- “Going Up In Flame“  /  DRITTE WAHL - SCHLAPPEN “Tobias”  /  VAMPS “The Past“ --- “Sex Blood Rock n‘ Roll“  /  LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE “All For Nothing”  THE NEW ROSES “Without A Trace”  /  DIABOLOS DUST “Inferno” --- “Grace Of Creation”  /  BLACK CANDY STORE “Wounded”  /  KYLER “Buried Alive”


Sendung am 11.09.13  (Wdh. 15.09.13 und 16.09.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Daniel Kuhlemann, Vocals & Guitars von TENSIDE


GOV’T MULE “World Boss” --- “Funny Little Tragedy” (With ELVIS COSTELLO)  /  BILLY TALENT “Crooked Minds”  /  DRITTE WAHL / KILLERPILZE  “so wie ihr seid” --- DRITTE WAHL / TRICKY LOBSTERS “zeit zu gehen” --- DRITTE WAHL / IN EXTREMO “ich bin’s”  /  TENSIDE “Reborn” --- “Dead Or Alive” --- “At the Top Of The Tide”  /  NEW MODEL ARMY “Horsemen” --- “Between Dog And Wolf”  /  GOJIRA “L’enfant Sauvage”  /  STORMLORD “Those Upon The Pyre”  /  TREMONTI “Proof”  /  WRAITHCULT “Nine Wounds”  /  DE STAAT “Devil’s Blood”  /  GODSMACK “Voodoo”  /  JONATHAN DAVIS AND THE SFA “System”  /  CHAMPLIN WILLIAMS FRIESTEDT ALL STAR BAND “Hard Habit To Break”


Sendung am 04.09.13  (Wdh. 08.09.13 und 09.09.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Markus Marx Reisenbauer, Vocals von SADAKO


THE JOKERS “Silver City”  /  BILLY TALENT “Surprise Surprise” --- “Don’t Count On The Wicked”
THE WINERY DOGS “You Saved Me” --- “Time Machine” Konzerthinweis: 17.09. - Z7-CH-Pratteln  /  ADRENALINE MOB “Angel Sky”  /  SADAKO “The Defference Between You And Me Is I’m Not Bleeding” --- “Yamamba” --- “Apes Pigs And Big Blake Holes”  /  3 DAYZ WHIZKEY “Got No Time” (feat. Dr. WILL and FRANK MOSHER)  /  STAIND “Failing”  /  BLINDFALL “So What” Konzerthinweis: 05.10. Metal in de Räbe, Weil am Rhein  /  DEALS DEATH “Point Zero Solution” --- “The Separation”  /  SEVEN WITCHES “True Blood”  /  VISTA CHINO “Dark And Lovely”   Konzerthinweis: 15.11. - Z7-CH-Pratteln  /  TENSIDE “Where We Belong”  /  CHILDREN OF BODOM “Scream For Silence” Konzerthinweis: 24.10. - Z7-CH-Pratteln  /  CHAMPLIN WILLIAMS FIESTEDT ALL STAR BAND “This Fall” --- “Look Away”


Sendung am 28.08.13  (Wdh. 01.09.13 und 02.09.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   Lasterbalk der Lästerliche, Drums von SALTATIO MORTIS


BLACKFIELD “Sense Of Insanity”  /  SPACEBOYZ “I Like The Way” Feat. GERRARD BAKER  /  LYNYRD SKYNYRD “One At A Time”  /  THE JOKERS “Night Driver” --- “Find My Way Home”  /  END OF GREEN “De(ad)generation”  /  SALTATIO MORTIS “Wachstum über alles” --- “Satans Fall” --- “Früher war alles Besser”  /  STONESOUR “Sadist”  /  3 DAYZ WHIZKEY “All Night Long” --- “Rattlesnake Brake”  /  CHIMAIRA “All That’s Left Is Blood”  /  SEVEN WITCHES “Claustrophobie (No Way Out)” --- “Murderer? (Hang’em High)”  /  VISTA CHINO “Dargona Dragona” --- “Planets 1&2”  /  SADAKO “Save Home For Zombies”  /  SHIREGREEN “The Year That I Turn Fity-Five” --- “The Stories I Could tell”  /  AIRBOURNE “You Got The Skills (You Pay The Bills)”


Sendung am 21.08.13  (Wdh. 25.08.13 und 26.08.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



THE PLEA “Out Like A Light”  /  SPACEBOYZ “Here We Come” FEAT. MOS & STATIC --- “Superstar” FEAT. J´SUN  /  DRAGONSCLAW “Onset Of War“ --- “Judgement Day“  /  SAITENFEUER “Komm mit mir” --- “Ein letzter Kuss”  /  SUIDAKRA “March Of Conquest”  /  ANNIHILATOR “Wrapped” --- “Perfect Angel Eyes” --- “Stonewall”  /  LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE “All For Nothing”  /  BILLY TALENT “Show Me The Way”  /  SALTATIO MORTIS “Früher war alle besser” --- “IX”  /  MACHINE HEAD “Locust”  /  CHIMAIRA “The Machine” --- “Wrapped In Violence”  /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE “Always“  /  ACCEPT “Hellfire”  /  END OF GREEN “Standalone” --- “CHASING GHOSTS”  /  EVERLAST “Today”


31.08.13 - SOMMERPAUSE -

07.08.13 - SOMMERPAUSE -

14.08.13 - SOMMERPAUSE -



Sendung am 24.07.13  (Wdh. 28.07.13 und 29.07.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:      Niklas Market, Bass von SHAPE MY CLARITIY

Am Telefon-2:     Simon Stiegeler, Bildhauer, Grafenhausen


DAS NIVEAU “OH Baby“  /  AVENGED SEVENFOLD “Hail To The King“  /  MARY FAY “Beginnings“ --- “This Wall Between Us“  /  HELMESATH “Spinne“ --- “Keine Angst“  /  SHAPE MY CLARITY “Cameleon“ --- “Asking Why“ --- “Control“  /  RISING STORM “Revival“  /  BEELZEFUZZ “Reborn“ --- “Sirens Song“  /  MINISTRY “Waiting“ --- "New World Order (N.W.O“  /  DRAGONSCLAW “Battle Cry“ --- “Eternally“  /  PEST “Thirteen Chimes“  /  ADRENALINE 101 “Come To You“


Sendung am 17.07.13  (Wdh. 21.07.13 und 22.07.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Harald Deschler, Musik-Redakteur, Freiburg

Am Telefon:   Oliver Nikolas, Guitars von LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE


DAS NIVEAU “Let It Be“  /  ADRENALINE 101 “Straight Clownin“  /  REACH US ENDORPHINE  “The Crim Reaper“  /  LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE “My Release In Pain“ --- “All For Nothing“ --- “A Sigh“  /  THE NEW ROSES “Without A Tace“  /  THE GENERATORS ”Smoke & Mirrors”  /  WEDNESDAY 13 ”The Dixie Dead“  /  FEAR FACTORY ”Replica“  /  TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION ”Turn It Up“  /  DANZIG “On A Wicked Night”  /  NECRO “Insaneology”  /  MICHALE GRAVES “Shining”  /  KINGS DESTROY “Casse-Tete”  /  FLOTSAM & JETSAM “Ugly Noise”  /  SHINEDOWN “The Sound Of Madness”  /  SHAPE MY CLARITY “Shimmer“  /  OUTSHINE “You Do Bad Things To Feel Alive“


Sendung am 10.07.13  (Wdh. 14.07.13 und 15.07.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Adrian, Guitar von ENCYPHER

ARTHUR KITCHENER “The Lost Generation“ --- “Back Street    Warrior“  /  KINGDOM COME “Rough Ride Rally“  /  TRIVIUM “Built To Fall“  /  AYNSLEY LISTER “Possession“  /  ALTER BRIDGE “All Hope Is Gone“  /  ENCYPHER “White Lies Beneath“ --- “Stoned In The Classhouse“ --- “More Weight“  /  RISING STORM “Dreamwalker“ --- “Conquer The Sea“  /  DEVARIEM “Steamhammerhead“  /  REACHUS  ENDORPHINE  “Behind Illusions“ --- “Forever Alone“  /   THORNGOTH “Schwarz – Karg – Kalt“  /  CRYPTEX “Leviathan“  /   OUTSHINE “Falling“ --- “Addiction“  /  GIBONNI “Hide The Mirror“


Sendung am 03.07.13  (Wdh. 07.07.13 und 08.07.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Angela Lenz, European Art Gallery, Badenweiler


METHODS OF MAYHEM “All I Wanna Do“  /  SADAKO “A Requiem For Lost Dreams“  /  KORN “Narcissitic Cannibal“ feat. Skrillex and Kill The Noise  /  GIBONNI “Ain’t Bad Enough For R ‘N‘ R“ --- “My Cloud“  /  AYNSLEY LISTER “Inside Out“ --- “Sugar“  /  MURDERDOLLS “Summertime Suicide“  /   BREED 77 “Motionless“  /  MACHINE HEAD “Darkness Within"  /  DEVARIEM “Casketeer“ --- “Infyrno“  /  TIMES OF GRACE “The Forgotten One“  /  SPHERON “Pulse Of Instinct“  /  IAN DURY “Hit Me With Your Rhytm Stick“  /  HATE FORCE ONE “Warefare“  /  ENCYPHER “In Cold Blood“   /  STAIND “Something To Remind You“


Sendung am 26.06.13  (Wdh. 30.06.13 und 01.07.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Alexander Schönfeld, bildender Künstler, Freiburg


FRÉDÉRIC FRANCOIS CHOPIN “Nocturne in Es-Dur“  /  EDITH PIAF “La Vie En Rose“  /  EDENBRIDGE “The Invisible Force“ --- “Death Is Not The End“  /  THE JOKERS “Radio“  /  REBELLIOUS SPIRIT “Lights Out“ --- “Don’t Leave Me“  /  VICTORIUS “Demon Legions“  /  SADAKO “Save Home For Zomies“ --- “Damage Done“  /  ADRENALINE MOB “All On The Line“  /  HATE FORCE ONE “Wave Of Destruction“ --- “Face The Mirror“  /  KNOXVILLE MORNING “Baseball Song“  /  SHRIKE “Der Abend“  /  LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE “What I’m Not“  /  GOJIRA “Born In Winter“


Sendung am 19.06.13  (Wdh. 23.06.13 und 24.06.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Oliver Rauch, Manfred Lindner und Beate Kirner

                        vom Konzertveranstalter REBTOWNROCK, Weil am Rhein


42 DECIBEL “Rocker Soul“ --- “Born To Ride Alone“  /  ORPHANED LAND “Let The Truce Be Known“ --- “Fail“  /  VICTORIUS “The Awakening“ --- “Lake Of Hope“  /  NORSE “Towards The Shining Sky“ --- “Silently Awake“  /  LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE “All For Nothing“ --- “My Release in Pain“  /  BLACK BULL “Hunted“  /  THE TREATMENT “Nothing To Lose But Our Minds“  /  KEILER “Fight“  /  IMPACT OF FLAMES “My Reflection“ --- “Silent War“  /  BLIND FALL “RIP“  /  TIMES OF GRACE “Fall From Grace“


Sendung am 12.06.13  (Wdh. 16.06.13 und 17.06.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:          Werner Eichele vom Bluesfest in Gaildorf

                                im Gespräch mit Klaus Deuss von Stormy Monday Blues bei FRW

INDICCO “Crying“ --- “Moonlight“  /  FILTER “Self Inflicted“  /  MONSTER TRUCK “Undercover Love“ --- “Call It A Spade“  /  ROXIN‘ PALACE “Viper’s Advice“  /  MALTED MILK “Hard Working Woman“  /  ROYAL SOTHERN BROTHERHOOD “Left My Heart In Memphis“  /  ROBBEN FORD “Talk To Your Daughter“  /  THORBJØRN RISAGER “On My Way“  /  TRIVIUM “Of All These Yesterdays“  /  BLACK BULL “Ritual“ --- “Red Wolf“  /  JEX THOTH “The Places You Walk“ --- “Keep Your Weeds“  /  KALMAH “Hollo“ --- “The Trapper“  /  MARKONEE  “Never Ever Loved Me“ --- “Shakin ‘N‘ Stirred“  /  AMBERIAN DAWN “Charnel’s Ball“


Sendung am 05.06.13  (Wdh. 09.06.13 und 10.06.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:          Basti, Vocals von DIEVERSITY


DÉPARLISE “Herzlich Willkommen“ --- “Ja Klar“  /  THE RAZED “Stateless“  /  FILTER “Surprise“ --- “This Finger’s For You“  /  BONFIRE “Thank You“  /  DIVERSITY “If I Close My Eyes“ --- “Last Day: Tomorrow“ --- “Pathfinder“  /  ARTLANTICA “Ode To My Angel“ --- “2012“  /  MALIGNANT TUMOUR “Stay Over Night“  /  MEGADEATH “Burn!“   /  ENCYPHER “Open Season“ --- “Mass Hysteria“  /  ROXIN‘ PALACE “Gothic L.A.“ --- “Roxin‘ Palace“  /   CHTHONIC “Set Fire To The Island“  /  GFF “Fuck What You Say“  /  SEVEN NAILS   “Prisoner Of My Own


Sendung am 29.05.13  (Wdh. 02.06.13 und 03.06.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:          Erwin G. Sütterlin, Impresario des TAM - Theater am Mühlenrain, Weil am Rhein


THE RAZED “Panic Room“ --- “Bladerider“  /  KORITNI “Red Light Joint“ --- “Sweet Home Chicago“  /  FAIR WARNING “Pride“ --- “Send Me A Dream“  /  BONFIRE “Ready 4 Reaction“ --- “Let Me Be Your Water“  /  COAL & CRAYON “Shipwrecked“  /  POWERWORLD “Black Ash“  /  DARK REFLEXIONS “The Show Must Die“  /  MEGADEATH “Kingmaker“ --- “Forget To Remember“  /  ANVIL “Flying“  /  DIVERSITY “Just Lies“  /  SEVEN NAILS “Next Pace“ --- “Factory Of Dreams“


Sendung am 22.05.13  (Wdh. 26.05.13 und 27.05.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:          Marco Linke "Mo" (Bass) von IN CASE OF FYR


AIRBOURNE “You Got The Skills (To Pay The Bills)“  /  NERGARD “Hell On Earth“ --- “An Everlasting Dreamscape“  /  RITUAL STEEL “Judgement Day“  /  COAL & CRAYON “Rain“ --- “Into The Brook“  /  IN CASE OF FYR “Bitter And Betrayed“ --- “New World Disorder“ --- “The Only One“  /  POWERWORLD “Children Of  The Universe“ --- “Back On Me“  /  DIFUSED “Rain“ --- “Temptation“  /  ANVIL “Hope In Hell“ --- “Through With You“  /  DARK REFLEXIONS “When Lambs Become Lions“ --- “Give Em Back Their Lives“  /  THE MOTH GATHERER “Intervention“


Sendung am 15.05.13  (Wdh. 19.05.13 und 20.05.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:          Hans Dürr, Regisseur und Theaterleiter vom Hans Dürr Theater Freiburg


BETH HART & JOE BONAMASSA “Seesaw“  /  JOSS STONE “Love“  /  JONAS & THE MASSIVE ATTRACTION “Bonnie & Clyde“ --- “Good Life“  /  EVERLAST “Long At All“  /  KEE MARCELLO “Dead Give Away” --- “Dead End Highway”  /  RITUAL STEEL “Satisfy Your Dreams“  /  TORTURE KILLER “Phobia“  /  AIRBOURNE “Ready To Rock“ --- “Woman Like That“  /  SILVER HORSES “Suddenly Lost”   /  VICIOUS RUMORS “Electric Punishment”  /  DIEVERSITY “The Other Side”  /  EVANGELIST  “Pain And Rapture“  /  IN CASE OF FYR “Stalking Like Killers“  /  EHRENFELD “Come And Dance With Me“


Sendung am 08.05.13  (Wdh. 12.05.13 und 13.05.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



KEADAAR “Procrastination”  /  KEE MARCELLO “Judas Kiss” --- “Coming Home”  /  GFF “Broken Man”  /  KAHIRA “Was mir fehlt”  /  SILVER HORSES “Life And Soul” --- “Diamond Sky”  /  SODOM “Tracing The Victim” --- “Cannibal”  /  DIEVERSITY “Just Lies”  /  KINGDOM COME “Skip The Cover And Feel”  /  VICIOUS RUMORS “Escape (From Hell)”


Sendung am 01.05.13  (Wdh. 05.05.13 und 06.05.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:            Jo (Vocals & Bass) und Mighty Muzzy (Guitar) von DAYS WE ARE EVEN


DAYS WE ARE EVEN “Misunderstood” --- “Stereo/Stereo” --- “Saturday Leash” --- “Cars (The Low Breeze Of Hope)” --- “Seventeen” --- “Ballerina”  /  KEADAAR “Leave Again” --- “Sticky Dust”  /  BREED 77 “Burn City Burn”  /  KINGDOM COME “Let The Silence Talk” --- “Holy Courtain”  /  STONE SOUR “The Conflagration”  /  FREEDOM CALL “Thunder God”  /  LILITH LAYING DOWN “Chosen Ones”  /  VANDERLINDE “Where Are You Now?”  /  GLOOMBALL “Overcome”  /  HARASAI “The Art Of The Sun”  /  ILSE DeLANGE “Space Cowboy”


Sendung am 24.04.13  (Wdh. 28.04.13 und 29.04.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:    Niels Tofahrn, bildender Künstler, Weil am Rhein

Am Telefon-2:    Manfred Lindner, Pressesprecher von Rebtownrock e.V., Weil am Rhein


SANTA CRUZ “Sweet Sensation” --- “Nothing Compares To You”  /  BREED 77 “Drown” --- “Low”  /  RACOON “Took A Hit”  /  ILSE DeLANGE “Hurricane” --- “Laerning To Swim”  /  SAPIENCY “Prayer For The Pain”  /  FREEDOM CALL “Free dom Call” --- “Mr. Evil”  /  DAYS WE ARE EVEN “Cars (The Low Breeze Of Hope)”  /  ECLIPSE SOL AIR “Once Upon A Time”  /  GLOOMBALL “More And More” --- “Long Time Gone”  /  LILITH LAYING DOWN “Life Is The Pain”  /  STONE SOUR “Sadist” --- “Stalemate”  /  LARENCY “My Fall”  /  VANDERLINDE “Every Human Has A Name” --- “Ten Years”


Sendung am 17.04.13  (Wdh. 21.04.13 und 22.04.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Bruno Rock Kraler, Guitars von LANESLIDE


DRAGONSFIRE “The Gunslinger’s Fate”  /  DIE SUPERSIEGER “Ich hab geweint” --- “Wie einst Heinz Erhardt”  /  ILSE DELANGE “Miracle”  /  SPITFIRE “Roll The Dice”  /  PALINDROME “Toy To Fate”  /  LANESLIDE “Flying High” --- “Hangin Out Here” --- “Washed Away”  /  KILLING JOKE “Millenium” --- “Pandemonium”  /  IRON MAIDEN “The Number Of The Beast”  /  SAPIENCY “Fight On” --- “Turn The Tide”  /  TODTGELICHTER “Soil”  /  SWITCHTENSE “Ghosts Of Past”  /  SAINTS OF RUIN “The Thirst” --- “Never”  /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE “Turning Point”  /  TRACER “Lady Killer” --- “Until The War is Won”


Sendung am 10.04.13  (Wdh. 14.04.13 und 15.04.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Volker Scheurer, Bildhauer, Weil am Rhein



KING KING “More Than I Can Take” --- “Can’t Keep From Trying”  /  RUSSKAJA “Violina Mia”  /  SHADOWQUEEN “Best Of Me” --- “What You Want”  /  DAYS WE ARE EVEN “Saturday Leash”  /  IRON MAIDEN “Run To The Hills” --- “Running Free”  /  DRAGONSFIRE “Speed Demon” --- “Ask From More”  /  AETERNUS “There Will Be None”  /  CHARMING GRACE “Just Take My Hand” --- “The Sound Of Your Heart”  /  SWITCHTENSE “Concrete Walls” --- “I Will Stronger”  /  LANESLIDE “Your Fight”


Sendung am 03.04.13  (Wdh. 07.04.13 und 08.04.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



THE AMITY AFFLICTON “Life Underground”  /  PARIS “The Clock” --- “When The Lights Fade Away”  /  TOMBSTONE HIGHWAY “Bite The Dust (an Bleed)”  /  RUSSKAJA “Barada” --- “Istanbul”  /  THE PARLOR MOB “Everything You’re Breathing For”  /  THE CRYSTAL CARAVAN “With Them You Walk Alone”  /  KINGDOM COME “Should I” --- “God Does Not Sing Our Song”  /  THE TREATMENT “Nothing To Lose But Our Minds”  /  THE OTHER “Nightmare On Halloween”  /  AMARANTHE “The Nexus”  /  DAYS WE ARE EVEN “Ballerina” --- “Seventeen”  /  SHADOWS FALL “Nothing Remains”  /  CREEDENCE CLEERWATER REVIVAL “Long Is I Can See The Light”´ /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE “In Due Time”  /  “Always”  /  QUEENSRYCHE “Hand On Heart”  /  THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA “Kansas”  /  SÓLSTAFIR “Pale Rider”


Sendung am 27.03.13  (Wdh. 31.03.13 und 01.04.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



CALLING TOMMY “I Cannot Promise”  /  LANESLIDE “Flyíng High” --- “Washed Away”  /  GLOOMBALL “The Distance”  /  AMARANTHE “Burn With Me” --- “Mechanical Illusion”  /  MYSTIGMA “Rebell Yell”  /  MATT GONZO ROEHR “Vom ersten Blick zum letzten Kuss” --- “Träumer”  /  SLIPKNOT “Psychosocial”  /  JOHANNES WALLMARK AND THE WILDFLOWERS “Living On The Same Street”  /  AXEL RUDI PELL “Fool Fool”  /  TOMBSTONE HIGHWAY “Acid Overlord” --- “Ruralizer”  /  LYNYRD SKYNYRD “Something To Live For”  /  BEISSERT “Darkness: Devil: Death” --- “My Path Shall Be Your Wrath”  /  BROACH “Last Dance”  /  THE CRYSTAL CARAVAN “Hour Of The Wolf” --- “Drifting”  /  SLIPKNOT “Snuff”


Sendung am 20.03.13  (Wdh. 24.03.13 und 25.03.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       Andreas Kerstan, bildender Künstler, Althütte


LES STENTORS “Une Fille De L’Est”  /  CALLING TOMMY “She’s A Bitch” --- “Rise”  /  MYSTIGMA “Dancing With Witches (Wintersun)” --- “A Thousand Rains”  /  KNOXVILLE MORNING “Hotel Margarita”  /  TRIVIUM “In Waves” /  AXEL RUDI PELL “Strong Is A Rock” --- “Oceans Of Time”  /  BENEA REACH “Aura”  /  JULIETTE LEWIS “Hard Lovin’ Woman”  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA “Pearl Of The Stars”


Sendung am 06.03.13  (Wdh. 10.03.13 und 11.03.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon -1:       Thomas Joerger, Bildhauer, CH-Zürich

Am Telefon -2:        ADLER A.F. Trash- und Performance-Künstlerin, München


THE BOURBONS “Flavour”  /  FABIAN  HARLOFF “Liebeslieder”-----“Meine Welt”KÖLNER SEELEN “Wind von Süden”  /  HOT MAMA “Waiting For The Beast”-----“Downloader”  /  TREMONTI “New Way Out”  /  THE ROXX “The Lack Of Plan”  /  KATE NASH “Lullaby For A Insomniac”  /  MADINA LAKE “Through The Pain”  /  SHINEDOWN “Unity”  /  AMORPHIS “You I Need”  /  NASTY BULLETZ “Deal With The Devil”-----“Make Me Stay”  /  STONESOUR “Do Me A Favor”  /  GRAVEYARD(es) “Faces Of The Faceless”  /  JONATHAN DAVIS AND THE SFA “System”  /  CHARING CROSS “Fallen Angels”-----“h8”  /  MUTINY WITHING “Forsaken”  /  GODSMACK “Speak”  /  TIMES OF GRACE “Fall From Grace”


Sendung am 27.02.13  (Wdh. 03.03.13 und 04.03.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller

Am Telefon:

August Paulsen (Vocals, Guitars), George Wood (Bass, Keys) und Der Kanoier (Drums)   von GUNGS OF MOROPOLIS  


KILLERPILZE “Grell”-----“Sommerregenl”  /  THE BOURBONS “Best Amazing Reasons”  /  DESINATION ANYWHERE “Molekularbiologie”-----“Alles wird wie früher sein”  /  PSYCHOPUNCH “Emilie”  /  KOPEK “Fever”  /  GUNS OF MOROPOLIS “Hartless Blues”-----“Anytime”-----“Call Me The King”  /  KATE NASH “Part Heart”-----“Fri-end?”  /  SLIPKNOT “Disasterpiece”  /  THE ROXX “A Touch Of Grey”-----“Push Push Push”  /  CANCER BATS “Raised Right”  /  SPARZANZA “I Am Your God”  /  36CRAZYFISTS “Caving In Spirals”  /  VORUM “In Obscurity Revealed”  /  UFO “Wonderland”  /  NICK HELLFORT “Perception”


Sendung am 20.02.13  (Wdh. 24.02.13 und 25.02.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   MISTER MONSTER zum neuen Album "Monument"



FROZENROOM “Drawn”  /  FABIAN ANDERHUB “End Of Me” --- “Up In Smoke”  /  KOPEK “Love Is Dead”-----“Cocaine Chest Pains”  /  SOEN “Savia”  /  POTHEAD “Frame In Your Mind”  /  MISTER MONSTER “Rosige Zeiten”-----“Es regnet wenn ich geh”-----“Vielleicht”  /  MASTODON  “Black Tongue”  /  PSYCHOPUNCH “Last Night”-----“Sitting By The Railroad”  /  GRAND MAGUS “The Lord Of Lies”  /  SPARZANZA “The Fallen Ones”-----“When Death Comes”  /  IN CASE OF FYR “After The Fall”  /  GUNS OF MOROPOLIS “Un Problema”  /  DREAM THEATER “Beneath The Surface”  /  NICK HELLFORT “Stepwise & Silently”-----“Crusaders”


Sendung am 13.02.13  (Wdh. 17.02.13 und 18.02.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Pierre Fugger (Bass / Leadvocals) von FOX NAMED KING


ROYAL REPUBLIC “Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut”  /  BJØRN BERGE “Hush” --- “Guts”  /  SAXON “Walking The Steel”  /  DIRTY AGE “Walk It Like Yout Talk It”  /  REDLEFT “Sad Moments”  /  FOX NAMED KING “Kaufrausch” --- “Fueralarm” --- “Feiertag” --- “Deine Welt”  /  TRIVIUM “Of All These Yesterdays”  /  POTHEAD “Drone” --- “Old Bitter”
BLACK TIDE “Shockwave”  /  IN CASE OF FYR “When Darkness Falls” --- “Stalking Like Killers”  /  ALTER BRIDGE “Wonderful Life”  /  GOJIRA “L’Enfant Sauvage”  /  VANDERLINDE “Wind And Rain”  /  DAVID REES “Dirty Games”  /  GODSMACK “Voodoo”  /  GEORGE LEITENBERGER “Nachtbus”


Sendung am 06.02.13  (Wdh. 09.02.13 und 11.02.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   Arthur Wall (Guitars) von CARVER



MISTER MONSTER “Ein Traum”  /  DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS “Hell And I Want You”  /  REDLEFT “Back To Past” --- “Now Or Never”  /  SEBASTIAN NIKOLAUS “Leichter”  /  AIRBOURNE “Bottom Of The Well”  /  CARVER “Toilet Diver” --- “Teardrop” --- “Riots”  /  MANILLA ROAD “The Battle Of The Bonchester Bridge”  /  DOWN “Witchtripper”  /  KAMELOT “Falling Like The Fahrenheit”  /  BROACH “Falling” --- “Raining” (Single)  /  TAKING DAWN “Close Your Eyes”  /  FOX NAMED KING “Alles auf Anfang”  / SAXON “Wheels Of Terror” --- “Crusader”  /  THE MERCURY ARC “Arm The Hopeles”  /  SOUNDS OF GUNS “The Whites Of Your Eyes”


Sendung am 30.01.13  (Wdh. 02.02.13 und 04.02.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Hard To See”  /  DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS “You Took My Sweet Sweet Girl” --- “Me And Bobby McGee”  /  CIRCLE II CIRCLE “Dreams That Never Die”  /  ROBIN TROWER “Little Red Rooster”  /  EVERLAST “Long Time”  /  MISTER MONSTER “Vielleicht” (Bonustrack)  /  KOPEK “Cocaine Chest Pain”  /  ROB ZOMBIE “Werewolf, Baby!”  /  MEACHINE HEAD “Locust”  /  KORN  “Narcissistic Cannibal”  Feat. Skrillex and Kill The Noice"  /  WOLFMOTHER “Far Away”  /  MAX MEETS LENNY “Say I’m Sorry” --- “God’s  Darling”  /  PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION “No Friendly Neighbour”  /  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY “Darkest Days”  /  MANILLA ROAD “The Grey God Passes” --- “The Fountain”  /  THE CRANBERIES “Zombie”  /  MOONCRY “Seconds In Time”  /  DREAMSHADE “Consumed Future”  /  SPEKTR “Cypher”


Sendung am 23.01.13  (Wdh. 26.01.13 und 28.01.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Gerd Jansen, bildender Künstler und Gründer von COUNTUNE


GIANT X “The Count”  /  GODSMACK “Come Together” (THE BEATLES) --- “Time” (PINK FLOYD)  /  ROBIN TROWER “When I Heard Your Name” --- “See My Life”  /  IN LEGEND “Heaven Inside”  /  TREMONTI “The Things I’ve Seen”  /  CIRCLE II CIRCLE “Without A Sound” --- “Never Gonna Stop”  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Remember Everything”  /  DREAMSHADE “Photographs”  /  MISTER MONSTER “Monument" (PT. I)  /  KONGH “The Portals”


Sendung am 16.01.13  (Wdh. 19.01.13 und 21.01.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon -1:     Angela Lenz von der European Art Gallery in Badenweiler

Am Telefon - 2:     Frank (Guitars & Vocals) von BITTERNESS


AMORPHIS “From The Heaven Of My Heart” --- “Sky Is Mine”  /  CENTAO “When Our Days Fade To Gray”  /  BLACKMORE’S NIGHT “Wind In The Willows”  /  GIANT X “Nameless Heros” --- “Badland Blues”  /  POWERWOLF “Sanctified With Dynamite”  /  UNANTASTBAR “Kämpft mit uns” --- “Ich Gehöre Mir”  /  IN FLAMES “Where The Dead Ships Dwell”  /  DARK ZODIAK “Throwing Stones”  /  SKULL FIST “Ride The Beast”  /  BITTERNESS “Down In Flames” --- “Killing Mind”  /  LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE “The Letter” --- “Be Mine In Tears”  /  MASTERSTROKE “I Condemm You”  /  METALLICA “The Day That Never Comes”  /  KONGH “Sole Creation”


Sendung am 02.01.13  (Wdh. 05.01.13 und 07.01.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:         Seeb(Guitars & Vocals) von ORDEN OGAN


FEUERSEELE “Mutter”  /  YEN “Emotional D” --- “Tonight”  /  DROPKICK MURPHYS “Out On The Town”  /  TRI STATE CORNER “Sooner Or Later”  /  BLACKMORE’S NIGHT “Magical World”  /  ORDEN OGAN “To The End” --- “The Things We Belive In” --- “Land Of The Dead”  /  SÓLSTAFIR “Pale Rider”  /  MACHINE HEAD “Bulldozer”  /  MASTERSTROKE “The Eye” --- “Before The End”  /  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY “Time Waits For No One” WHISKEY RITUAL “Legend Of The Alley” --- “Bootleg In A Bootleg”  /  CENTAO “The Look” --- “Nothing”  /  ENSIFERUM “Burning Leaves”


Sendung am 02.01.13  (Wdh. 05.01.13 und 07.01.13)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio: Rob Grave (Guitars & Vocals) von LORD OF THE GRAVE


KILLERPILZE “Die Stadt Klingt Immer Noch Nach Uns”  /  FEUERSEELE “Verfluchte Karibik” --- “Krieg Der Blicke”  /  SUNRISEAVE “Hollywood Hills“  /  DROPKICK MURPHYS “End Of The Night” --- “Bum”  /  ADRENALINE MOB “All On The Line”  /  MACHINE HEAD “Darkness Within” --- “Locust”  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM “Drunk Uncle Pete”  /  MURDERDOLLS “Summertime Suicide”  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY “In My Blood”  /  GURD “Terminate”  /  THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA “Dez Moines”  /  REPULSIVE AGGRESSION “Leave Her To Rot”  /  LORD OF THE GRAVE “00/15” --- “Raping Zombies”  /  OGAN “The Ice Kings”



 Sendung am 26.12.12  (Wdh. 29.12.12 und 31.12.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


It's F..king Rock 'N' Roll - die besten tanzbaren RockTracks aus 2012 bei H'ART On Air


MEGAHERZ “Herz aus Gold”  /  FREAKWAVE “This Is Not To Entertain”  /  FREEDOM CALL “Sun In The Dark”  /  THE DEAD NOTES “Entertainment Is Not The Purpose”  /  THE SEVEN SEALS “Pure Lust am Leben”  /  I AM DYNAMITE “Carolina”  /  RUNNING WILD “Piece Of The Action”  /  SMURF “Wo”  /  GODSMACK “Voodoo”  /  DELAIN “Get The Devil Out Of Me”  /  GUN “Running Out Of Time”  /  THE OTHER     “Skeletons In The Closet”  /  LITA FORD “Relentless”  /  HAMBURGER JUNGZ “Fußballgötter”  /  DDP “Auf und Ab”  /  ALVIN LEE “I’m A Lucky Man”  /  THE DARKNESS “Keep Me Hangin’ On”  /  THE OUTSIDE “My Revolution”  /  RAZZMATTAZZ “Stompin”  /  SEX SLAVES “Rock & Roll Band”  /  BLOWSIGHT “Black Out Time”  /  CIRCLE CREEK “Going Nowhere”  /  DIRTY AGE “Welcome To The Show”  /  WACKY FLASH “Honalee”  /  THE VERY END “Maelstrom Calling”  /  RIFF RAFF “I’m Not The One”


Sendung am 19.12.12  (Wdh. 22.12.12 und 24.12.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Besinnliches bei H'ART On Air - die besten RockBalladen aus dem Jahr 2012


LATE “Angel”  /  PICTURE “Think I Lost My Way”  /  EVERLAST “Long At All”  /  AXEL RUDI PELL “Lived Our Lives Before”  /  OMEGA “Gyöngyhajú Iány”  /  HALESTORM “In Your Room”  /  SLASH “Halo”  /  ADRENALINE MOB “All On The Line”  /  GOJIRA “Born In Winter”  /  STAIND “Throw It All Away”  /  MARROK “Eleven”  /  SLIPKNOT “Snuff”  /  MAGNUM “Putting Things In Place”  /  LYNYRD SKYNYRD “Ready To Fly”  /  SMURF “Soll es so weitergehen”  /  STONESOUR “The Travelers Pt. 1+2”  /  ORDEN OGAN “The Ice Kings”  /  SEAMOUNT “Echoes”  /  KAMELOT “Song For Jolee”  /  PATRICIA KAAS “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”  /  ANDRE MATOS “Gaza”


Sendung am 12.12.12  (Wdh. 15.12.12 und 17.12.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:   Christoph Mack, Zirkusdirektor vom Circolo-Weihnachtszirkus, Freiburg

Am Telefon:   Lex (Vocals) von MEGAHERZ



PATRICIA KAAS “Milord” --- “La Foule”  /  SAPPHIRE EYES “Lay Down In My Arms” --- “Can’t Find The Words”  /  MICK FLANNERY “Red To Blue”  /  WAKEUPCALL “Christine”  /  THE INTERSPHERE “Snapshot” --- “Gostwriter”  /  MEGAHERZ “Heute Nacht” --- “Gegen den Wind”  /  THE VERY END “Iron Sky”  /  DOWN “Witchtripper” --- “The Curse Is A Lie”  /  THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA “Escape” --- “Born To Lose”  /  SONDASCHULE “Sklave der Uhr” --- “Sieh Mich nicht so an”


Sendung am 05.12.12  (Wdh. 08.12.12 und 10.12.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1: Sad Sir, Guitar von END OF GREEN

Am Telefon-2: Sebastian Stiegeler, Heavy-Xmas-Festival, Grafenhausen



WHEELS OF FIRE “Follow Your Heart” --- “Tell Me”  /  YOUR ARMY “One Last Time”  /  BAD JOKERS “Wölfe”  /  WAKEUPCALL “Kill Your Dreams” --- “Asshole”  /  END OF GREEN “Goodnight Insomnia” --- “Tie Me A Rope… While You’re Calling My Name” --- “High Hopes In Low Places”  /  MICK FLANNERY “Get That Gold” --- “No Way To Live”  /  THE VERY END “Mealstrom Calling” --- “To Feed On Hope”  /  VOLKSMETAL “Da Deifel Is A Dackkatzerl”  /  POSTMORTEM “Machinegun Preacher” --- “Drowned In Black”  /  ME.MAN.MACHINE “In Bad Dreams”  /  VICIOUS RUMORS “Soldiers Of The Night” --- “Don’t Wait For Me”  /  BITTERNESS “No Life Inside”


Sendung am 28.11.12  (Wdh. 01.12.12 und 03.12.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Céline Huber, Komponistin / Sängerin, Lörrach

Am Telefon:    Thomas Weiser (Drums & Vocals) von BOPPIN´B



SMURF “Heute Blick Ich Zurück” feat. CÉLINE HUBER  /  CÉLINE HUBER “Wings Of Love” --- “Undone” --- “Shall I” --- “Black Wall” --- “Not Necessary” /// AMORPHIS “Silver Bride”  /  ME.MAN.MACHINE “Wasted Heart” --- “Lovesong”  /  BOPPIN’B “Rulez Of Rock ‘n’ Roll” --- “Call In Rock ‘n’ Roll” --- “This Night”  /  BAD JOKERS “Alte Rituale” --- “Dafür Dank Ich Dir”  /  BITTERNESS “The Final Declaration Of The End”


Sendung am 21.11.12  (Wdh. 24.11.12 und 26.11.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       David (Bass) und Dante (Guitar) von WACKY FLASH



WACKY FLASH “Honalee” --- “Cope with it” --- “Girl on the Market” --- “Screaming Deamon” --- “Belongs To The Sea” --- “King Of Posing”  /  SOEN “Savia”  /  VOODOMA “Wasted Daylight” --- “Pray”  /  GOJIRA “L’enfant Sauvage”  /  DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER “Wir reiten”  /  MAXXWELL “Slapshot” --- “Live Fast Die Last”  /  TRIVIUM “Of All These Yesterdays”  /  FORGOTTEN MEMORIES “Goodbye” --- “I Need You”  /  LIONVILLE “Another Day” --- “No Turning Back”


Sendung am 14.11.12  (Wdh. 17.11.12 und 19.11.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller

Im Studio:  Dorothée Rothbrust, Bildhauerin, CH-Basel / D-Weil am Rhein



LINA BUTTON “Something Missing”  /  THE BACON BROTHERS “Guess Again”  /  MICK FLANNERY “Red To Blue”  /  FROZENROOM “Don’t’ Let Me Down”
KOTIPELTO & LIIMATAINEN “Behind Blue Eyes” KAMELOT “Silverthorn”  /  F.E.A.S.T “Hard Rockin’ Man” --- “Dancing To The Rhythm”  /  KOBRA AND THE LOTUS “50 Shades Of Evil”  /  MAINPOINT “Fire”  /  THE AMITY AFFLICTION “Open Letter”  /  SLIPKNOT “Purity” (Live)  /  REVOLVING DOOR “Milk & Honey”  /  BITTERNESS “Misanthropic Love”  /  WACKY FLASH “Honalee”  /  SEAMOUNT “Everything Divine” --- “Echoes”


Sendung am 07.11.12  (Wdh. 10.11.12 und 12.11.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller

Im Studio:  Michael (Guitar) und Buddah (Drums) von ACIDCELL



ACIDCELL “Feelin’ The Doom” --- “Beautiful Undead” --- “Stick It” --- “One Of Us” --- “Parasite” --- “Children Of The Night”  /  HONG FAUX “Sparrow Hills”  /  MACHINAE SUPREMACY “Transgenic” --- “99”  /  THE AMITY AFFLICTION “Life Underground” --- “Papst Blue Ribbon On Ice”  /  KOTIPELTO & LIIMATAINEN “Rainbow Eys”  /  DANGER ZONE “Goin’ On” --- “Paralyzed”  /  CHRADLE OF FILTH “Frost On Her Pillow”  /  BLOWSIGHT “This Pain”  /  KAMELOT “Prodigal Son” Part I, II + III 


Sendung am 31.10.12  (Wdh. 03.11.12 und 05.11.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   Bootsy (Bass/Vocals) von THE JUNKTONES



RAZZMATTAZZ “Over Dose”  /  ANDRE MATOS “Stop!” --- “Fake Plastic Trees” (Bonus Track / Radiohead Cover)  /  T&N (TOOTH & NAIL) ”Rhythm Of The Soul” --- ”When Eagles Die”  /  KOTIPELTO & LIIMATAINEN “Hunting High And Low” (Stratovarius Song)  /  THE JONKTONES “American Paranoia” --- “Michael Jackson’s Dead” --- “Your Girlfriend’s A Slut” --- "Addictet To Porn”  /  BOPPIN’B “Gone With The Wind”  /  ANGRA “Rebirth” --- “Nothing To Say”  /  STONESOUR “The Travelers, Pt.1” --- “The Travelers, Pt.2”  /  FULLFORCE “Break It, Crack It, Destroy It” --- “Course Of Life”  /  DIRTY AGE “Way Of Rock ’N’ Roll”  /  BLOWSIGHT “Surprise?” --- “Black Out Time”  /  VOLKSMETAL “Fürstenfeld”  /  PANDORA’S BLISS “Hard To Explain”


Sendung am 24.10.12  (Wdh. 27.10.12 und 29.10.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon 1:   Totte von  MONSTERS OF LIEDERMACHING

Am Telefon 2:   Stefan Winterle, Kurator der CARHARRT-GALLERY, Weil am Rhein



RAZZMATTAZZ “Stompin” --- “Drive Me Home”  /  ZEUS “Proud And Beautiful” --- “Are You Gonna Waste My Time”  /  T&N (TOOTH & NAIL) ”It’s Not Love” --- ”Kiss Of Death”  /  MONSTERS OF LIEDERMACHING “Einlegelaus” --- “Dauertrauer” --- “Meine Freundin hat nen Andern” --- “Laterne”  /  4TUNE COOKIES “Dirty Boy”  /  HisDogBingo “It’ll Be Easier (The Say)” --- “This Will Last”  /  DIRTY AGE “Walk It Like You Talk It” --- “Welcome To The Show”  /  STONESOUR “Ru 486” --- “My Name Is Allen”  /  PANDORA’S BLISS “Lady” --- “Latin Beat”  /  THE JUNKTONES “Path Of Self Destruction”  /  TRAIL OF MURDER “Shades Of Art” --- “My Heart Still Cries”


Sendung am 17.10.12  (Wdh. 20.10.12 und 22.10.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio: 

Alain Schwaller (Vocals & Bass) - Chris Furer (Guitars) - Boris de Roche (Drums) von FROZENROOM                



FROZENROOM “Arise” --- “What If” --- “Get Away”-   -“Don’t Let Me Down” --- “Media Insanity” --- “Out of Control”  /  END OF GREEN “Carpathian Gravedancer”  /  FREI.WILD “Der Staat vergißt, Dein Gewissen nicht” --- “Feinde Deiner Feinde”  /  DELILAHS “Follow The Rain”  /  CIRCLE CREEK “Going Nowhere” --- “Anger”  /  DIE TRAKTOR “Glauben”  /  SMURF “Wo”  /  THE FOG JOGGERS “Forever And A Day”  /  ORDEN OGAN “The Things We Believe In”  /  HEMLOCKS SMITH “The Story Of Cpt. Death” feat. The Houseguests + Les Poissons Autistes


Sendung am 10.10.12  (Wdh. 13.10.12 und 15.10.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Peter Fourwhat Reimtgut alias SMURF



DIE TRAKTOR “Weiter Weiter” --- “Helden”  /  DIO “Elektra”  /  DELILAHS “Skirt Song” --- “Hell & Back”  /  MEGAHERZ “Heute Nacht”  /  THE FOG JOGGERS “Dykm” (Do You Know Me)  /  SEX SLAVES “Rock & Roll Band”  /  STROKER ACE “White Line”  /  SOULFLY “World Scum”  /  FROZENROOM “Your Pain”  /  YNGVE & THE INNOCENT “You’ve Been Released”  /  THE PINAPPLE THIEF “Build A World


Sendung am 03.10.12  (Wdh. 06.10.12 und 08.10.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Brian Pearl (Vocals & Guitars) von MARROK



GASMAC GILMOR “Pitchblack” --- “Teddybear”  /  ANVIL “Holy Wood”  /  THE DARKNESS “With A Woman”SEX SLAVES “Get In Line" --- “I Wanna Kill You”  /  SINO “Geier”  /  MARROK “Revolution Of  Heroes” --- “Borderlands” --- “Temptation”  /  YNGVE & THE INNOCENT “Draw Line” --- “You’ll Be Mine”  /  STEEL ENGRAVED “On High Wings We Fly”  /  PAPA ROACH “Where Did The Angels Go” --- “Not The Beautiful”  /  DIO “The Eys” --- “Shivers”  /  DIE HARD “Thrash Them All”  /  STROKER ACE “Start On Fire” --- “Backseat Rhythm”  /  RIFF RAFF “Give’m Rhytm”  /  AT THE SKYLINES “Shady Dreamin’ (Tension)”


Sendung am 26.09.12  (Wdh. 29.09.12 und 01.10.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  Udo Henker, Bildhauer / Zeichner, Eichsel



LYNYRD SKYNYRD “Nothing Comes Easy”  /  SINO “Mitten drin” --- “Nr. 9”  /  THE DARKNESS “Keep Me Hangin’ On”  /  “Everybody Have A Good Time”  /  RIFF RAFF “I’m Not The One” --- “Good Times – Bad Times”  /  MAGNUM “Putting Things In Place”  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC “Strangers Friends Lovers Strangers”  /  KRAKOW “Hymn To The Winds”  /  STEEL ENGRAVED “Forlorn Empire” --- “Dead Of Night”  /  MARROK “Hunger”  /  AT THE SKYLINES “Chapter 7” --- “The Amazing Atom”  /  KRAKOW “Termination Of Origin”



Sendung am 19.09.12  (Wdh. 22.09.12 und 24.09.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon 1:   Julian (Guitar) von BIG BALLS COWGIRL zum aktuellen Album "Bulletride"

Am Telefon 2:   Angela Lenz von der EUROPEAN ART GALLERY, Badenweiler



JONAS & THE MASSIVE ATTRACTION “The Deep End”  /  MAGNUM “Dance Of The Black Tattoo” --- “Broken Promises”  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC “Save The Nation” --- “Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut”   /  MARILLION “Power”  /  BIG BALLS COWGIRL “Go For The Lead” --- “Upon My Oath” --- “See You Again In Alabama”  /  VISION DIVINE “Here We Die”  /  LYNYRD SKYNYRD “One Day At A Time” --- “Ready To Fly”  /  SLIPKNOT “Snuff“  /  ANVIL “Can’t Catch Me” --- “Don’t Ask Me"  /  METALLICA “When A Blind Man Cries”  /  CRIPPER “Not Dead Yet”  /  MONO INC. “Wave No Flag"  /  PREDATORY VIOLENCE “All This Hate In Me“


Sendung am 12.09.12  (Wdh. 15.09.12 und 17.09.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller / Studioassistenz:  Jenny


Am Telefon 1:   CHRISTOPHER GOULD zum aktuellen Album "Till Party Do Us Deaf"

Am Telefon 2:   CHRISTOPH GEISEL, Initiator der "Nacht der offenen Ateliers"   



THE LISA MASON PROJECT “Because I Want To Love”  /  TBC “Your Way” --- “Save Me”  /  ALVIN LEE “Nice & Easy”  /  VISION DIVINE “Beyond The Sun And Far Away" --- “Destination Set To Nowhere”  /  RONNIE WOOD “Sweetness My Weakness”  /  CHRISTOPHER GOULD “Cosy Black Hole In My Soul” --- “At Your Service (In Zis Restaurant)” --- “Talk To Much”  /  THE GATHERING “Paper Waves”  /  SLIPKNOT “Dead Memories“ --- “Psychosocial“  /  THE OUTSIDE “My Revolution” --- “Spores Of Greed”  /  BIG BALLS COWGIRL “All Set Up”  /  CRIPPER “Clean2 --- “Dogbite2  /  THE GATHERING “Gemini I”                            


Sendung am 05.09.12  (Wdh. 08.09.12 und 10.09.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:   Tom Höpfner (Bass & Backing Vocals) von 23rd GRADE OF EVIL

Gastmoderation:  Harald Deschler, Freiburg



23rd GRADE OF EVIL "Blinded By Confidence" --- "Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream" --- "Take My Life"  /  VICIOUS RUMORS "Razorback Blade"  /  23rd GRADE OF EVIL "All My Lies" ---"23"  /  CHANNEL ZERO "Hot Summer"  /  KATATONIA "Leech"  /  DOWN "New Orleans Is A Dying Whore"  /  CHRISTOPHER GOULD "One Day"  /  SLIPKNOT "Before I Die"  /  TESTAMENT "Native Blood"  /  MICHALE GRAVES "Dig Up Her Bones"  /  REZUREX "Into The Dark"  /  KING DIAMOND "A Mansion In Darkness"


Sendung am 29.08.12  (Wdh. 01.09.12 und 03.09.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



RACOON “No Mercy”  /  KUNG FU KITTY “Do The Opposite”  /  DDP “Auf und ab” --- “Kennengelernt”  /  TAKING DAWN “Close Your Eyes“  /  PAPA ROACH “Still Swinging”  /  FISCHER Z “The Perfect Day”  /  ALVIN LEE “Save My Stuff” --- “I’m A Lucky Man”  /  PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION “No Friendly Neighbour”  /  GOJIRA “Born In Winter”  /  MARROCK “Borderlands”  /  BETONTOD “Alles” --- “In Sekunden”  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Remember Everything”  /  THE JUNKTONES “Friday Night” --- “Michael Jackson’s Dead” --- “Hollywood”  /  ENSIFERUM “Burning Leaves”  /  Hell:On “Bottom Line” --- “Let it Feed”  /  GRAVE DIGGER “The Ballade Of Mary 2010”  /  23rd GRADE OF EVIL “Two Days A Week”  /  FORTID “Electric Horizon”


Sendung am 22.08.12  (Wdh. 25.08.12 und 27.08.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Jens TASSO Müller, UrbanART - Künstler, Meerane



POETS OF THE FALL “The Lie Eternal”  /  KUNG FU KITTY “Not The End” --- “Mindless”  /  MARK TREMONTI “The Things I’ve Seen”  /  CHRISTOPHER GOULD “One Day” --- “The Power Of Will”  /  SONATA ARCTICA “I Have A Right”  /  GRAVE DIGGER “Rebellion”  /  GRAND MAGUS “The Hunt”  /  MAGNUM “So Let It Rain”  /  ENSIFERUM “Unsung Heroes” --- “Star Queen (Celestial Bond Part II)”  /  GOJIRA “L’Enfant Sauvage”  /  MARROK “Eleven” --- “The Beginning Of The End”  /  THE DULL “Diametal” --- “Panther"  /  THE TREATMENT “Nothing To Lose Our Minds”  /  FORTID “Lesser Sons of Greater Fathers” --- “Spirit Of The North”    5,23


01.08.12 - SOMMERPAUSE -


08.08.12 - SOMMERPAUSE -


15.08.12 - SOMMERPAUSE -



Sendung am 25.07.12  (Wdh. 28.07.12 und 30.07.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       Petra Böttcher, Fotografin, Efringen-Kirchen



SEBEL “Heimat”  /  BETONTOD “Entschuldigung für Nichts”  /  ROBERT CRAY BAND “Won’t Be Coming Home”  /  MUMIY TROLL “Vladivostock Vacation” --- “Polar Bear”  /  AXEL RUDE PELL „“Where The Wild Waters Flow“  /  FATAL FORCE “Fight“  /  VERSUS THE WORLD “Crooks and Liars” --- “Angry February”  /  HOPELESS “Back Off“  /  MARK TREMONTI “New Way Out” --- “Brains”  /  STATUS QUO “Break The Rules“  /  THE SORROW “Farewells“  /  PAIN “The Great Pretender“  /  MONSTERS OF LIEDERMACHING “Laterne” --- “Einlegelaus” --- “Dauertrauer”    


Sendung am 18.07.12  (Wdh. 21.07.12 und 23.07.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Henning (Vocals) von SLOBBERY DOGNOSE



METHODS Of MAYHEM “All I Wanna Do” --- “Blame”  7  HOPELESS “Hopeless Dreams“ --- “Time To Play“  /  SOUND OF GUNS “Guide”  /  BIG BALLS COWGIRL “All Set Up“ --- “A Heavy Trail“  /  TIMES OF GRACE “The Forgotten One” /  DELAIN “Get The Devil Out Of Me”  /  SLOBBERY DOGNOSE “The Good And The Bad Inside“ --- “My Head Doesn’t Fit My Body“ --- “Coconut Beach“  /  DRAGONY “Hero’s Return”  /  STAIND “Throw It All Away”  /  HELLYEAH “Rage Burn”  /  SHADOWS FALL “Nothing Remains“ --- “Blind Faith“  /  KORN “Narcissistic Cannibal“ feat. Skrillex and Kill The Noise  /  FATAL FORCE “Lessons In Evil“ --- “In Silence“  /  MURDERDOLLS “Summertime Suicide”  /  STRATOVARIUS “Move The Mountain“   


Sendung am 11.07.12  (Wdh. 14.07.12 und 16.07.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Agata Jarosz, Vocals von KONTRUST



JOE BONAMASSA “I Got All You Need”  /  HAMBURGER JUNGZ “Fussballgötter”  /  SOUND OF GUNS “The Whites Of Your Eyes” --- “Flash Of Light”  /  SONATA ARCTICA “I Have A Right”  /  SEPTEMBER MOURNING “Love Is War”  /  MACY GRAY “Sail” (Awolnation 2010)  /  KONTRUST “Sock ‘N’ Roll” --- “He DJ!” --- “The Butterfly Defect”  /  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY “Darkest Days”  /  HELLYEAH “WM Free” --- “Between You And Nowhere”  /  DISTURBED “Monster”  /  RUNNING WILD “Piece Of The Action”  /  MADINA LAKE “Through The Pain”  /  LAMB OF GOD “Insurrection”  /  SLOBBERY DOGNOSE “77”  /  DREADNOUGHT “Thank You” --- “Measure Of Man”  /  DRAGONY “Land Of Broken Dreams


Sendung am 04.07.12  (Wdh. 07.07.12 und 09.07.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Stefan Winterle, Stencil-Artist und Kurator der Carthartt-Gallery, Weil am Rhein



VERSUS THE WORLD “A Fond Farewell”  /  MACY GRAY “Smoke Two Joints” (The Toyes 1983 / Sublime 1992) --- “Nothing Else Matters” (Metallica 1991)  /  MUMIY TROLL “Hey Tovarish!”  /  SHE WANTS REVENGE “No Just A Girl”  /  B.B. AND THE BLUES SHACKS “Fools Getting Stronger”  /  DELAIN “Electricity”  /  GRAND MAGUS “The Hunt”  /  HAMBURGER JUNGZ “Mit Gottes Segen in die Hölle” --- “Rautengeil” (feat. ABSCHLACH!)  /  MASTODON “The Hunter”  /  SEPTEMBER MOURNING “Go For The Throat” --- “Always”  /  ZZ TOP “Sharp Dressed Man”  /  ADRENALINE MOB “All On The Line”  /  GOJIRA “L’efant Sauvage”  /  KONRUST “Falling”  /  DEGIAL “Death’s Striking Wings”


Sendung am 27.06.12  (Wdh. 30.06.12 und 02.07.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Jörg Tochtenhagen zur Band HANNIBAL und dem aktuellen Album "Cyberia"



THE MOTIVES featuring MATT TAYLOR “Baby Don’t Lose My Number”  /  DELAIN “Milk And Honey”  --- “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”  /  FROZENROOM “Intoxication”  /  LITA FORD “Mother”  /  VIRGIN STEELE “Snakeskin Voodoo Man”  /  MIDNIGHT YOUTH “Who Said You`re Free“  /  HANNIBAL “My God” --- “Let The Rain” --- “Rise”  /  GUN “14 Stations”  /  23rd GRADE OF EVIL “Not Guiltiy?” --- “Blinded By Confidence” --- “All My Lies”  /  JONAS & THE MASSIVE ATTRACTION “More Than A Moment” --- “Big Slice”  /  GOJIRA “Explosia” --- “Born In Winter”  /  KONTRUST “Falling”  /  IMPENDING DOOM “My Light Unseen” freat. RYAN CLARK --- “Deceiver”  /  ADRENALINE MOB “Angel Sky”  /  TIMES OF GRACE “Fall From Grace”


Sendung am 20.06.12  (Wdh. 23.06.12 und 25.06.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Herman Frank, Guitar bei Herman Frank und Accept



THE MOTIVES featuring MATT TAYLOR “The Rules Don’t Apply”  /  GUN “Butcher Man” --- “Running Out Of Time”  /  FROZENROOM “Your Pain” --- “Arise”  /  POINTERS HEAD “Ride On”  /  THE OTHER “Nightmare On Halloween”  /  HERMAN FRANK “Raise Your Hand” --- “Roaring Thunder” --- “Right In The Guts”  /  GODSMACK “Voodoo”  /  LITA FORD “Branded” --- “Relentless”  /  STAIND “So Far Away”  /  VIRGIN STEELE “Purple Rain” --- “Sex Religion Machine”   /  IN FLAMES “Where The Dead Ships Dwell”  /  KOBRA AND THE LOTUS “Forever One”  /  HANNIBAL “Somebody Wake Me”  /  NECROVATION “The Transition” --- “Commander Of Remains”


Sendung am 13.06.12  (Wdh. 16.06.12 und 18.06.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Greg (Vocals) und Mark (Guitars) von TRIBAL



TRIBAL “Eleven” --- “Die Kraft ist in Dir” --- “My Identity" --- “On A Silken Thread” --- “Spiral Of Insanity”  /  METALHEAD “Surrender To The Dark”  /  STAIND “Outside” --- “Not Again”  /  AMERICAN DOG “The Real Nitty Gritty”  /  THE OTHER “Skeletons In My Closet” --- “The Phantom Of The Opera”  /  ÜBERFLÜSSIG “WNMAGDWWEMWF”  /  GODSMACK “Realign” --- “Awake”  /  HERMAN FRANK “Falling To Pieces”  /  DREAM THEATER “Beneath The Surface”    


Sendung am 06.06.12  (Wdh. 09.06.12 und 11.06.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Christian Seynstahl, Vocals & Keys von NUMP



POINTERS HEAD “Intro” --- “Unsung Heroes Part I” --- “Day One”  /  SLASH “Not for Me”  /  CRYSTAL BREED “Floating On Waves“  /  MALICE “Gods Of Thunder”  /  NUMP “Intro” --- “Reborn” --- “Your Way Out” --- “Infiltrate Me”  /  AMERICAN DOG “Just Like Charlie Sheen” --- “Poison Smile”  /  BRETT HUNT “Bleed Red” --- “Over the Ocean”  /  CRUCIFIED BARBARA “Rock Me Like The Devil”  /  IN MY DREAMS “1990”  /  ÜBERFLÜSSIG “Heul doch” --- “Wann wirds mal wieder richtig Sommer”  /  TRIBAL “Spiral Of Insanity”  /  METALHEAD “Hunter” --- “Lonesome Warrior”


Sendung am 23.05.12  (Wdh. 26.05.12 und 28.05.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Carole Ruppeiner, bildende Künstlerin, CH-Reinach




THE CORONAS “Dreaming Again“  /  SHIREGREEN “When The Nighthawks Came” --- “Labor Day In Monterey”  /  IN MY DREAMS “Forever Goodbye” --- “Bittersweet”  /  JADED HEART “I Believe“  /  CRUCIFIED BARBARA “Shut Your Mouth” --- “Rise And Shine”  /  KILL DEVIL HILL “Up In Flames”  /  SLASH “Standing In The Sun” --- “Bad Rain”  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY “In My Blood”  /  MALICE “Stellar Masters” --- “Air Attack”  /  DRIVER “Rising Son”  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA “Pearl Of The Stars”  /  NUMB “Your Lips”  /  PHONOGEN “Grown Up In The Jungle”


Sendung am 23.05.12  (Wdh. 26.05.12 und 28.05.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Kerstin; Chris und Stefan von der Band KLEINSTADTLICHTER

Am Telefon:     Normen, Drums von PRESSURE



KLEINSTADTLICHTER “Kleinstadtlichter“ EP bereits veröffentlicht  /  THE CORONAS “Closer To You“ VÖ: 18.05.12  /  STONE RAIDERS “Truth To Power“ VÖ:25.05.12  /  JADED HEART “Common Destiny“ VÖ: 25.05.12  /  KILL DEVIL HILL “Kill Devil Hill” VÖ: 25.05.12  /  DRIVER “Countdown” VÖ: 25.05.12


THE CORONAS “What You Think You Know“ --- “Dreaming Again“  /  KLEINSTADTLICHTER “Anekdötchen” --- "Liebesbrief” --- “Sag es mir” --- “Die guten alten Lieder” (Live - Performed) --- “5 vor 12”  /  JADED HEART “Buried Alive“ --- “No More Lies“  7  C.T.P “Love Is Fire”  /  GOJRA “L’efant Sauvage”  /  PRESSURE “Hey You” --- “Alien”  /  KILL DEVIL HILL “Strange” --- “Old Man”  /  DRIVER “Cry Of The Wounded”  /  CHILDREN OF BODOM “I’m Shipping Up To Boston”  /  STONE RAIDERS “Power To Spirit“


Sendung am 16.05.12  (Wdh. 19.05.12 und 21.05.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:         Angela Lenz von der European-Art-Gallery in Badenweiler



C.T.P “The Higher They Climb” VÖ: 30.03.12  /  TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK “34613” VÖ: Mai 2012  /  CYCLOPHONIA “Impact Is Imminent” VÖ: Mai 2012  /  CHILDREN OF BODOM “Holiday At Lake Bodom (15 Years Of Wasted Youth” VÖ: 18.05.12  /  TRIBAL “I-Dentity” VÖ: 18.05.12


C.T.P “The Higher They Climb” --- “Love Crash”  /  CYCLOPHONIA “The Hero”  /  FATAL SMILE “Broken Heart"  /   HALESTORM “Break It”  /  ACCEPT “Hellfire“  /  TRIBAL “Believe” --- “Distant Memories”  /  TRIVIUM “Of All These Yesterdays”  /  ATLANTYCA “Cevilisation”  /  MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY “Eighties”  /  TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK “Doubt”  /  HANNIBAL “Let The Rain”  /  CHILDREN OF BODOM “Trashed, Lost And Strungout” --- “Jessie’s Girl”  /  STAIND “Throw It All Away”  /  CALIBER X “Suburbia”  /  DR. HOOK AND THE MEDICINE SHOW “The Cover Of The Rolling Stone”  /  JONATHAN DAVIS “System”  /  SOULFLY “Gladiator”  /  IN MOURNING “Celestial Tear”                                        


Sendung am 09.05.12  (Wdh. 12.05.12 und 14.05.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



JOVIAN SPIN “Shapes Of Perception” VÖ: 13.04.12  /  IN MOURNING “The Weight Of Oceans” VÖ: 20.04.12  /  HANNIBAL “Cyberia” VÖ: 20.04.12  /  HALESTORM “The Strange Case Of…” VÖ: 18.04.12  /  FATAL SMILE “21st Century Freaks” VÖ: 11.05.12  /  MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY “Lean Back, Relax And Watch The World Burn” VÖ: 11.05.12  /  ATLANTYCA “To Nowhere And Beyond” VÖ: 11.05.12


JOVIAN SPIN “The Forger”  /  CHICKPEACE “Bam!!!“  /  HOPELESS? “Chocolate City“  /  HALESTORM “Freak Like Me” --- “In Your Room”  /  KORITNI “Down At The Crossroads“ Feat. JEFF SCOTT SOTO  /  FOUREVER “Shout! Shout My Name“  /  ACCEPT “Shadow Soldiers“  /  ATLANTYCA “Nowhere And Beyond” --- “My Road”  /  WATCH ME BLEED “Rack The Slide“    PRISCILLA SUCKS! “Daddy Long Legs“  /  FATAL SMILE “Welcome To Freakshow” --- “Raising Hell In Heaven”  /  ERADICATOR “Immortal Sacrifice“  /  HANNIBAL “Burn Me Alive” --- “On Your Knees”  /  MBWTEYP “Wild Child”  /  MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY “Lean Back, Relax And Watch The World Burn”  -  “To A Blood red Sky”  /  JETTBLACK Feel The Love”  /  IN MOURNING “Colossus


Sendung am 02.05.12  (Wdh. 05.05.12 und 07.05.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:         Julia Moll-Rakus, bildende Künslerin, Lörrach



WATCH ME BLEED “Kingdom“  /  KORITNI “Welcome To The Crossroads“  /  PRISCILLA SUCKS! “Stereotype Me“  /  FOUREVER “Solitarium“  /  ERADICATOR “Madness Is My Name“ alle VÖ's 04.05.12

außer: MOONLESS “Calling All Demons“ VÖ: 03/12  /  CHICKPEACE “To The Point“ VÖ: 27.04.12


PRISCILLA SUCKS! “Trust Me“ --- “You Lied“  /  NICK PARKER “He Should Be Home By Now“  /  CHICKPEACE “Lost In Thoughts“ --- “Power Of Love“  /  ANATHEMA “Untouchable Part I”  /  KORITNI “Sometimes“ --- “Take It Like A Man“  /  PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION “No Place Like Home“  /  THUNDER SKULL “Angels Of War”  /  WATCH ME BLEED “War Calls Us“ --- FOUREVER “Come With Me“  /  KINGDOM OF SALVATION “Triumph Of Deceit“  /  ERADICATOR “Evil Twisted Mind“  /  RUNNING WILD “Shadowmaker“  /  MOONLESS “Horn Of The Ram“


Sendung am 25.04.12  (Wdh. 28.04.12 und 30.04.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon: Lex (Vocals) von MEGA´HERZ


MEGAHERZ “Götterdämmerung“ (bereits veröffentlicht)  /  THUNDER SKULL “Thunder Skull“ VÖ: 09.04.12  /  KINGDOM OF SALVATION “Into The Black Horizon“ VÖ: 27.04.12  /  SOMEONE’S MISSING “22 Minutes“ VÖ:27.04.12  /  BLEK LE ROC “Blek Le Roc“ VÖ: 27.04.12  /  BANGALORE CHOIR “Metaphor“ VÖ: 27.04.12  /  NICK PARKER “The King Of False Alarms“ VÖ: 27.04.12  /  HORRIZON “Time For Revenge“ VÖ: 27.04.12


BLEK LE ROC “Perfect Man“  /  SOMEONE’S MISSING “Beyond Redemption“ --- “Blind“  /  RUNNING WILD “Locomotiv”  /  OMEGA “Ezüst Esö”  /  LAST KINGDOM “The World Is Dying“  /  MEGAHERZ “Jagdzeit“ --- “Prellbock“ --- “Herz aus Gold“  /  BANGALORE CHOIR “Never Face Ole Joe Alone“  /  BANGALORE CHOIR “Scandinavian Rose“ /  HOLY MOSES “Corroded Dreams”  /  NICK PARKER “Thing That I Miss“  /  “Metaphor“  /  HORRIZON “Far Beyond The Horizon“  /  THUNDER SKULL “Bad Seed” --- “In Memory Of”  /  KINGDOM OF SALVATION “Into The Black Horizon


Sendung am 18.04.12  (Wdh. 21.04.12 und 23.04.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:         Stephan "Branko" Ebert (Guitar / Backing Vocals) von MIND THE GAEP


 LAST KINGDOM “Chronicles Of The North“ VÖ: 09.03.12  /  MIND THE GAEP   “Get Ready For Tonight” VÖ: 23.03.12  /  HOLY MOSES “30th Anniversary – In The Power Of Now” VÖ: 20.04.12  /  RUNNING WILD “Shadowmaker” VÖ: 20.04.12  /  OMEGA “Greatest Performances” VÖ: 20.04.12  /  NUMP “Eruption” VÖ: 20.04.12


LAST KINGDOM “Fate“ --- “Daylight Retreats“  /  SAXON “Call To Arms”  /  OMEGA “Addig Élj” --- “Hütten Baràtok”  /  CORNERSTONE “Being Unaware“  /  MIND THE GAEP “Get Ready For Tonight” --- “Chicago” --- “Come On Baby”  /  DELAIN “Get The Devil Out Of Me”  /  RUNNING WILD “Piece Of The Action” --- “Into The Black”  /  LULEY “Can’t Live Without You”  /  NUMP “Your Lips” --- “Things I Desire”  /  DEUCE “America”  /  HOLY MOSES “World Chaos” --- “Lost In Maze”  /  MEGAHERZ “Herz aus Gold”   


Sendung am 11.04.12  (Wdh. 14.04.12 und 16.04.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:         Tobias Wieser (Vocals) und Christoph Liebl (Guitar/Backingvocals) von THE DEAD NOTES


THE DEAD NOTES “Entertainment Is The Purpose” VÖ: Jan. 2012  /  SAXON “Heavy Metal Thunder –Live- Eagle Over Wacken” VÖ: 20.04.12  /  LULEY “Today’s Tomorrow” VÖ: 27.04.12


RAILROAD DIKERS “Rainy Place”  /  MEKONG DELTA “Sphere Eclipse”  /  ALTER BRIDGE “All Hope Is Gone”  /  LULEY “Mountain Of Love” --- “Still Got A Long Way To Go”  /  DISTURBED “Another Way To Die”  /  THE DEAD NOTES “Hang On” (Acoustic Bonus Track)  ---   “Spit It Out” ---  “Better When I’m Bad”  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Remember Everything”  /  SAXON “I’ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)” --- “Solid Ball Rock”  /  THE ROLLING STONES “Sympathy For The DeviL”  /  NEOSIS “Worship Mindset”     “Neo-Euhemerism”  /  METHODES OF MEYHEM “Back To Before”  /  MIND THE GAEP “Out Of Reach”  /  HORSE LATITUDES “Profane Awakening”


Sendung am 04.04.12  (Wdh. 07.04.12 und 09.04.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:         Tom Müller, Schauspieler, Regisseur und Autor, Grenzach-Wyhlen

Am Telefon:      KersTin von den KLEINSTADTLICHTER


NEOSIS “Neosis (Eponymous Album)” VÖ: 05.04.12  /  POETS OF THE FALL “Kamikaze Love” Single VÖ: 13.04.12  /  KRAMER & JENSEN “Dabei” VÖ: 13.04.12  /  MEKONG DELTA “Intersections” VÖ: 20.04.12


POETS OF THE FALL “Kamikaze Love”  /  KRAMER & JENSEN “Heimat bleibt leer” ---  “Herbst in Berlin”  / MONT GO “Madlen”  /  EXILIA “Satellite”  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Remember Everything”  /  IRON MAIDEN “Dance Of Death”  /  MEKONG DELTA “Heroes Grief” --- “Prophecy”  /  SOEN “Savia”  /  NEOSIS “Chronic Absolutism”  /  SWALLOW THE SUN “Silent Towers”  /  EVA CASSIDY “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”  /  THE DEAD NOTES “Entertainment Is Not The Purpose”


Sendung am 28.03.12  (Wdh. 31.03.12 und 02.04.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Torsten Schramm (Vocals/Guitar); Benedikt Adenauer (Guitar) Ole Gutmann (Bass) und Fabian Renz von CALIBER X


CALIBER X “Suburbia” VÖ: demnächst  /  IRON MAIDEN “En Vivo” VÖ: 23.03.12  /  EXILIA “Decode” VÖ: 30.03.12  /  MONT GO “Odyssee” VÖ: 30.03.12  /  GRAVETY “Into The Grave” VÖ: 30.03.12


JAY TAMKIN “Going Out Tonight”  /  GRAVETY “Stroke Of Fate” ... “Decay Of Life”  /  FLYING COLORS “Love Is What I’m Waiting For”  /  MONT GO “Am Meer” ... “Seelenleer”  /  GLENN AITKEN “Just No”  /  CALIBER X “Suiciety” ... “Suburbia” ... “Epic” Part. I  /  HEAT “Living On The Run”  /  EXILIA “Unconventional” ... “Emily”  /  MELANIE “Ruby Tuesday”  /  IRON MAIDEN “Coming Home” ... “When The Wild Wind Blows” ... SOULFLY “Plata O Plomo”  /  HORSE LATITUDES “Dissolution”


Sendung am 21.03.12  (Wdh. 24.03.12 und 26.03.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Thorsten Schilling, TS-Engtertainment zu dem Musical KING KONG


P.G. BROWN & J.E. LYONS “King Kong” (Musical) bereits veröffentlicht  /  HEAT “ADDRESS THE NATION” VÖ: 23.03.12  7  MIND THE GAEP “Get Ready For Tonight” VÖ: 23.03.12  7  NO MORE “SISYPHUS” VÖ: 23.03.12


MICHAEL PRISTON “Loser”  /  MARC SCHLAPP “Dort herrscht Kong!”  /  KOCH; SCHLAPP; HÖLTZEL “Auf dem Meer”  /  KATHARINA KOCH “Jetzt bin ich mal dran”  /  KATHARINA KOCH “Auf dem Gipfel der Welt”  /  NO MORE “The Beautiful Life Of The Wasted Youth”  /  DeeExpus “The Hunt”  /  HEAT “Breaking The Silence” ... “It’s All About Tonight”  /  SOULFLY “World Scum”  /  QUEEN “Bohemian Rhapsody”  /  MIND THE GAEP “Out Of Reach” ... “Cum On Babe”  /  AXEL RUDI PELL “Lives Our Lives Before”  /  CALIBER X “World Loves Me”  /  HALESTORM “Love Bites (So I Do)


Sendung am 14.03.12  (Wdh. 17.03.12 und 19.03.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    CY & ISAYA, bester Hip Hop aus Nimburg

Im Studio:    Donata Drangsall-Muschkurz, Reinigungsfachfrau bei RKR


SOULFLY “Enslaved” VÖ: 09.03.12  /  CY &  ISAYA “Vacare“ VÖ: Dezember 2011  /  AXEL RUDI PELL “Circle Of The Oath“ VÖ: 23.03.12  /  SEITA “Asymmetric Warfare“ VÖ: 23.03.12  /  DeeExpus “King Of Number 33”  VÖ: 23.03.12


MONT GO “Ohne Mich“  /  THE SEVEN SEALS “Rock Me Amadeus“  /  SOULFLY “Legions“ ... ”American Steel”  /  TOM FULLER BAND “Anthem Man“  /  IAMDYNAMITE “Carolina“  /  CY & ISAYA “Geboren um zu leben“ ... “Starallueren“ feat. Bissek  ... “Narben die prägen“  /  ELSWHERE “To The Surface (For Armenia)“  /  AXEL RUDI PELL “Fortunes Of War“ ... “Hold On To Your Dreams“  /  SEITA “The Riot Starter Inside Everyone“  /  TRIVIUM “In  Waves“  /  DREAM THEATER “Far From Heaven“  /  DeeExpus “Me And My Downfall” ... “Marty And The Magic Moos”    


Sendung am 07.03.12  (Wdh. 10.03.12 und 12.03.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    CHRISTINA LUX, Songpoetin, Köln     (Aufzeichnung vom 03.03.12)

Am Telefon:    STEFAN WINTERLE, Stencil Artist, Weil am Rhein


CHRISTINA LUX “Playground“ Feat. REENTKO VÖ: 01/12  /  TOM FULLER BAND “Ask“ VÖ: 24.02.12  /  ELSWHERE “1981“ VÖ: 09.03.12  /  IAMDYNAMITE “Supermegafantastic“ VÖ: 09.03.12  /  THE SEVEN SEALS “Deutsche Welle 2.0“ VÖ: 09.03.12


CHRISTINA LUX “Playground“ ... “Es ist gut so“ ... “May I Ask You“ ... “Embrace“ ... “Sanctuary“ ... “War Torn“ ... “Head Held High“  /  TOM FULLER BAND “Lovers“ ... “Merci Beaucoup“  /  NITROGODS “Lipsynch Stars“  /  IAMDYNAMITE “Where Will We Go“ ... “Hi Lo“  /  KORN “Chaos Lives In Everything”  /  CROW7 “Dirty Lies“ /  ELSWHERE “1981“ ... “Before The Stars Align“  /  CY & ISAYA “Geboren um zu leben“  /  THE SEVEN SEALS “Pupen weinen nicht“ ... “Herbergsvater“


 Sendung am 29.02.12  (Wdh. 03.03.12 und 05.03.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Sascha (Vocals) und Rene (Guitar) von FREAKWAVE


FREAKWAVE "Personal Thrill" VÖ: 02/12
CROW7 “Symphony Of Souls“ VÖ: 24.02.12
NITROGODS “Nitorogods“ VÖ: 24.02.12    
THE LAST TYCOONS “The Porn Trauma Years“ (EP) VÖ: 09.03.12
FROZEN RAIN “Ahead Of Time” VÖ: 09.03.12

PHILIP SAYCE “Rhytm And Truth“  /  CROW7 “Symphony Of Souls“ ... “The Final Ride“  /  VENGEANCE “Missing“  /  FIRE IN THE ATTIC “Clockworks“  /  DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER “Wir reiten”  /  FREAKWAVE “This Is Not To Entertain“ ... “Personal Thrill“ ... “Parasite Of Sympathy“ (Part 2)  /  EVERLAST “The Rain”  /  FROZEN RAIN “Breakin’ Out” ... “Too Late”  / PICTURE “Shadow Of The Damned“  /  NITROGODS “Gasoline“ ... “Whiskey Wonderland“  /  ALL MANKIND “Simple Desire“  /  STEROE DYNAMITE “Sin“  /  FREEDOM CALL “Terra Liberty“  /  THE LAST TYCOONS “Casanova Blues“ ... “Loving Arms“


Sendung am 22.02.12  (Wdh. 25.02.12 und 27.02.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    MISTER MONSTER, Rapper aus Köln

                          Carole Ruppeiner und Sonia Ilios, Teilnehmerinnen der 8. RegioART


MISTER MONSTER “Alle gute Dinge sind 3“ bereits veröffentlicht
PICTURE “Warhorse“ VÖ: 24.02.12  /  VENGEANCE “Crystal Eye“ VÖ: 24.02.12  /  FREEDOM CALL “Land Of The Crimson Dawn“ VÖ: 24.02.12  /  PHILIP SAYCE “Steamroller“ VÖ: 24.02.12


PHILIP SAYCE “Steamroller“ ... “Holding Ond“  /  METRUM “Broken“  /  VENGEANCE “Barbeque“ ... “Promise Me“  /  EVERLAST “Little Miss America”  /  MISTER MONSTER “Streben nach Glück“ ... “Leidenschaft” feat. TATWAFFE ... “Without You“ feat. J-JD  /  FREEDOM CALL “Sun In The Dark“ ... “Eternity“  /  FREAKWAVE “Keep The Trust“  /  HELP! FOR JAPAN “Help!“ (Extended Version)   /  VAN BARGEN “Green Fairy“  /  PICTURE “Edge Of Hell“ ... “Think I Lost My Way“  /  LAMB of GOD “The Undertow“  /  EVERLAST “I Get By”


Sendung am 15.02.12  (Wdh. 18.02.12 und 20.02.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    V.O. Pulver, Lead Vocals/Guitar   und   Pat,  Guitars/Vocals von GURD


GURD “Never Fail“ VÖ: 28.10.11  /  METRUM “Broken“ VÖ: 10.02.12  /  VAN BARGEN “Get Wild And Dance“ VÖ: 10.02.12  /  FREAKWAVE “Personal Thrill“ VÖ: 10.02.12  T  HELP! FOR JAPAN EP VÖ: 09.03.12

MISTER MONSTER “Leidenschaft” feat. TATWAFFE  /  GURD “Terminate“ ... “Burn Yourself“ ... “Rising From The Ashes“ ... “The Truth Will Leak“ ... “Secret Underground“ ... “Velvet Apocalypse“  /  MONSTERS OF LIEDERMACHING “Hochzeitsrede“  /  METRUM “Ditch“ ... “Precious“  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM “All I Wanna Do“  /  FREAKWAVE “This Is Not To Entertain“ ... “No Hope“  /  THE 4 EVAS “Gave Me All“ ... “Everything I Do Is Wrong“  /  HELP! FOR JAPAN “Help!“  /  VAN BARGEN “Human Cage“       


Sendung am 08.02.12  (Wdh. 11.02.12 und 13.02.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller

 Wiederholung der Sendung vom 11.02.2012

Am Telefon:     Robin Staps, Guitar von THE OCEAN


THE OCEAN “Anthropocentric“ bereits veröffentlicht
LATE “Imagination Of An Angel“ VÖ: 20.01.12
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE “From Birthdays To Funerals” VÖ: 20.01.12
THE INTERSPHERE “Hold On, Liberty” VÖ: 20.01.12 


CY & ISAYA “Narben die prägen”  /  LATE “Johnny On The Spot“.....“The State“  /  STEREO DYNAMITE “Sin”  /  DEATH BY CHOCOLATE “Tell Me What You See".....“Congratulations”  /  THE OCEAN “Anthropocentric“.....“The Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazow Baseness“.....“For He That Wavereth...“.....“ The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots & Locusts“.....“The Almightiness Contradiction“  /  THE DREAMS “Black Sheep"  /  DISTURBED “Crucified”  /  THE INTERSPHERE “Masquerade”.....“Hold On, Liberty”  /  TRIVIUM “In Waves”  /  APRIL UPRISING “There Is No Point In Getting Out Of Anything If You Are Not Into Something“  /  MISTER MONSTER “Es Ist Okay“ feat. MALINO


Sendung am 01.02.12  (Wdh. 04.02.12 und 06.02.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Manuel Otto, Gutiar von TODAY FOREVER

TODAY FOREVER “Relationshipwrecks” VÖ: 06.01.2012  /  THE DEAD NOTES “Entertainment Is The Purpose” VÖ: 27.01.12  /  PERLAINE “A Journey Into The Inside Of Things Just Known From The Outside“ VÖ: 30.01.12  /  THE 4 EVAS “Break Out“ VÖ: 30.01.12  /  NOISE CAPITAL “Ghost Army“ VÖ: 30.01.12

CHRIS KRAMER “Du bist das Licht“  /  DIE VERSENKER “Ego (HDFWDMMR)“  /  THE 4 EVAS “May Way Home“ ...“Break Out“  /  STEREOSTONED “Superstar“  /  EMERGE “Dont Tell Me“  /  TODAY FOREVER “Lady On Shore” ... “Good Weekend” ... “Relationshipwrecks” ... “Stop Boring Us”  /  IRON MAIDEN “Blood Brothers“  /  THE DEAD NOTES “Entertainment Is The Purpose” ... “She’s Born A Rebel”  /  GRAND MAGUS “The Lord Of Lies”  /  NOISE CAPITAL “Limousines“ ... “Play Along“  /  GURD “Terminate“  /  PERLAINE “Indian Bread“ ... “Simple Things“  /  MEGADETH “Millennium Of The Blind“  /  THE OCEAN “Anthropocentric“                   


Sendung am 25.01.12  (Wdh. 28.01.12 und 30.01.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Maritta Winter, bildende Künstlerin, CH-Riehen und D-Weil am Rhein

Produktvorstellungen:  alle VÖ: 27.01.12 (außer DIE VERSENKER VÖ:12.01.12)

DIE VERSENKER “...,dass Ich Völlig Austicke  /  CHRIS KRAMER “Kramer Kommt!“  /  STEREOSTONED “Stay Sexy“  /  FABIAN ANDERHUB “It’s A Blues Thing“  /   MARK SPIRO “It’s A Beautiful Life“  /  SCHLAGWERK “Schlagwerk“  /  EMERGE “Perception One“


CHRIS KRAMER “Guten Zeiten“.....“Abschied nehmen“  /  BIG TENNIS “Cange Me“  /  CHRISTINA LUX “War Torn“  /  FABIAN ANDERHUB “Trying To Find My Baby“.....“Naturally Drawn To You"  /  MARK SPIRO “Dream Big, Pray Hard“  /  HEAVEN & HELL “I“  /  DIE VERSENKER “So wie ich“ ... “Auseinander“  /   LAMB OF GOD “Insurrection“  /  STEREOSTONED “Break Your Balls“ ... “Empty Roads“  /  DAD “A New Age Moving In“ ... “Fas On Wheels“ ... “The Place Of The Heart“  /  EMERGE “Why Don’t Your“


Sendung am 18.01.12  (Wdh. 21.01.12 und 23.01.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Boris, Saxophon von HUMAN ZOO


LAMB OF GOD “Resolution“ VÖ: 20.01.12  /  BIG TENNIS “Wimbledon“ VÖ: 20.01.12  /  MEGAHERZ “Götterdämmerung“ VÖ: 20.01.12  /  FABIAN ANDERHUB “It’s A Blues Thing“ VÖ: 27.01.12  /  MARK SPIRO “It’s A Beautiful Life“ VÖ: 27.01.12  /  SCHLAGWERK “Schlagwerk“ VÖ: 27.01.12


FABIAN ANDERHUB “Mitnight Train“.....“Dimpes“.....“You Dont Love Me“  /  BIG TENNIS “Begin To Start“.....“Dance Dance Boris“  /  DEATH BY CHOCOLATE “Stay With Me”  /  SCHLAGWERK “Kopf oder Zahl“.....“Wo bist Du“  /  MARK SPIRO “It’s A Beautiful Life“.....“Love Struck Dumb“  /  KORN “Let’s Go“ feat. Noisia  /  ALL MANKIND “Lover’s Song“  /  DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER “Wir reiten"  /  HUMAN ZOO “The Answer” (mit Intro).....“Fall In Love”  /  SYMPHONY X “The End of Innocence“  /  MEGAHERZ “Heute Nacht“.....“Das Licht am Ende der Welt“  /  LATE “Angel“  /  LAMB OF GOD “Desolation“.....“The Number Six“  /  THE INTERSPHERE “Hold On, Liberty!”


Sendung am 11.01.12  (Wdh. 14.01.12 und 16.01.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Robin Staps, Guitar von THE OCEAN


THE OCEAN “Anthropocentric“ bereits veröffentlicht  /  LATE “Imagination Of An Angel“ VÖ: 20.01.12  /  DEATH BY CHOCOLATE “From Birthdays To Funerals” VÖ: 20.01.12  /  THE INTERSPHERE “Hold On, Liberty” VÖ: 20.01.12


CY & ISAYA “Narben die prägen”  /  LATE “Johnny On The Spot“.....“The State“  /  STEREO DYNAMITE “Sin”  /  DEATH BY CHOCOLATE “Tell Me What You See".....“Congratulations”  /  THE OCEAN “Anthropocentric“.....“The Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazow Baseness“.....“For He That Wavereth...“.....“ The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots & Locusts“.....“The Almightiness Contradiction“  /  THE DREAMS “Black Sheep"  /  DISTURBED “Crucified”  /  THE INTERSPHERE “Masquerade”.....“Hold On, Liberty”  /  TRIVIUM “In Waves”  /  APRIL UPRISING “There Is No Point In Getting Out Of Anything If You Are Not Into Something“  /  MISTER MONSTER “Es Ist Okay“ feat. MALINO


Sendung am 04.01.12  (Wdh. 07.01. und 09.01.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Dennis Meivogel, Guitar von SACRED GROOVE


SACRED GROOVE "Needful Things" VÖ: 2011  /  CY & ISAYA "Vacare" VÖ: 16.12.11  /  APRIL UPRISING "To All Those Who Walk..." VÖ: 13.01.12


WISHBONE ASH “Migrant Worker“  /  DESCENDANS OF CAIN “The Road“ feat. TOMMY DARK  /  ONE MAN’S TRASH “The Restless Kind”  /  CY & ISAYA “Change The Time” feat. LANE D.....“Geboren um zu leben”  /  SACRED GROOVE “Angel In The Sky”.....“The Way Called Life".....“She Braves The Storm”.....“Unholy House”  /  IRON MAIDEN “El Dorado”  /  MEGADETH “Puplic Enemy No. I”  /  APRIL UPRISING “Towards The Woods“.....“Me, Bastille“  /  MASTODON “The Hunter“.....“Dry Bone Valley“  /  FREAKY FUKIN WEIRDOZ “Rebel Music“  /  KORN “Way Too Far“ feat. 12th PLANET  /  GURD “Terminate“  /  GOTTHARD “The Train“






Sendung am  28.12.11  (Wdh. 31.12. und 02.01.12)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio mit LIVE-Performance:

Frederic Student; Well AsCop und Greg Fortell von PHONOGEN



MOTÖRHEAD "The Wörld Is Ours - Vol.1" VÖ: 18.11.11  /  WISHBONE ASH "Elegant Stealth" VÖ: 25.11.11


PHONOGEN “Minus of Time“ (live).....“Sent A Rush“ (live unplugged,Gitarre und Gesang)....."Off My Way"....."Uptime t'lower Heals“ (live)....."Let God Know“ (live)  /  WISHBONE ASH “Reason To Believe“.....“Man With No Name“  /  STEREO DYNAMITE “Antidote“  /  BETH HART / JOE BONAMASSA “Chocolate Jesus”   /  MOTÖRHEAD “The Thousand Names Of God“.....“I Got Mine“  /  ONE MAN’S TRASH “Trough Your Eyes”.....“She Shine’s”                               


Sendung am  21.12.11  (Wdh. 24.12. und 26.12.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


"Besinnliches" bei H'ART On Air - Die besten Rock-Balladen aus dem Jahre 2011



ALL MANKIND "Can You Hear Me?" (Single)  /  ONE MAN'S TRASH "History" beide VÖ: 16.12.11


ALL MANKIND “Can You Hear Me”  /  STRATOVARIUS “Move The Mountain”  /  TIMES OF GRACE “The Forgotten One”  /  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY “Darkest Days”  /  CHINA “Gates Of Heaven”  /  THE KORDZ “The Garden”  /  BUCKET & CO “Girl Of My Dreams”  /  VANDERLINDE “Can’t Wait For Yesterday”  /  YOUNG THE GIANT “God Made Man”  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY “In My Blood”  /  IN LEGEND “At Her Side”  /  RAYGUN REBELS “Good Bye”  /  PRIME CIRCLE “Breathing”  /  TRIVIUM “Of All These Yesterdays”  /  BLOWSIGHT “Days Of Rain”  /  SHE WANTS REVENGE “Not Just A Girl”  /  STAIND “Throw It All Away”  /  DREAM THEATER “Beneath The Surface”  /  AXEL RUDI PELL “Glory Night”  /  JOSS STONE “Right To Be Wrong”  /  THE BACON BROTHERS “10 YEARS In Mexico”  /  ONE MAN’S TRASH “Long Time”


Sendung am 14.12.11  (Wdh. 17.12. und 19.12.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       Wolfgang Krell, bildender Künstler, Weil am Rhein - Ötlingen



THE BLUES BAND “Few Short Lines” VÖ: 18.11.11  /  EVERGREY “A Decade And A Half” VÖ: 25.11.11  /  BUDDY WHITTINGTON “Six String Svengali” VÖ: 02.12.11  /  LOS BASTARDOS FINLANDESES “Saved By Rock ‘N’ Roll” VÖ: 16.12.11


THE BLUES BAND “My Toot Toot”....“Statesboro Blues”  /  MISTER MONSTER “Leidenschaft”.....“Diese Stille”  /  BUDDY WHITTINGTON “Ain’t Got The Scratch”.....“I Had To Go See Alice”  /  FLASH AND THE PAN “Walking In The Rain"  /  EDGUY “Two Out Of Seven”  /  LOS BASTARDOS FINLANDESES “Saved By Rock ‘N’ Roll”.....“Acapulco”  /  VIRGING STEELE “Under The Graveyard Moon”  /  EVERGREY “Wrong”.....“Solitude Within”  /  RAY WILSON “First Day Of Change“  /  BREED 77 “Insects”  /  MASTODON “The Hunter“


Sendung am 07.12.11  (Wdh. 10.12. und 12.12.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        J.R. BLACKMORE sprach über sein Album "Voices"



J.R. BLACKMORE & FRIENDS “Voices” VÖ: 21.10.11  /  VIRGING STEELE “Age Of Consent” VÖ: 25.11.11.  /  KORN “The Path Of Totality” VÖ: 02.12.11


THE FAST FORWARDS “All My Life“  /  VIRGING STEELE “The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii”).....“ON The Wings Of The Night”.....“Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun)”  /  SWEET “The Ballroom Blitz“  /  IN FLAMES “Where The Dead Ships Dwell”  /  HEADLY “Trip“  /  J.R. BLACKMORE & FRIENDS “Voices”.....“Guardian Angel”.....“Beethoven”  /  THE BACON BROTHERS “Only A Good Woman“  /  AMORPHIS “One More Time”  /  KORN “Kill Mercy Within”.....“Illuminati”  /  GUNS OF MOROPOLIS “In Dynamite We Trust”  /  PAIN “Dirty Woman“  /  LAMBOFGOD “Ghost Walking“  /  STAIND “Paper Wings“   


Sendung am 30.11.11  (Wdh. 03.12. und 05.12.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        David Bertok, Keyboarder der Progressiv Band SUBSIGNAL



SUBSIGNAL “Touchstones“ VÖ: 30.09.11  /  TEXAS IN JULY “One Reality“ VÖ: 07.10.11  /  PETER PANKA’S JANE “Kuxan Suum“ VÖ: 25.11.11  /  BELLOWHEAD “Hedonism“ VÖ: 25.11.11  /  THE FAST FORWARDS “Lost In The Light“ VÖ: 02.12.11  /  HUNDRED SEVENTY SPLIT “The World Won’t Stop” VÖ: 03.12.11


BELLOWHEAD “New York Girls“  /  PETER PANKA’S JANE “Easy Way In“.....“Lucky Ones“  /  STEEL PANTHER “Critter“  /  THE FAST FORWARDS “Felicia“.....“The End“  /  SUBSIGNAL “My Sanctuary“.....“Wingless“.....“The Lifespan Of A Climpse“  /  GRAVE DIGGER “Rebelion"  /  HUNDRED SEVENTY SPLIT “All My Yesterdays”.....“A Promise Is Forever”  /  PRIME CIRCLE “Closure“  /  TEXAS IN JULY “May“.....“Our Freedom“  /  THE BACON BROTHERS “Guess Again“  /  MEGADETH “We The People“  /  MASTODON “The  Sparrow“  /  AVANTASIA “Seales Of Justice“   


Sendung am 23.11.11  (Wdh. 26.11. und 28.11.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Patricia Hillinger und Michael Wachelhofer von CORNERSTONE



CORNERSTONE “Somewhere In America“ VÖ: 30.09.11  /  HUBERTUS MEYER-BURCKHARDT “Die Kündigung“ (Hörbuch) VÖ: 28.10.11  /  VLAD IN TEARS “Welcome To Vladyland“ VÖ: 18.11.11  /  THE BACON BROTHERS “Philadelphia Road – The Best Of“ VÖ: 18.11.11  /  ELOY “The Tides Return Forever“ VÖ: 25.11.11  /  LEST “Odysseus“ VÖ: 25.11.11

ELOY “The Day Of Chrimson Skies“  /  VLAD IN TEARS “Circus On The Moon“.....“After All"  /  MAGNUM “Wild Angels“  /  SKINDRED “Warning“  /  ALFONZETTI “Lay Your Love On Me“  /  CORNERSTONE “Rise And Shine“.....“Being Unaware“.....“Like A Stranger“  /  FASTWAY “Leave The Light On“  /  DISTURBED “Monster“  /  MURDERDOLLS “My Dark Place Alone“  /  HUBERTUS MEYER-BURCKHARDT “Die Kündigung“ (CD  1 Kap. 2 u.7 / CD 3 Kap. 4 -jeweils Ausschnitte)  /  THE BACON BROTHERS “Unhappy Birthday“.....“10 Years In Mexico“  /  NORMAN GREENBAUM “Spirit In The Sky“  /  FATE “Murder“  /  BOMBARD “Take Me“  /  LEST “Ways“


Sendung am 16.11.11  (Wdh. 19.11. und 21.11.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Tonio Paßlick, Kulturamtsleiter der Stadt Weil am Rhein



WERNER NADOLNY’S JANE “The Journey I – Best Of Jane ’70 – ‘80“ VÖ: 04.11.11  /  DISTURBED “The Lost Children“ VÖ: 08.11.11  / MAGNUM “Evolution“ VÖ: 11.11.11  /  FASTWAY “Eat Dog Eat“ VÖ: 11.11.11  /  THE LAST CRY “Walking To The Edge“ VÖ: 11.11.11


THE LAST CRY “Devastate“  /  J.C. CINEL “Think Of My Self“.....“Living On A Highway“  /  WERNER NADOLNY’S JANE “All My Friends“.....“Lady“  /  FASTWAY “Deliver Me“  /  MAGNUM “Brand New Morning“  /  QUEENSRŸCHE “If I Were King“  /  DISTURBED “A Welcome Burden“.....“Mine“    /  CORNERSTONE “Like A Stranger“


Sendung am 09.11.11  (Wdh. 12.11. und 14.11.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Raphael, Tobias und Max von EVERBLAME



EVERBLAME “Frantic“ VÖ: 26.09.11 /  THE HIRAM KEY “Amerikafka“ VÖ: 07.10.11   /  BLOODSPOT “Embrace The End“ VÖ: 04.11.11  /  STEEL PANTHER “Balls Out“ VÖ: 04.11.11  /  MOONCRY “Rivers Of Heart“ VÖ: 21.10.11


THE HIRAM KEY “What Kind Of...“.....“Arzu In The Mirror“  /  KEEGAN “Yes Sir No Sir“  /  HERZPARASIT “1000 °“  /  STEEL PANTHER “Just Like Tiger Woods“.....“17 Girls In A Row“  /  STEVE LUKATHER “Watching The World“  /  EVERBLAME “Pessimistic Poem Pirate“..... “Firehead“.....“Take A Bow“  /  LAHANNYA “Dystopia“  /  TASTE OF TEARS “A Great Paradox“  /  MOONCRY “Grief And Hope“.....“Secounds In Time“  /   MEGADETH “Millennium Of The Blind“  /   BLOODSPOT “Unborn“  /  VIRGIN STEELE “The Black Light Bacchanalia“


Sendung am 02.11.11  (Wdh. 05.11. und 07.11.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  ANRA Andreas und Ralph Hilbert, Trash-Künstler aus Lottstetten



LAHANNYA “Dystopia“ VÖ: 07.10.11  /  TASTE OF TEARS “Once Human“ VÖ: 07.10.11  /  MEGADETH “TH1RT3EN“ VÖ: 28.10.11  /  ANKOR “My Own Angel“ VÖ: 28.10.11  /  KEEGAN “Keeping The Sparks“ VÖ: 04 11 11  /  HERZPARASIT “Fromme Lämmer“ VÖ: 04.11.11


TRI STATE CORNER “Sooner Or Later“  /  KEEGAN “King For A Day“.....“Benny Hill“  /  HUNDRED SEVENTY SPLIT “The Smoke“  /  LAHANNYA “Never Enough“.....“Army Of Freaks“  /  THE FLAW “On My Own“  /  DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS “My Fingers Do The Talkin‘“  /  MEGADETH “Black Swan“.....“Deadly Nightshade“  /  MOTHERLODE “Crawling Trough The Desert“  /  HERZPARASIT “Angst fängt Dich“.....“Flaschengeist“  /  ANKOR “My Own Angel“  /  EVERBLAME “Lose Control“  /  Eric SARDINAS AND BIG MOTOR “Full Tilt Mama“  /  KORN “Narcissistic Cannibal (feat. Skrillex & Kill The Noise)“  /  TASTE OF TEARS “Phlegraean Fields“    


Sendung am 26.10.11  (Wdh. 29.10. und 31.10.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Richie, Bass von CARDIAC CASPER



CARDIAC CASPER “Related To The Heart“ VÖ: 05.09.11  /  THE FLAW “All You Have“ VÖ: 21.10.11  /  MOTHERLODE “Tomorrow Never Comes“ VÖ: 21.10.11  /  TRI STATE CORNER „“Historia“ VÖ: 28.10.11  /  DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS „“Rockabilly Party“ VÖ: 28.10.11  /  GRAND DESIGN “Idolizer“ VÖ: 28.10.11


GRAND DESIGN “Get On With The Action“  /  MOTHERLODE “Ice Cream Man“.....“Why We Bleed“      /  JOSS STONE “Right To Be Wrong“  /  STAIND “Wanna Be“  /  MASTERDON „Curl Of The Burl“  /  CARDIAC CASPER “About Withered Love Cenfession“.....“Won‘t Let This Die“.....“C’ant Hear You Sing“  /  DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS “I’m On My Way“.....“You And Me And The Devil“  /  AXEL RUDI PELL “Touching My Soul“  /  TRI STATE CORNER “I Swear“.....“I’m That Guy“  /  TRIVIUM “Of All These Yesterdays“  /  9MM “Wenn Träume fliegen”  /  MACHINE HEAD “Locust“  /  THE FLAW “All You Have“.....“Cliff Live“       


Sendung am 19.10.11  (Wdh. 22.10. und 24.09.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Jiri Novotny von der Kunstgalerie NOVOTNY, Lörrach



AXEL RUDI PELL “The Ballads IV“ VÖ: 23.09.11  /  JOSS STONE “The Best Of Joss Stone 2003 – 2009“ VÖ: 30.09.11  /  TOUCHSTONE “The City Sleeps“ VÖ: 07.10.11  /  J.R. BLACKMORE & FRIENDS “Voices“ VÖ: 21.10.11  /  fDELUXE “Gaslight“ VÖ: 21.10.11



fDELUXE “Drummers And Healers“.....“Sanctified“  /  J.R. BLACKMORE & FRIENDS “Guardian Angel“.....“Incomplete“  /  JOSS STONE “Super Duper Love“.....“Love“  /  TOUCHSTONE “When Shadows Fall“.....“These Walls“  /   AXEL RUDI PELL “Northern Lights“.....“In The Air Tonight“  /  9MM “Party Rock ‘N’ Bier”  /  LOUDBOY “Wonderfull”      /  BABY UNIVERSAL “This Is Not A Love Song“  /  J.B.O. “Rock Musik”  /  CARDIAC CASPER “Believe In Me“


Sendung am 12.10.11  (Wdh. 15.10. und 17.09.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     LINA BUTTO über ihr Debütalbum "Homesick"



LINA BUTTON „“Homesick“ bereits erschienen  /  BABY UNIVERSAL “Live“ VÖ: Oktober 2011  /  J.B.O. “Happy Metal Thunder” VÖ: 07.10.11  /  BÖLTER “Bölter“ (EP) VÖ: 07.10.11  /  LOUDBOY “Loudboy” VÖ: 14.10.11


LOUDBOY “Rabbit & Turtle Take The City”.....“Astroman”  /  NOX INTERNA “The Seeds Of Disdain”  /  BÖLTER “Quit You“  /  J.B.O. “Another Brick In The Wall”.....“Kickers Of Ass”  /  LINA BUTTON “Chasing”.....“Something Missing”.....“Lilly”.....“Homesick”  /  MEGADETH “Public Enemy Nr. 1”  /  MASTODON “All The Heavy Lifting”  /  ISIS CHILD “Can’t You Hear Me”  /  TRIVIUM “Built To Fall”  /  BABY UNIVERSAL “Morning Comes“.....“Dance Radio“  /  MUTINY WITHIN “Forsake“  /  BLACK CANDY STORE “Wounded“  /  JONATHAN DAVIS AND THE SFA “Sleep So Long“  /  THE KORDZ “Get Behind“  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “About Beasts & Lovers”  /  STEVEN WILSON “Postcard”


Sendung am 05.10.11  (Wdh. 08.10. und 10.09.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Sylvia Künnecke von ART UND DANCE, Lörrach


MASTODON “The Hunter” VÖ: 23.09.11  /  WILL WILDE “Unleashed” VÖ: 30.09.11  /  RUSTY PACEMAKER “Blackness And White Light” VÖ: 30.09.11  /  ISIS CHILD “Strange Days” VÖ: 30.09.11
NOX INTERNA “The Seeds Of Disdain” VÖ: 30.09.11


WILL WILDE “If I Get My Hands On You”.....“Waste My Life Away”  /  SMOKEY FINGERS “Born To Run”  /  ISIS CHILD “Looking For The One”.....“I Love The Way”  /  NEIL TAYLOR “Walk Away”  /  RUSTY PACEMAKER “Waiting For Tomorrow”  /  MACHINE HEAD “Who We Are”  /  NOX INTERNA “I’m Sick”.....“1984”  /  CORRODED “All The Heroes Are Dead”  /  MASTODON “Creature Lives”.....“Spectrelight”  /  LINA BUTTON “Chasing”  /  KENAI “Manhatten”  /  SOCIAL SUICIDE “5th Man On A Dead Man’s Grave”  /  HOMERUN “As We Did Before”           


Sendung am 28.09.11  (Wdh. 01.10. und 03.09.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Sebastian Stiegeler von Blackforestevents, Grafenhausen



MACHINE HEAD “Unto The Locust” VÖ: 23.09.11  /  SMOKEY FINGERS “Columbus Way” VÖ: 23.09.11  /  HOMERUN “Black World” VÖ: 23.09.11  /  CORRODED “Exit To Transfer” VÖ: 30.09.11  /  SUBSIGNAL “Touchstones” VÖ: 30.09.11  /  CANDIS NIGHT “Reflections” VÖ: 30.09.11


CANDIS NIGHT “Dangerous Smile”  /  SHEZOO “Beer And Wiskey”  /  MUSTASCH “Black City”  /  MEGADETH “Public Enemy No 1”  /  SUPER BUT “Last Call”  /  KVELERTAK “Ulvetid”  /  GUNS OF MOROPOLIS “Mc Boogie”  /  SUBSIGNAL “Wingless”  /  MACHINE HEAD “Be Still And Know”…..“Darkness Within”  /  AXEL RUDI PELL “Hallelujah”  /  SMOKEY FINGERS “Sweet Tears”…..“Over The Line”  /  ERIC SARDINAS AND BIG MOTOR “Road To Ruin”  /  CORRODED “Piece By Piece”…..“I Am Your Saviour”  /  HOMERUN “No More”…..“Black World”


Sendung am 21.09.11  (Wdh. 24.09. und 26.09.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Stefan Winterle, Stencil-Artist, Weil am Rhein



ERIC SARDINAS “Sticks and Stones” VÖ: 02.09.11  /  NEIL TAYLOR “No Self Control” VÖ: 23.09.11  /  WHITE WIDDOW “Serenade” VÖ: 23.09.11  /  NEWMAN “Under Southern Skies” VÖ: 23.09.11  /  EVERBLAME “Frantic” VÖ: 26.09.11  /  PIESKA “Euphoria” VÖ: 26.09.11


DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER “Wir reiten”  /  NEWMAN “If He Loves You”…..“Under Southern Skies”  /  LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM “Gone To Far”      /  STAIND “Throw It All Away”  /  NEIL TAYLOR “Heavy Grinder”…..“Cocaine Blues”  /  MR. IRISH BASTARD “Anarchy In The UK”  /  LINA BUTTON “Lilly”  /  EVERBLAME “Lose Control”…..“Pessimistic Poem Pirate”  /  JANE “All My Friends”  /  ERIC SARDINAS “Full Tilt Mama”…..“Through The Thorns”  /  NOX INTERNA “Pray”  /  PIESKA “Morning Sorry”…..“Snooze”      /  WHITE WIDDOW “Cry Wolf”…..“Serenade”  /  ATREYU “Storm To Pass”      /  METRUM “Broken”


Sendung am 14.09.11  (Wdh. 17.09. und 19.09.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Paddy Kroetz, Rythmn Guitar von DIE COVERLIRE



DIE COVERLIRE “Just Another Damn Mixtape” bereits erschienen  /  LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM “Sees We Sow” VÖ: 02.09.11  /  STAIND “Staind” VÖ: 09.09.11  /  JANE “Best Of Jane” VÖ: 23.09.11  /  LINA BUTTON “Homesick” VÖ: 23.09.11  /  MR. IRISH BASTARD “Never Mind The Bastards – Here Is Mr. Irish Bollocks” VÖ: 23.09.11

Playlist:   DREAM THEATER “Build Me Up, Break Me Down”  /  JANE “Love Song”…..“Stay With Me”  /  KENAI “The Fall Before The Finish”  /  LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM “Seeds We Sow”…..“Illumination”  /  STAIND “Wannabe”…..“Not Again”…..“Something To Remind You”  /  LINA BUTTON “Homesick”…..“Something Missing”  /  NEED “The Lesson”  /  DIE COVERLIRE “Bad Romance”…..“Griechischer Wein” (feat Costa of SONDASCHULE)…..“It Must Have Been Love” (feat. Ron of THE BUSTERS)  /  CLARA LOUISE “Black Veil”  /  MR. IRISH BASTARD “No Feelings”…..“God Save The Queen”  /  SHEZOO “To Late”  /  URIAH HEEP "The Wizard"                                 


Sendung am 07.09.11  (Wdh. 10.09. und 12.09.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  Anne Ehmke, Singe/Songwriterin, Lörrach



ANNE EHMKE “Curious Woman” bereits erschienen  /  ANNE EHMKE “Armer Hebel” bereits erschienen  /  THE BREW “The Third Floor” V.Ö: 26.08.2011  /  DREAM THEATER “A Dramatic Turn Of Events” VÖ: 09.09.11  /  NEED “Siamese God” VÖ: 09.09.2011

ANNE EHMKE “Love Is The Seventh Wave”….“De’ Karle Blues”…..“Das Hexlein”…..“Der Soldat nach dem Kriege”,,,,,“Auf den Tod eines Zerchers”…..”Curious Woman”…..”Markgräfler Hymn”  /   MEACHINE HEAD “Locust”  /  THE BREW “Sirens Of War”…..“See You Once Again”  /  NEED “Lie Before You Sleep”…..“Inbetween”  /  DREAM THEATER “Bridges In The Sky”…..“Beneath The Surface”  /  ALTER BRIDGE “Wonderful Life”                           


Sendung am 31.08.11  (Wdh. 03.09. und 05.09.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Christian Zahler (Vocals & Guitar) und Malte Minke (Drums) von SCOFF


SCOFF “Lambda” bereist veröffentlicht  /  DIE COVERLIRE “Just Another Damn Mixtape” VÖ: 26.08.11  /  FACE DOWN HERO “Divisions And Hierarchies” VÖ: 26.08.11  /  URIAH HEEP “Official Bootleg Vol. 4 – Live in Australia 2011” VÖ: 02.09.11


THE BREW “Reached The Sky”  /  URIAH HEEP “Book Of Lies”.....“Stealin’”  /  LECHERY “Lust For Sin”  /  KORN “Get Up!“  /  JONATHAN DAVIS AND THE SFA “Not Meant For Me”  /  FACE DOWN HERO “Seventeen Years”.....“False Hierarchies”  /  DIE COVERLIRE “Griechischer Wein”.....“The Sign”  /  MASTODON “Curl Of The Burl“  /  CASH FOR CLUNKERS “Rockapocalypse"  /  SCOFF “The Day Of The Locust”.....“Temper The Goat”.....“William Blake Is Not The Answer”  /  THE ANDREW SISTERS “Rum And Coca Cola”  /  ONKEL TOM “Wenn der Zapfhahn kräht”  /  LIVE AT WACKEN 2010 – ASTRAL DOORS “Call Of The Wild”  /  36 CRAZYFISTS “Caving In Spirals”  /  SHOW OF HANDS “Secret World”                               


Sendung am 24.08.11  (Wdh. 27.08. und 29.08.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Daniel Kuhlemann (Vox und Guitar) von TENSIDE



FIREFORCE “Firestorm“  /  LECHERY “All The Way”  /  “Cross The Line”  /  EUROPE “New Love In Town“  /  LIVE AT WACKEN 2010 - GRAVE DIGGER “Rebellion” - UDO “Man And Machine” - CORVUS CORAX “Rustica Puella”  /  OUT OF SEASON “Amnesie”  /  JONATHAN DAVIS AND THE SFA “System”…..“Alone I Break”  /  SERPENTINE “Philadelphia”  /  J.O.E.L “One Day“  /  TENSIDE “Armed And Dangerous“......“Violet World“.....“Closer To The Edge“  /  PRIME CIRCLE “Turn Me To Stone“  /  ONKEL TOM “Auf nach Wacken”…..“In Junkers Kneipe”  /  THE DULL “Panther”  /  J.B.O. “Drei Akkorde“    


Sendung am 17.08.11  (Wdh. 20.08. und 22.08.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller



QUEENSRYCHE “I Take You”  /  FIREFORCE “Horus“.....“Mona Lisa“  /  MILCHSTRASSE 42 “Zeit“  /  J.B.O. “Dr. Met“.....“Jenseits“  /  BLOWSIGHT “The Girl & The Rifle“  /  AVERAGE ENGINES “Tramps“    .....“You Are A Saint“  /  MisSiss “Nightmares“  /  SKANNERS “Hard And Pure“   /  EUROPE “The Final Countdown“.....“Last Look At Eden“  /  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY “Time Waits For No One“  /  TRIVIUM “Watch The World Burn“.....“Built To Fall“.....“Of All These Yesterdays“  /  HEAVEN & HELL “Follow The Tears“  /  OUT OF SEASON “Überleben“.....“Heute Nacht“      /  MARY FAY “Before We Lose It All“  /  TENSIDE “Armed And Dangerous“   


Sendung am 10.08.11  (Wdh. 13.08. und 15.08.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Anna Kürzinger, PR-Referentin der Fa. Endress+Hauser, Maulburg



DRIFT & DIE “Back Home“ / SHE WANTS REVENGE “Kiss Me“ / MILCHSTRASSE 42 “Auf und Ab“.....“Dich“ / QUEENSRYCHE "Around The World" / SCOFF “Riddle Red Blue“ / DREAM THEATER “On The Backs Of Angels“ / INFINIGHT “State Of War“....“Like Puppets“.....“Media Serpent“ / PRIME CIRCLE “All Of Me“.....“Breathing“ / DAMPFMASCHINE “Bergsteigen“.....“Der Sommer Stirbt“ / GRAND MAGUS “The Lord Of Lies“ / BLOWSIGHT “The Sun Behind The Rain“.....“As Wicked As They Come“ / MEDINA LAKE “Through The Pain“ / MURDERDOLLS “Summertime Suicide“


Sendung am 03.08.11  (Wdh. 06.08. und 08.08.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Angela Lenz von der European Art Gallery in Badenweiler

Am Telefon:     Phil, Bass & Backing Vocals von CONCEPT INSOMNIA



DOC HOLLIDAY “Can’t Live Without You“  /  SHE WANTS REVENGE “Take The World“.....“Not Just A Girl“  /  MANRAZE “Closer To Me“.....“Lies“  /  DRIFT & DIE “XnX (Sex, Drugs...We Love Rock ‚‘N‘ Roll“.....“Scars“.....THE BLUESTATION “All Right Now“  /  QUEENSRYCHE "Get Started"….."Higher"      /  CROW7 „Light In My Dungeon“  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY „“Can’t You See“  /  SCOFF “Wrath“.....“The Deceiver“  /  CONCEPT INSOMNIA “Orange Pigment“.....“Caput Mortuum“.....“Kaleidoscope“  /  PRIME CIRCLE “Turning In My Sleep“  /  BABYLON BOMBS „“Babylon’s Burning“



Sendung am 27.07.11  (Wdh. 30.07. und 01.08.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Daniel Kiefer, Vocals & Guitar von THE CORNERSTONES


THE CORNERSTONES “More Than I Could Take“.....“Not Made Of Stone“.....“You Will See“.....“I’ll Be Walkin‘“.....“Road Blues“.....“Cornerstone In The House“  /  DOC HOLLIDAY “Good Time Music“.....“Jonny B. Goode“.....“All The Right Moves“   /  BAI BANG “Put On Her Dress“  /  PRIME CIRCLE “Closure“.....“Breathing“  /  MANRAZE “Over My Dead Body“.....“All I Wanna Do“  /  DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER “Wir Reiten“  /  BRAIN DEADZ “Born From Damnation“  /  OUTLOUD “Someday“   


Sendung am 20.07.11  (Wdh. 23.07. und 25.07.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Norbert Kiby, bildender Künstler, Karlsruhe

Am Telefon:     Michael, Vocals & Guitars von SENSES MAY WITHER



VOODOO HIGHWAY “The Fire Will Burn Away“ / OUTLOUD “Waiting For Your Love“.....“Isolation Game“ / STONE SOUR “Hesitate” / J.O.E.L “Let The Good Times Roll” / CONCEPT INSOMNIA “The Chromatic Circle” / BAI BANG “Livin‘ My Dream“.....“Rock It“ / FEINE HERREN “Jetzt erst recht!“ / THE AVAYOU “Questions“ / THE MIGHTY STEF “Sainte Catherine“ / BLOWSIGHT “Invisible Ink“ / THE CORNERSTONES “Capo 7 Blues“  / METHODS OF MAYHEM “2Ways“ / SENSES MAY WITHER “Inner Disunity“.....“A Day Of Reckoning“..... “Saluation“ / SLASH feat. FERGIE „“Beautiful Dangerous“  /  BRAIN DEADZ “Lies After Lies“  /  DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER “Ein Liebeslied“                                                      


Sendung am 13.07.11  (Wdh. 16.07. und 18.07.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Thomas Dix, Fotodesigner, Grenzach-Wyhlen


RONNIE WOOD “Thing About You”  /  YOUNG THE GIANT “My Body”  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK “Last Time I Saw Dave”  /  BEN WATERS “Watching The River Flow”"  /  CRAYFISH “Lovely Lies”  /  JULIETTE LEWIS “Uh Huh”  /  HUMAN ZOO “Everything Changes”  /  DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER “Dir gehört Nichts“"  /  VOODOO HIGHWAY “Broken Uncle’s Inn“:::::“Heaven With No Stars“  /  SENSES MAY WITHER “Live For The Moment“  /  GEORGE LYNCH “Voices In My Head“   /  FOZZY “Broken Soul“  /  CONCEPT INSOMNIA “Orange Pigment".....“Caput Mortuum”        DANI WILDE “Shine”                                       


Sendung am 06.07.11  (Wdh. 09.07. und 11.07.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Peter Schneider von "MARKHOF ROCKT" Rheinfelden-Herten

Am Telefon:     Andreas "Rossi" Rassatti, Guitar von ACOUSTICAL SOUTH



RUNNING WILD “Tortuga Bay”  /  HUMAN ZOO “Gimme Your Time”.....“Eyes Of The Stranger”  / BETTER TOMORROW “Relentless”  /  GEORGE LYNCH “Fly On The Wall“.....“Brand New Day“  /     HOUSTON! “Black Rose”  /  DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER “Wir reiten“.....“Erwache“  /   REECE KRONLUND “Could This Be Madness”  /  MY DYING BRIDE “That Dress And Summer Skin”  /  FOZZY “Wanderlust“.....“Martyr No More“  /  ACOUSTICAL SOUTH “Again".....“Escape To Victory“  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY “In My Blood“  /  ACCEPT “Shades Of Death“  /  SENSES MAY WITHER “Inner Disunity“.....“The Tide Has Turned“  /  STRATOVARIUS “Move The Mountain”


Sendung am 29.06.11  (Wdh. 02.07. und 04.07.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Gisela van Mahnen, Heimat- und Keramikmuseum, Kandern

Am Telefon:      Stefan Winterle, Kurator der Carhartt-Gallery, Weil am Rhein



SKULLBOOGEY "Bodybag Boy"....."Alone In The Hole"  /  KOTTAK "Bang Bang Baby"  /  REECE-KRONLUND "Magic Pudding"....."I Remember You"  /  GRAND MAGUS "Hammer Of The North"  /  BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE "Bittersweet Memories"  /  BETTER TOMORROW "Stargazer"....."Trippin"  /  ALPHA ACADEMY "Wake Up"  /  MY DYING BRIDE "And Then You Go"  /  BILLION DOLAR BABIES "Highest Mountain"  /  HOUSTON! "Planet Terror"....."Mechanical Breath"  /  COHEED AND CAMPRIA "Made Out Of Nothing (All That I Am)"  /  TRADITIONALS "Violence"  /  CRISES "Joan"  /  RUNNING WILD "Battle Of Waterloo"....."Purgatory"


Sendung am 22.06.11  (Wdh. 25.06. und 27.06.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Simon Moskon, Ramón Fleig und Martin Linke von CRYPTEX



FULLFORCE "Rain"....."Father Spirit"  /  IRON MAIDEN "Blood Brothers"  /  ANVIL "Juggernaut Of Justice"....."Conspiracy"  /  BLOWSIGHT "Days Of Rain"  /  CRYPTEX "Bagheera"....."Grief And Despair"....."The Big Easy"  /  MY DYING BRIDE "Of Lilies Bent With Tears"  /  DAVID MARK PEARCE "To Live Again"....."Eden Is Burning"  /  GUNS OF MOROPOLIS "In Dynamite We Trust"  /  THE HUMAN ABSTRACT "Antebellum"....."Horizon To Zenith"  /  ASSASSIN "The Last Man"....."Junkfood"  /  TIMES OF GRACE "The Forgotten One"


Sendung am 15.06.11  (Wdh. 18.06. und 20.06.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     David Lucco, bildender Künstler, CH-Basel



KLEVELAND "Harder"....."Crutch"....."Sloppy Seconds"  /  RAYGUN REBELS "I Want You"....."Goodbye"....."Bring Me Home"  /  JELLYBEAT "Trial And Error"  /  SAXON "Back In 79"....."Chassing The Bullet"....."Call To Arms"  /  THE RODS "I Just Wanna Rock"....."Fight Fire With Fire"  /  MY DYING BRIDE "In Your Dark Pavilion"  /  SHE WANTS REVENGE "Must Be The One"  / VANDERLINDE "Cant' Wait For Yesterday"  /  WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION "Silent Air"


Sendung am 08.06.11  (Wdh. 11.06. und 13.06.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:   Florian Fries, Pianist, Komponist, Berlin

Am Telefon: Burns, Guitar von GUIDELINE



ALTER BRIDGE "All Hope Is Gone"  /  FLORIAN FRIES "Park Avenue"....."Reise Durch Die Nacht"....."Aria"....."Erinnerung"....."Magic Melody"  /  IRON MAIDEN "The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg"....."Sign Of The Cross" (live)  /  ETEPETETE "Inge Goes To Hollywood"....."Extragail"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "All I'm Dreamin' Of"....."Won't Let Go"  /  GUIDELINE "Mr. Jay"....."Into The Wild"....."Animal"


Sendung am 01.06.11  (Wdh. 04.06. und 06.06.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  Niels Tofahrn, bildender Künstler, Weil am Rhein



FEINE HERREN "Wir"....."(Un)Glück"  /  PENDRAGON "Passion"....."Freeding Frenzy"....."It's Just A Matter Of Not Getting Caught"  /  MONA NYLIN "The Berlin Song"....."Coming Back"....."My Love"  /  SKIN DIARY "Coup The Grace"....."Heart Of Glass"  /  BARONS BALL "It's Worth The Fight"....."She's So Vain"  /  ROXXCALIBUR "If Heaven Is Hell"....."Lift Up Your Eyes"  /  ELIZIUM "Violent Flower"  /  GUIDELINE "All Night"


Sendung am 25.05.11  (Wdh. 28.05. und 30.05.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon: Pete (Vocals) und Caro (Bass) von THE SMALLTOWN ROCKETS



MOTHER'S ARMY "Darkside"....."Seas Of Eternity"....."Do What I Like"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "Can't You See"....."In My Blood"  /  VENDEMMIAN "I'm Falling"....."Heaven"  /  KOTTACK "Hit The Heartbrakes"....."Let's Do It Tonite!"  /  WILLIAMS & FRIESTEDT "Gotta Find It"  /  BARONS BALL "New Born Day"  /  THE SMALLTOWN ROCKETS "Heartbreaker"....."Lost"....."We're Dangerous"....."Can't Keep My Eyes Off You"  /  FREEDOM CALL "Blackened Sun"....."The Quest"  /  TIMES OF GRACE "The Forgotten One"  /  RADIO DEAD ONES "Mary Me Or Bury Me"  /  TRADITIONALS "Sold Us Down The River"


Sendung am 18.05.11  (Wdh. 21.05. und 23.05.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  Natacha - Vocals / Micha - Leadguitar / Joey - Bass / Dana - Drums von SHEZOO



SHEZZO "Adrenaline"....."Beer And Whiskey"....."This Is Me"....."Memorys"....."No Tabus"....."Beautiful Town"....."Too Late"  /  IN LEGEND "Heaven Inside"....."At Her Side"  /  MOLLY HATCHET "Devil's Canyon"....."Down Form The Mountain"  /  LOLITA KOMPLEX "Your Missery"....."Dance With Me"  /  SAINTS OF RUIN "Rain"  /  PAGAN'S MIND "Walk Away In Silence"  /  RADIO DEAD ONES "Into The Sun"  /  TRADITIONALS "How Have You Been"  /  VANDERBUYST "Tiger"  /  VICTORY "Restless"


Sendung am 11.05.11  (Wdh. 14.05. und 16.05.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    George, Keyboards von SYNCLAIR



KRAUTSCHÄDL "Gemma Gemma"....."Winzerbua"  /  ZERO ILLUSIONS "How You Are"....."Rise In The Challenge"  /  CASTLE "Shaman Wars"....."Knife In The Temple"  /  WARREN HAYNES "Everyday Is A Holliday"....."Your Wildest Dreams"  /  OHRENFEINDT "Sie hat Ihr Herz an St. Pauli verloren"  /  SYNCLAIR "Parkwalker"....."Together"....."Starshine"  /  LOLITA KOMPLEX "Vienna Is Hell"  /  SAINTS OF RUIN "Glampyre"  /  GARDENIER "Kämpfer"  /  PAST M.D. "The Journey"....."Far Away"  /  THE STORIES "Zero Not Samba"


Sendung am 04.05.11  (Wdh. 07.05. und 09.05.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Fädde, Vocals und Guitars von TRAM



RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS "Long Way To the Top - If You Wanna Bagrock"....."Hellbound Train"....."The Hidden Gem"  /  RUSSKAJA "Change"....."Wolna I Ja"  /  KENAI "Let Go"  /  PENDRAGON "This Green And Pleasant Land"  /  THE FREUDIAN SLIP "1-2-3"....."Unterstand"  /  TRAM "One Day"....."Last Time"....."Act, Duty Or Fact"  /  WERNER NADOLNYs JANE "Circles Of Hands"  /  THE STORIES "The Burden Commission"....."Sara"  /  BUCKET & CO "Why Can't It Be"....."Why You Call"  /  HEAVEN & HELL "Follow The Tears"  /  LEICHENWETTER "Die  Zeit geht nicht"  /  SYNCLAIR "Together"


Sendung am 27.04.11  (Wdh. 30.04. und 02.05.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    August Paulsen, Sänger von GUNS OF MOROPOLIS

Am Telefon:    Jiri Novotny, Galerist, Lörrach



YOUNG THE GIANT "12 Fingers".....God Made Man"  /  VANDERLINDE "Totally Trashed"....."Can't Wait For Yesterday"  /  DUST OF EVERYDAY "Queen Of the Night"  /  NOT CALLED JINX "New Beginnings"....."Gravity"  /  AFTER HOURS "Eleventh Hour"....."When You're Around"  /  BREED77 "Zombie"  /  GUNS OF MOROPOLIS "McBoogie"....."In Dynamite We Trust"....."Roys Party"  /  RAUSCHHARD "War"  /  MADINA LAKE "Never Walk Alone"  /  BUCKET & CO "Girl Of My Dream"  /  LEICHENWETTER "Nur Dich"  /  BREITECK "Vernetzt"  /  ACCEPT "The Abyss"  /  MURDERDOLLS "Summertime Suicide"  /  TRAM "A Flame Of Mine"


Sendung am 20.04.11  (Wdh. 23.04. und 25.04.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Dimitri, Sänger von CRYPTIC VOICE
Am Telefon:   Elfrun Mitschke, bildende Künstlerin, Vogelbach



CRYPTIC VOICE "Grimmlock"....."Miss De Witt"....."Take The Crown"....."Burning Shades"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Don't Close Your Eyes"....."We Rule The Night"....."The Evil In Her Eyes"  /  YOUNG THE GIANT "My Body"  /  THE DREAMS "Black Sheep"  /  BIG LIFE "Leaves"  /  NOT CALLED JINX "Dance With Me"  /  THE KORDZ "The Call"  /  DUST OF EVERYDAY "Walking Away"  /  AFTER HOURS "Hold On"  /  SLAVES TO GRAVITY "Unknown"  /  GUNS OF MOROPOLIS "McBoogie"  /  UNDERØATH "In Completion"  /  THE CORNERSTONES "Capo 7 Blues"....."More Than I Could Take"


Sendung am 13.04.11  (Wdh. 16.04. und 18.04.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   Heather Shockley von ROCK IGNITION
Am Telefon:   Harald Kille, bildender Künstler, Karlsruhe



THE SMALLTOWN ROCKETS "We're Dangerous"  /  THE KORDZ "Deeper In"....."Heroes 'N' Killers"....."The Garden"  /  SLAVES TO GRAVITY "Good Advice"....."Dumb"  /  ROBBIE ROEBERTSON "Straight Down The Line"  /  DUFF McKAGAN'S LOADED "She's An Anchor"....."Executioner's Song"  /  ZOROASTER "D.N.R."....."Odyssey"  /  ROCK IGNITION "I Can't Resist"....."Heartbeat"....."Too Tough To Take"  /  WE CAME AS ROMANS "An Ever-Growing Wonder"  /  BEN WATERS "Lonely Avenue"  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "Pearl Of The Stars"  /  CRYPTIC VOICE "Take The Crown"  /  SKULLBOOGEY "Dead & Sold"


Sendung am 06.04.11  (Wdh. 09.04. und 11.04.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:   Tek "The Machine" und Syn von DRAVEN



DRAVEN "Perfect System"....."Breathing"....."Never Be Divided"....."Clean My Mind"....."Mirror"....."Nothing Comes From Nothing"....."Take My Eyes Out"  /  BEN WATERS "Watching The River Flow"  /  THE RUDES "Thanx"  /  THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT "Absolution for Superman"  /  ROBBIE ROBERTSON "He Don't Live Here No More"....."Axman"  /  CASHLESS "This Love's Blood"  /  FUNERAL FOR A FIEND "Sixteen"  /  TENSIDE "Infected"  /  TATTOOINE "No Good"  /  ROCK IGNITION "I Can't Resist"  /  GRANZ MAGUS "Ravens Guide Our Way"  /  CAVALERA CONSPIRACY "Genghis Khan"

 Sendung am 30.03.11  (Wdh. 02.04. und 04.04.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   Claudio Matteo, Guitars von der Schweizer Band CHINA



JULIAN' LULLYBA "Wehre We Stand There We Fall"....."Scarlet Reign"  /  BELOVED ENEMY "Friendly Fire"....."Coma-Void"....."Doors"  /  CRYPTEX "Leviathan"....."Mom"  /  ASGAIA "Temple Of Life"....."The Eyes That Do Not See"  /  KONGDOM COME "Living Out Of Touch"  /  CLAUDIA RUDEK "The Seaside"  /  CHINA "She's So Hot"....."Lonely Rider"....."Right Here Right Now"  /  THE RUDES "Where 'Re My Shoes"  /  CASHLESS "Wrong Side"  /  TATTOOINE "Spirit"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "White Trash Millionaire"  /  TENSIDE "One Bullet Left"  /  DRAVEN "Let Me Be Myself"  /  GUIDELINE "Maybe"


Sendung am 23.03.11  (Wdh. 26.03. und 28.03.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   Angela Lenz von der EUROPEAN ART GALERY, Badenweiler

Am Telefon:   Jiri Novotny von der NOVOTNY KUNSTGALERIE, Lörrach



SLAG IN CULLET "Nice To Meet You"  /  PAT TRAVERS BAND "I La La Love You" ....."School Of Hard Knocks" /  M.ILL.ION "I Raise My Glass"....."Sane And Insanity"  /  KINGDOM COME "Should I"....."Seventeen"  /  BRIAN ROBERTSON "Diamonds And Dirt"....."Mail Box"  /  MIKE TRAMP AND THE ROCK 'N' ROLL CIRCUZ "Don't Let Them Put It On You"....."Wish You Well"  /  TOKYO BLADE "Heading Down the Road"  /  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Crazy Horse"  /  CROW 7 "Wall 'Round My Heart"  /  PINK FLOYD "Learning To Fly"  /  GODSLAVE "Into The Black"  /  TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "Dreams We Conceive"  /  CHINA "Light Up The Dark"


Sendung am 16.03.11  (Wdh. 19.03. und 21.03.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon: Andreas Bühler, Fotograph und Andras Hilbert, Trasch-Künstler

Am Telefon: Frank Tienemann (Leadvocals &Guitar) von der Band CROW7



URIAH HEEP "Rain"....."The Wizard"  /  DEFUSE "Cross The Line"  /  TOKYO BLADE "Forged In Hell's Fire"....."Killing Rays"  /  BRIAN ROBERTSON "10 Miles To Go On A 9 Mile Road"  /  CASHLESS "How To Move"  /  BRAINDEAD5 "Bibeltreu"  /  MIKE TRAMP AND THE ROCK 'N' ROLL CIRCUZ "The Look In My Eyes"  /  CHINA "Light Up The Dark"  /  KINGDOM COME "Wind"  /  M.ILL.ION "Fuel To My Heart"  /  MONSTERS OF LIEDERMACHING "Für Immer"  /  CROW7 "Light In My Dungeon"...."Heal Your Wounds"....."Name The Liar"  /  BETH HART "Happiness...Any Day Now"  /  GODSLAVE "Unleash The Slaves"  /  KYLE "Supermann"  /  SLAG IN CULLET "Splinter


Sendung am 09.03.11  (Wdh. 12.03. und 14.03.11)     Moderation:     Martin Klabund


Am Telefon:      Annie Erlenburg von der Band AnnieONE



MONSTERS OF LIEDERMACHING "Auflaufform"....."Heidi und Seal"  /  RAP PACK feat. BLACK TIGER "Gib nicht auf"  /  J.O.E.L. "Make A Change"  /  SKIN DIARY "Hart Of Glass"  /  RAMRODS "Talk To Me"....."Karma Dues"  /  MY NAME IS MUSIC "Straight And Simple"  /  7WEEKS "All Channels Of"  /  OLIVER WEERS "Beautiful Rain"  /  SKULLBOOGEY "Love War"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Ghost Of Days Gone By"  /  CLAUDIA RUDEK "Cage"  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC "Full Steam Spacemachine"  /  DEFUSE "Back To The Underground"....."Melting Sky"  /  FBOD "Come & Dream"


Sendung am 02.03.11  (Wdh. 05.03. und 07.03.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Gerd Jansen über sein Internet-Projekt COUNTUNE

Am Telefon:      Oliver Weers über sein neues Album "Evil's Back"



RAP PACK "RP Baby"....."Nicht Alleine" feat SAM HOOK....."Loverapper"  /  DRAVEN "Breathing"....."Clean My Mind"  /  AIRBOURNE "Raise The Flag"  /  RAMRODS "Matter Of The Heart"  /  SLAG IN CULLET "Tasteless Shade"....."These Times"  /  CHILDREN OF BODOM "Was It Worth It?"  /  GIFTDWARF "Bo(w)frostman"....."Amtssprache"  /  VANDERLINDE "The Difference"  /  GLENN AITKEN "Underground"....."Bundle Of Truth"  /  OLIVER WEERS "Evil's Back"....."Hero"....."Much Too Much"  /  MONSTERS OF LIEDERMACHING "Ein Pferd"  /  CHINA "She' So Hot"


Sendung am 23.02.11  (Wdh. 27.02. und 28.02.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:   Lukas Oberer, bildender Künstler vom Künstlerkollektiv  BACKSTUBE LEUCHTKRAFT



BABY UNIVERSAL "Boys And Girls"  /  TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "Sparks"....."The Safest Way Into Tomorrow".....Toccata - Carpimus Noctem"  /  DISTURBED "Another Way To Die"  /  BLOWSIGHT "Days Of Rain"  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "One"....."The Broken"  /  GRAVE DIGGER feat. DORO "The Ballad Of Mary 2010"....feat. Hansi Kürsch "Rebellion 2010"  /  GLEN AITKEN "The Way"  /  DRAVEN "Perfect System"  /  EVERGREY "Wrong"  /  ACCEPT "Pandemic"  /  ØL "Just One Day"  /  OLIVER WEERS "Without You"  /  TENSIDE "Armed And Dangerous"  /  SNOWY WHITE AND THE WHITE FLAMES "Careful Now"


Sendung am 16.02.11  (Wdh. 20.02. und 21.02.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   Markus Pfeffer, (Guitar, Keyboards) von WINTERLAND

Am Telefon:   Hannes Scheffler (Giutar) von BABY UNIVERSAL 




SKULLBOOGEY "Spittin' Blood"....."Keep It Rolling"....."Collecting Emptiness"  /  EARTH FLIGHT "Deadheads - A Love Song?"  /  ASSASSIN "Turf War"  /  WINTERLAND "Alles Geht"....."Den Sternen so nah"  /  EVERGREY "Out Of Reach"  /  SNOWY WHITE AND THE WHITE FLAMES "Love is Not Possession"  /  INHUMAN "Photograph"  /  MAXXWELL "Take Me Away"  /  7WEEKS "Submarine"....."Whisper (and gig the ground)"  /  BABY UNIVERSAL "Bye Bye Love"...."Alright In The Air"....."Boys And Girls"  /  THE HOOTERS "Realy Fine Wine"  /  DISTURBED "Serpentine"  /  THE LAST TYCOONS "Who Needs Radio" (Part III)  /  REFELCTION "No Way Back"


Sendung am 09.02.11  (Wdh. 13.02. und 14.02.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:   Fernando van Geeteruyen, bildender Künstler, Marzell



THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT "Satisfying Angst"....."Versus The Northern Wind"....."Absolution For Superman"  /  MATT MULDOON "Standing In The Light"....."They Won't Be Coming Back"....."Talking 'Bout Love"  /  SIDEBURN "Lazy Daisy"....."Long Beard And Boogie"  /  YOUNG THE GIANT "I Got"  /  POUND "Fool You"....."What I Fear The Most"  /  GUNS OF MOROPOLIS "McBoogie"....."Robert The Hero"  /  RONNIE WOOD "Sweetness My Weakness"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Pagan Heart"  /  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Time Waits For No One"  /  ROB ZOMBI "Werewolf Baby"  /  BABY UNIVERSAL "Alright In The Air" /  MAXXWELL "Dead End Street"....."Sill Alive"


Sendung am 02.02.11  (Wdh. 06.02. und 07.02.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller

Am Telefon:     Fares, Sänger der Band GEIST



SYNCLAIR "Together"....."Starshine"  /  BILLION DOLLAR BABIES "Highest Mountain"....."Restless Minds"  /  POUND "My Evil Eye"....."Here All Day"  /  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Crazy Horse"....."Darkest Day"  /  STRATOVARIUS "Lifetime In A Moment"  /  YOUNG THE GIANT "Apartment"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Show Me A Sign"....."I Know It Hurts"  /  36CRAZYFISTS "Reviver"  /  WALTER TROUT "Hudson Had Helb"  /  EARTH FLIGHT "The Organ"  /  GEIST "Feuerengel"....."Ameisen"....."Panzer"  /  VAILE "Was ich tun muss"


Sendung am 26.01.11  (Wdh. 30.01. und 31.01.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Irène Wangler-Himmelsbach, bildende Künstlerin, CH-Basel



GEORGE HENNIG "A Thousand Voices"....."The Dying Sun"  /  STEFAN EICHER "Hemmige"  /  JANE BOGAERT "Still There For Me"  /  DeLaSar "I Belong To You"  /  PRESTO BALLET "One Perfect Moment"  /  DARK DESIGN "Trial And Error"....."A Perfect Destiny"  /  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Overlord"  /  GEIST "Panzer"  /  TIMES OF GRACE "Strength In Numbers"....."The Forgotten One"  /  KAROLINE HAUSTED "Trouble"  /  EARTH FLIGHT "Other Side Of The Rings"  /  COLD SNAP "Bongo Bong"  /  THERAPIEZENTRUM "Ausgenutzt"  /  IN VIRO "Herzbrecher"


Sendung am 19.01.11  (Wdh. 23.01. und 24.01.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Petra Böttcher, bildende Künstlerin, Efringen-Kirchen


Am Telefon: Waltraut Brügel, Grit Schumacher und Angelika Link

                     wie Petra Böttcher Künstlerinnen der GEDOK



SKANNERS "Hard And Pure"....."Story Of Sound"  /  STRATOVARIUS "Fairness Justified",,,,,"Move The Mountain"....."Darknest Hours"  /  MARIANNE FAITHFULL "Why Did We Have To Part"....."Gee Baby"  /  STONESOUR "Hesitate"  /  BILLION DOLLAR BABIES "Right On Time"  /  TIMES OF GRACE "Worlds Apart"....."Fall From Grace"  /  GLAMOUR OF THE KILL "The Summoning"....."Feeling Alive"  /  PAVLOV'S DOG "Episode"  /  THE MERCURY ARC "Collision Course"  /  THE DREAMS "Black Sheep"  /  TNT "Don't Misunderstand Me"  /  BAD HABIT "We Are One"


Sendung am 12.01.11  (Wdh. 16.01. und 17.01.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    SMURF mit seinem neuen Album "mehr davon"



SMURF "hallo erstmal"....."was jetzt"....."gift"....."warum"....."weiter"....."all die jahre"  /  TNT "Engine"  /  CENTRAL PARK "Free Fall"  /  KAMELOT "Wehre The Wild Roses Grow"  /  LEICHENWETTER "Abendlied"  /  SLASH feat. FERGIE "Beautiful Dangerous"  /  BAD HABIT "I'll Die For You"  /  BREED77 "Insects"  /  MARIANNE FAITHFULL "Goin' Back"  /  BABY UNIVERSAL "Boys And Girls"  /  LOST SOULS IN DESERT "Words"  /  PAVLOV'S DOG "I Don't Need Magic Anymore"


Sendung am 05.01.11  (Wdh. 09.01. und 10.01.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Torsten Bäumer, Sänger von der Gothic Metal Band MYSTIGMA



TNT "Harley Davidson"....."God Natt, Marie"  /  BAD HABIT "Break The Silence"....."Angel Of Mine"  /  MURDERDOLLS "Summertime Suicide"  /  THE VERY END "A Hole In The Sun"  /  MAGNUM "Wild Angel's"  /  JULIA A. NOACK "Grizzly Girl"  /  THE MITGHTY STEF "We Want Blood"  /  LEICHENWETTER "Verklärung"  /  ACCEPT "Shades Of Death"  /  J.O.E.L "Give Me A Sign"  /  DAVE EVANS "Sold My Soul To Rock 'N' Roll"  /  MYSTIGMA "Quicksand"....."Vision Incomplete"....."Irony Of Fate"  /  BEHIND CLOSED DOORS "Mankin' Waves"  /  SMURF "Was Jetzt"  /  DISTURBED "The Infection"






Sendung am 29.12.10  (Wdh. 02.01. und 03.01.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Frederic Student (vocals/keyboard) und Well AsCop (guitar) von PHONOGEN


PHONOGEN "Uptime T'Lower Heals"....."Effected"....."The Wrong And Only"....."Name & Face"....."Let God Know" (Part II)  /  MAGNUM "Spin Like A Wheel"....."Black Skies"  /  THE VERY END "Immigrant Song"....."The Leper"  /  THE MIGHTY STEF "John The Baptist" (Part I)....."Hollywood"  /  MYSTIGMA "Quicksand"  /  SLASH feat. FERGIE "Beautiful Dangerous"  /  GRAND MAGUS "Hammer Of The North"  /  QUEENSRYCHE "Silent Lucidity"  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM "Drunk Uncle Pete"


Sendung am 22.12.10  (Wdh. 26.12. und 27.12.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


"BESINNLICHES" - die besten Balladen bei H'ART On Air aus dem Jahr 2010


MAYFIELD "This Wasted Life"  /  BANGALORE CHOIR "Still Have A Song To Sing"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Glory Night"  /  OMEGA "Break The Chain"  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "Pearl Of The Stars"  /  MAN DOKI SOULMATES "Thank You"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Wonderful Life"  /  GRAND MAGUS "Lord Of Lies"  /  PAST M.D. "Far Away"  /  GHOST OF A CHANCE "Sleeping With The Lights On"  /  PAVLOV'S DOG "Angel's Twilight Jump"  /  QUEENSRYCHE "Silent Luciditiy"  /  ACCEPT "Kill The Pain"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Nepenthe (I Live Tomorrow)"  /  THE MIGHTY STEF "Kings Of New York"  /  STRATOVARIUS "Neon Light Child"  /  DOWNSTAIRES LEFT "And You Smile"  /  METHOD OF MAYHEM "Blame"  /  HUNGRYHEART "Let Somebody Love Me"  /  GEORGE LEITENBERGER "Nachtbus"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "Secret World"


Sendung am 15.12.10  (Wdh. 19.12. und 20.12.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Rudolf Wangler, Konzertgitarrist, CH-Basel


RUDOLF WANGLER "Vidala Dolorosa"....."Popular Andaluz"....."Anonyme 1580"....."Allegro Grazioso und minuetto"....."El indio y la quena"....."Danza de la paloma enamorada"....."Romance antiguo"  /  BEHIND CLOSED DOORS "No Exit"....."Behind Closed Doors"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Pagan Heart"  /  LaminiusX "Macht"....."Erreur De L'histoire"  /  CASH FOR CLUNKERS "Rockapocalypse"....."In The Meantime"  /  EMPIRES OF EDEN "Reborn In Fire"  /  UNDEROATH "Paper Lung"  /  THE MIST OF AVALON "Soul Eater"  /  YNGWIE MALMSTEEN "Caged Animal"  /  JULIA A. NOACK "Undue Merging"


Sendung am 08.12.10  (Wdh. 12.12. und 13.12.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Detlef DP Poschmann und Jörg Josh Reuter von PAST M.D.


TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "After The Fall"....."The Dream Of Candlelight"  /  YNGWIE MALMSTEEN "Look At You Now"....."Enemy Within"  /  DOWN BY THE KÖTTELBECKE "Ganz normale Leute"....."Der Mann der zuviel wusste"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "All Hope Is Gone"  /  F.B.O.D. "Waiting For"  /  DER W "Furor"....."Sterne"  /  EARTH FLIGHT "Deadheads - A Love Song?"  /  TIMES OF GRACE "Strength In Numbers"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "Arrogance Ignorance An Greed"  /  PAST M.D. "The Journey"....."Far Away"....."Hazardous Freight"  /  TUNES OF DOWN "With The Moon Comes The End"


Sendung am 01.12.10  (Wdh. 05.12. und 06.12.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Stefan Winterle, Stencil-Artist, Weil am Rhein


GHOST OF A CHANCE "Hideout"....."Ghosttown"  /  SPIELVERDERBER "Mehr als nur Musik"....."Mittelfinger"  /  BIH'TNIK "Lefuet"  /  SMURF "Mein Weg"  /  NORMAHL "Darum bleib ich Punk"....."Nach all den Jahren"....."Nimm mich mit"....."Durst"  /  MARYA ROXX "Time To Run"  /  MARTIN KESICI "My Heart Beats Pain"  /  GINGER RED "Fool Of Love"....."Walk On"  /  TUNES OF DAWN "Upon My Grave"  /  CRADLE OF FILTH "The Persecution Song"


Sendung am 24.11.10  (Wdh. 28.11. und 29.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    David, Sänger von DESTINATION ANYWHERE


STRATOVARIUS "Darkest Hour"  /  KONTRUST "Zero"  /  MAN DOKI SOULMATES "Thank You"....."Daydream"....."Last Day Of Summer"  /  BUCKCHERRY "Dead"  /  PAPA ROACH "Burn"  /  DISTURBED "Crucified"  /  PAST M.D. "The Journey"....."The Devil In Me"  /  THE QUIREBOYS "There She Goes Again"  /  MYSTIGMA "Never Seen Before"....."Irony Of Fate"  /  DESTINATION ANYWHERE "How You Feel"....."Let Us Lie"....."I Can Wait"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Ghost Of Days Gone By"....."Wonderful Life"  /  PHILIP SAYCE "Scars"


Sendung am 17.11.10  (Wdh. 21.11. und 22.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Dagmar Henneberger, Kunstmalerin, Inzlingen


AXEL RUDI PELL "Glory Night"....."The End Of Our Time"  /  ENGRAINED "Say Yes Mean No"....."Sweet Vampire Girl"  /  DAVID "ROCK" FEINSTEIN "Give Me Mercy"....."Run For Your Life"  /  MICHAEL BORMANN "Don't You Tell Me"....."Mr. Rock 'N' Roll"  /  POISON SUN "Princess"  /  DAN REED "Coming Up For Air"  /  HEAVEN & HELL "I"....."Bible Black"  /  BIG KAHOONA "Another Place To Stay"  /  THE QUIREBOYS "C'mon"....."Misled"  /  FAIR WARNING "Sill I Beleve"


Sendung am 10.11.10  (Wdh. 14.11. und 15.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Sven Hessel von HELLA DONNA


TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "The Dark"....."I'll Keep Your Secrets"  /  QUEENSRYCHE "Best I Can" (live)....."Empire" (live)....."Silent Lucidity"....."One And Only"  /  ANSOTICCA "Tears Of A Clown"....."Endless Sacrifice"  /  DRAGANA "I Don't Love You"....."Chritsmas Card"  /  S.A. ADAMS "Love Dies"...."2 Steps"  /  RAUSCHHARDT "War"....."Song For You"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "The Black Light Bacchanalia (The Age That Is To Come"  /  PAVLOV'S DOG "Angel's Twilight Jump"  /  HELLA DONNA "Only You"....."Liberty"....."Good Things"


Sendung am 03.11.10  (Wdh. 07.11. und 08.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  Yannick, Jürgen, Prathip und Sandro von FERUM INCANTARE


THE STORM "Wall Of Shame"  /  FERUM INCANTARE "Bring That Tunder"....."Glory, Chicks & Cars"....."Inside"....."Break Me Down"....."Reason"  /  THE SORROW "Grief Machine"....."Farewells"  /  OMEGA "Rhapsody"....."Overture"....."Silent Garden".....Tomorrow"  /  BLOWSIGHT "Things Will Never Change"....."Miracle"  /  COLD SNAP "Bongo Bong"....."Flutter Of Mother Earth"  /  ROOGA "Broken"....."Hey Now"  /  DEEP PURPLE "Lady Luck"....."Dealer"


Sendung am 27.10.10  (Wdh. 31.10. und 01.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Marzena (vocals), Siggi (Guitar) und Marc (drums) von NION


DOWNSTAIRS LEFT "And You Smile"....."Typewritten Life"  /  APOPTYGMA BERZERK "In This Together"  /  INHUMAN "Bad Bad Baby"....."Photograph"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Pagan Heart"....."In A Dream Of Fire"  /  HATRED "Black Sun Prophecy"....."Speak Of The Devil"  /  BETH HART "Bad Love Is Good Enough"....."Sister Heroin"  /  POWERWORLD "Evil In Me".....Might Of Secrets"  /  NION "Transformation"....."Conversation"....."Fairytales"  /  WALTER TROUT "Hudson Had Help"


Sendung am 20.10.10  (Wdh. 24. und 25.10.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Harald Deschler (Musikredakteur aus Freiburg) & Chris und Chriss von der Thrash Metal Band ANCHONY (ebenfalls Freiburg)


MEGADETH "Symphony Of Destruction"  /  THE CROWN "The Tempter And The Bible Black"  /  TESTAMENT ""Down For Life"  /  ANCHONY "The Asylum"....."Slave"....."Cruel Fate"....."As Long As I Am Here To Judge"  /  FORBIDDEN "Omega Wave"  /  VOLBEAT "Heaven Nor Hell"  /  MISFITS "Descending Angel"  /  MUSTASCH "The Audience Is Listening"  /  THE OTHER "Der Tod Steht Dir Gut"....."Beware Of Ghouls"  /  TIGER ARMY "Forever Fades Away"  /  ZODIAC MINDWARP "Stark Von Oben"  /  THE METROPOLIS SESSIONS "Smoke On The Water"  /  7 WEEKS "Submarine"  /  BETH HART "Love Is The Hardest  /  INHUMAN "Silence Is Over"  /  MURDERDOLLS "Hello, Goodbye, Die"


Sendung am 13.10.10  (Wdh. 17. und 18.10.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Andreas Rossi Rossatti von ACOUSTICAL SOUTH


SNOWY WHITE BLUES PROJEKT "Blue To The Bone"....."Land Of Plenty"  /  MARY FAY "No More"....."As We Fall Asleep"  /  STEVE LUKATHER "Brody's"....."Flash The Pan"  /  PAVLOV'S DOG "Angeline"  /  THE STORM "Honesty"  /  APOPTYGMA BERZERK "Asleep Or Awacke?"  /  WHITE WIDDOW "Cross To Bare"  /  ACCEPT "The Abyss"  /  INHUMAN "Not A Warning"  /  GEORGE LEITENBERGER "Nachtbus"  /  ACOUSTICAL SOUTH "Escabe To Victory"....."Again"....."Hate Will Last Forever"  /  EUROPE "Last Look At Eden"  /  BUCKCHERRY "Never Say Never"  /  THE MERCURY ARC "Heaven Gone Wrong"


Sendung am 06.10.10  (Wdh. 10. und 11.10.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Angela Lenz von der EUROPEAN ART COMPANY, Badenweiler


PHARAO "Road To Nowhere"....."Seven Seas"  /  RONNIE WOOD "Fancy Pants"  /  MAYFIELD "Stoned"....."This Wasted Life"  /  DeLaSar "Somewhere"  /  BETH HART "Life is Calling"  /  DESTINATION ANYWHERE "I Can Wait"  /  JUTTA WEINHOLD "Nothing Has Changed"  /  THE MERCURY ARC "Purest Grey"....."Arm The Hopeles"  /  METHODS FO MAYHEM "2Ways"  /  SUBWAY "Control An Power"....."Talk"  /  MARY FAY "Before We Lose It All"  /  URIAH HEEP "Corridors Of Madness"


Sendung am 29.09.10  (Wdh. 03. und 04.10.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:     mit Christoph und Oliver von OUTSMARTED


RONNIE WOOD "Thing About You"....."Sweetness My Weakness"....."I Gotta See"  /  PISTOL DAWN "Conversation Piece"....."Gone Away"  /  HIGH NOON "Skatin' On Thin Ice"....."Just Like A Woman"  /  STIER "Diesesmal"....."Tanzen"  /  MAYFIELD "Talent Show"  /  DISTURBED "Crucified"....."I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"  /  ALPHA ACADEMY "Walls"  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM "Drunk Uncle Pete"....."Fight Song"....."All I Wanna Do"  /  OUTSMARTED "No Stranger To Danger"....."Mothballs"....."The Fall Of Blackjack Mulligan"


Sendung am 22.09.10  (Wdh. 26. und 27.09.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:     mit Christel Riedel von den RHEINGARNIX(EN), Rheinfelden


ALPHA ACADEMY "Make Me Feel"....."Wake Up"  /  ACCEPT "Teutonic Terror"....."Kill The Pain"  /  ANGRA "Lease Of Life"....."Monster In Her Eyes"  /  ENOCHIAN THEORY "At Great Odds With..."....."Movement"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "Lowlands"  /  CYNDI LAUPER FEAT: ALLEN TOUSSAINT "Shattered Dreams"  /  GARDEN OF EDEN "Boomerang"  /  AIRBOURNE "Bottom Of The Well"  /  WE CAME AS ROMANS "Intensions"  /  JUTTA WEINHOLD "Sex, No Drugs But Rock 'n' Roll"....."Point Of Return"  /  KONTRUST "Dancer In The Sun"  /  GRAND MAGUS "At Midnight They'll Get Wise"  /  THE DREAMS "This Is Not A Lovesong"


Sendung am 15.09.10  (Wdh. 19. und 20.09.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:     Roswitha Niedanowski, Skulpturistin, Buggingen


HEROES & ZEROS "Simian Vices"....."Fattening Frogs For Snakes"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "Lowlands"....."Arrogance Ignorance And Greed"....."The Keys Of Canterbury"  /  NUMBER H "One Day"....."Break The Chains"  /  CYNDI LAUPER "Just Your Fool"  /  BANGALORE CHOIR "Dig Deep"  /  PANTERA "Cemetery Gates"  /  DISTURBED "The Infection"  /  ACOUSTICAL SOUTH "Escape To Victory"   /  MURDERDOLLS "Nowhere"  /  IRON MAIDEN "Coming Home" 


Sendung am 08.09.10  (Wdh. 12. und 13.09.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:     Harald Deschler, Musikredakteur, Freiburg


THE OTHER "Back To The Cemetery"  /  TIGER ARMY "Pain"  /  MÖTLEY CRÜE "Saints Of Los Angeles"  /  MURDERDOLLS "Blood Stained Valentine"  /  GRAVE ROBBER "Fear No Evil"  /  MUSTASCH "Down In Black"  /  DESTINATION ANYWHERE "How You Feel"  /  DIE KASSIERER  "Mir ist alles piepe"  /  ALPHA ACADEMY "Make Me Feel"  /  THE CRIMSON GHOSTS "Ghastly Ever After"  /  DEATH ANGEL "Opponents At Sides"  /  MORGANA LEFAY "Creatures Of The Hierachy"  /  OMEN "Don't Fear The Night"  /  PISSDOLLS "Metal Mustache"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "The Man I Was"  /  IRON MAIDEN "When The Wild Wind Blows"


Sendung am 01.09.10  (Wdh. 05. und 06.09.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interview:     mit Angela Lenz von der EUROPEAN ART COMPANY, Badenweiler


JAMIECLARKE'S PERFECT "The Sun And The Moon"  /  TBC "Lake Of Sorrow"  /  SLICK'S KITCHEN "Cam In My Kitchen"  /  THE DREAM "Black Sheep"  /  DANI WILDE "Some Kinda Crazy"  /  GARDEN OF EDEN "You Set Me Free"  /  DISTURBED "Remnants"....."Asylum"  /  CRAIG GERBER "Leave The Light On"  /  IRXN "Anders Leb'n"....."Ewigkeit blüaht"  /  OUTSMARTED "No Stranger To Danger"  /  BANGALORE CHOIR "Living Your Dreams Everyday"....."Still Have A Song To Sing"  /  KOTTAK "Drunk Unkle Pete"  /  KORN "Let The Guilt Go"  /  36CRAZYFISTS "Caving In Spirals"  /  MARTIN C. & THE 20th CENTURY PEOPLE "The Chauvinist's Blues"  /  MARY FAY "No More"


Sendung am 25.08.10  (Wdh. 29.08. und 30.08.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:                Martin Klabund, Projektleiter von Radio Kanal Ratte

Telefon-Interview:     mit Jiri Novotny, von der Galerie NOVOTNY, Lörrach


SONDASCHULE "Hängematte"  /  JAMIE CLARKES'S PERFECT "Beatboys"....."Pray"  /  SKY'S SHADOW "Hatred"....."Devil's Draw"  /  KENS DOJO "Come Alive"  /  DANI WILDE "Shine"....."Red Blooded Woman"  /  36CRAZYFISTS "Mercy And Grace"  /  CRAIG GERBER "Time Has Come"  /  PAPA ROACH "Lifeline"  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC "Tommy-Gun"  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM "Time Bomb"  /  MARTIN C. & THE 20th CENTURY PEOPLE "Moving On"  /  SKINDRED "Standing For Something"  /  VOLBEAT "Fallen"  /  BUCKCHERRY "Oh My Lord"


Sendung am 18.08.10  (Wdh. 22.08. und 23.08.10)     Moderation:     Martin Klabund



POTHEAD "Rude"  /  KARMA COWBOYS "Shine On Tomorrow"  /  THONDERSTONE "Dirt Metal"  /  CRAZY CHRIS KRAMER "Ich bat um einen Kuss zum Abschied"  /  JOHANNES WALLMARK AND THE WILDFLOWERS "Just Like A Man"  /  NEFFIN "Ich wecke diese Stadt auf"  /  THE GUMBABIES "Non-Emotica"  /  MADINA LAKE "Trough The Pain"  /  CHRISES "Joan"  /  SOULFLY "Off With Their Heads"  /  GOLDEN APES "Windlands"  /  KRYPTERIA "Ignition"  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "Here We Are Juggernaut"  /  ADRENALINE 101 "Seek The Lane"  /  CANCER BATS "Darkness Lives"  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK "Last Time I Saw Dave"  /  AIRBOURNE "Blond, Bad And Beautiful"  /  GRAND MAGUS "Hammer Of The North"  /  M.A.D "Crown An Ring"  /  THARSYS "Price Of Empathy


Sendung am 11.08.10  (Wdh. 15.08. und 16.08.10)     Moderation:     Martin Klabund und Daniela P.


THE RAVENERS "All This Talk"  /  STOCKHOLM STONER "Spare Me Some Change"  /  DAVE EVANS "We Don't Dance To Your Song"  /  THE LOVE GRAVE "Thriller"  /  JULIETTE LEWIS "Hard Lovon' Woman"  /  SONDASCHULE "Hängematte"  /  KONTRUST "Bamba"  /  THE DREAMS "Black Sheep"  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA "About Beasts & Lovers"  /  BREED77 "Zombie"  /  THE LAST WARNING "Dark Rock Song"  /  DREAM THEATER "Wither"  /  KIRAN HALPIN "The Deal We Made With God"  /  VANDERLINDE "Killing The Man"  /  STRATOVARIUS "Destiny"  /  ATREYOU "Congregation Of The Damned"  /  PHILIP SAYCE "Daydream Tonight"  /  THE PARLOR MOB "Tide Of Tears"


Sendung am 04.08.10  (Wdh. 08.08. und 09.08.10)     Moderation:     Martin Klabund und Daniela P.


MOONBAND "The Internist"....."Days To Live"  /  KOTTAK "Rock & Roll Forever"  /  ROB ZOMBI "Sick Bubble Gum"  /  BRAINLESS WANKERS "Wann Be Trash"  /  THE FOG JOGGERS "Waterfalls"....."Friend Of A Friend"  /  VAGRANTS "Why Me"  /  EUROPE "Last Look At Eden"  /  QUEENSRYCHE "If I Were King"  /  BRET HUNT "Make At Home"  /  TAIS "Hartz IV"  /  P.A.I.N MANAGEMENT "Weak"  /  BLOWSIGHT "If You Were Me"....."Thought Of Bride"  /  THE MIGHTY STEF "Saint Cagtherine"  /  TAKING DAWN "The Chain"  /  WICKED SENSATION "Give It Up"....."Love to Play"  /  AIRBOURNE "No Way But The Hard Way"

Sendung am 28.07.10  (Wdh. 31.07. und 01.08.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interview:   mit JANE BOGAERT über das Albumg "5th Dimension"

Telefon-Interview:   mit Zoltan Bertá und Ricky Grasser von CRACK O DAWN über das Album "Gods Of Insane"


WALER TROUT "Hudson Had Help"....."Danger Zone"....."May Be A Fool"  /  RANSOM "Better Days"  /  MINUETUM "Hero Divine"  /  CRAYFISH "Soap Society"  /  BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE "Your Betrayal"  /  JANE BOGAERT "Fifth Dimension"....."Still There For Me"....."Matters"  /  PSYCHO CHOKE "Freedom In A Bottle Of Scotch"  /  DISTURBED "Another Way To Die"  /  PAPA ROACH "Kick In The Teeth"  /  CORNERSTONE "Leave"  /  CRACK O DAWN "To Die for"....."Gods Of Insane"....."Integrity"  /  THE DULL "Impish Girl (ma bohéme)


Sendung am 21.07.10    ( Wdh. 24. und 26.07.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interview:   mit Peter Bauman (Vocals/Guitar) von PENTAPHONE


SPIELVERDERBER "Mehr als nur Musik"  /  WINTERLAND "Slave New World"  /  CRYSTAL TEARS "Nightmare Serenade"....."Crystal Tears"  /  FICTIONPLANE "Push Me Around"  /  PENTAPHONE "Sad 'n' Useless"....."Wondering"....."Say Goodbye"  /  SKINDRED "Electric Avenue"  /  MURDERDOLLS "My Dark Place Alone"  /  EMPIRES OF EDEN "Prognatus Ut Obscurum"....."Reborn In Fire"  /  GRAND MAGUS " Hammer Of The North"  /  OUTSMARTED "No Stranger To Danger"  /  WOLFMOTHER "Far Away"  /  CRAYFISH "Sticky Sweet Sins"....."Today's Topics"  /  RANSOM "Learn To Be Alone"  /  CONTRACRASH "Never Found"


Sendung am 14.07.10    ( Wdh. 17. und 19.07.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogäste:     SMURF und MOE, die MC'S von SPIELVERDERBER


SPIELVERDERBER "Kein Spass"....."Mehr als nur Musik"....."Mittelfinger"....."Zum Teufel"....."Unsere Kinder"....."Lonely".....-feat. BLACK TIGER, APACHE "Avec Toi"  /  GRAND MAGUS "I, The Jury"....."The Lord Of Lies"  /  THE DREAMS "Black Sheep"....."This Is Not A Lovesong"  /  MAYFIELD "This Wasted Life"  /  BLACK CANDY STORE "Someday"  /  BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE "Your Betrayal"  /  PSYCHO CHOKE "Fire In The Hole"  /  THE LAST TYCOONS "Seven Days (Of The Road)  /  STONE SOUR "Say You'll Haunt Me"  /  STEVE HARLEY "True Love Will Find You In The End"


Sendung am 07.07.10    ( Wdh. 10.07.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


(Wiederholung der Sendung vom 16. Juni 2010)

Studiogast:     Michael Forouz-Mehr, bildender Künstler, Lörrach


HUNGRYHEART "Let's Keep On Tryin"....."Let Somebody Love You"  /  B.B. AND THE BLUES SHACKS "Fools Getting Stronger"  /  PHILIP SAYCE "Scars"  /  MOONBAND "The Internist"  /  HEAVEN & HELL "Double The Pain"  /  ASTRUM ET ABYSSUM "Glockenschrei"  /  MADINA LAKE "Not For This World"  /  CRISES "Joan"  /  DENIGHT "The Flame"  /  SISTER SIN "24/7"  /  CANCER BATS "Darkness Lives"  /  DIE BANDBREITE "Weltmeister"




Sendung am 30.06.10    ( Wdh. 03. und 05.07.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Wber

Telefon-Interview:        Michael Klein von WICKED SENSATION


MOONCRY "Grief And Hope"  /  TILLMANN "Der Plan"  /  HUNGRYHEART "One Ticket To Paradise"  /  36CRAZYFISTS "Reviver"  /  B.B. AND THE BLUES SHACKS "High Glass Lonely"  /  WICKED SENSATION "Give It Up"....."Am I Right"....."The Love I Used To Know"  /  THE LAST TYCOONS "Speed".....The Dry Law"  /  SISTER SIN "Outrage"  /  THARSYS "The Price Of Empathy"  /  POTHEAD "Smile In The Mind"  /  BIH'TNIK "Mailbox-Song"  /  KONTRUS "On The Run"  /  STONE RIVER "Come On"  /  THE HOOTERS "Silver Lining"  /  DIE BANDBREITE "Weltmeister"


Sendung am 23.06.10    ( Wdh. 26. und 28.06.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller

Telefon-Interview:        Berthold Miller von MOONCRY


SAINTS OF RUIN "The Darkening"  /  DAVE EVANS "Rock 'N' Roll Or Bust"  /  JULIETTE LEWIS "Hard Loniv' Woman"  /  MOONCRY "Seconds In Time".....Rivers Of Heart"....."Suffer My Pain"  /  DeLaSar "I Belong To You"  /  THE DREAMS "Revolt"  /  GUN BARREL "Roll Of The Dice"....."Brother To Brother"  /  KENAI "The Fall Before The Finish"  /  JOHANNES WALLMARK AND THE WILDFLOWERS "Just Like A Man"  /  JANE BOGAERT "Give It Up"  /  WICKED SENSATION "Love To Play"  /  THE PARLOR MOB "Tide Of Tears"  /  ASTRUM ET ABYSSUM "Drachenherz"  /  CRACK O DAWN "Testify"  /  KENNY WHITE "Out Of My Element"  /  DIE BANDBREITE "Weltmeister"


Sendung am 16.06.10    ( Wdh. 19.06.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogast:     Michael Forouz-Mehr, bildender Künstler, Lörrach


HUNGRYHEART "Let's Keep On Tryin"....."Let Somebody Love You"  /  B.B. AND THE BLUES SHACKS "Fools Getting Stronger"  /  PHILIP SAYCE "Scars"  /  MOONBAND "The Internist"  /  HEAVEN & HELL "Double The Pain"  /  ASTRUM ET ABYSSUM "Glockenschrei"  /  MADINA LAKE "Not For This World"  /  CRISES "Joan"  /  DENIGHT "The Flame"  /  SISTER SIN "24/7"  /  CANCER BATS "Darkness Lives"  /  DIE BANDBREITE "Weltmeister"


Sendung am 09.06.10    ( Wdh. 12.06.10 )    Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:               Marco Mora von ASH INHERITANCE


STRATOVARIUS “Why Are We Here"....“Infinity”  /  CRYSTAL TEARS Heros“....."Nightmare Serenade"   /  WICKED SENSATION “Give It Up”  /  LIZA “Echt”  /  ASH INHERITANCE “Devastating Fire”.....“Masters Of Lie....“Killing With Style”  /  H.E.A.T “Cast Away”  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK “Pie In The Sky“  /  WISPERS IN THE SHADOW “If Uriel Falls”  /  CRACK O DAWN “Integrity”.....“Third Eye"  /  BREED77 “Zombie”  /  UBERKID “Supernova”  /  SOULFLY  “Lethal Injection”…..”Great Depression"


Sendung am 02.06.10    ( Wdh. 05.06.10 )     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:     Annetta Grisard, bildende Künstlerin, CH-Basel


STRATOVARIUS “Destiny (live)”.....“Bach: Air Suite (live)”.....“Winter Skies (live)”.....“Falling Star”.....“Emancipation Suite Part I: Dusk”.....“King Of Nothing (live)”  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK “Last Time I Saw Dave “  /  SHADOWSIDE “Wings Of Freedom”  /  H.E.A.T “Stay 2010”  /  THE STORM “Are Your Shoes Too Tight?”…..”Wall Of Shame”  /  SOULFLY “Kingdom”  /  WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION “ Love Or Just Loveless”  /  PENTAPHONE  “Sad`N`Useless“.....“Away“  /  BREED77 “The Battle Of Hatin”  /  UBERKID  “The Continental Breakfast Club”


Sendung am 26.05.10    (Wdh. 29.05.10)    Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller  und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:       Alex Sauer von HIS STATUE FALLS

                                    Sebastian Stiegeler von BLACKFORESTEVENTS          


THE BACON BROTHER feat. KEVIN & MICHAEL BACON  “New Year’s Day“  /  ELVIS JACKSON “Street 45”.....“Dry Your Tears”  /  THE LOVECRAVE “Your Fire”  /  JANE BOGAERT “Matters”  /  SOULFLY “Great Depression”.....“Off With Their Heads”  /  FREISCHWINGER “Sommer”  /  HIS STATUE FALLS “Let’s Get Crackin”.....“Capital H Capital O”.....“Give It Up! Give It Up!”.....“You Need Hit To Spell Shit”  /  H.E.A.T “Shelter”.....“Black Night”  /  SHADOWSIDE “In The Night”  /  BREED77 “Insects”  /  THUNDERSTONE “Counting Hours”  /  DIE BANDBREITE “Weltmeister”  /  CRAZY CHRIS KRAMER “Fröschkönig Blues”  /  J.B.O. “Ein bisschen Frieden”


Sendung am  19.05.10    ( Wdh. 22.05.10)     Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller  und Jörn Weber


Studiogast:    Jochen Frank Schmidt, Musical-Komponist


SONDASCHULE “Hängematte“  /  J.F. SCHMIDT “Lust am Leben / Torte”.....“Herzklopfen / Nicht ins Konzept”.....“Lichterloh / Paul die Laterne”.....“Bikini Skandal / Nie das Glück gesehen”  /  JANE BOGAERT “Fifth Dimension"  /  DENIGHT “Psycho Ways”  /  BLOWSIGHT “Over The Surface”  /  BREED77 “In The Temple Of Ram: Rise Of The Bugs”.....“Who I Am”  /  KOTTAK “Rock & Roll  Forever“.....“Sunset BLVD“.....“Super Bricks“  /  MUTINY WITHIN “Undone”  /  THUNDERSTONE “Ghosts Of Youth”  /  CRAZY CHRIS KRAMER “Die Frau von meinem Vermieter ist krank”


Sendung am  12.05.10    ( Wdh. 15.05.10)     Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller


Tel.-Interview:          Markus Pfeffer von WINTERLAND  /  Edith Ganther, Galeristin, Zell-Pfaffenberg


SONDASCHULE “Lied für mich”…..“Hängematte"  /  THUNDERSTONE “Dirt Metal”  /  SAINTS OF RUIN “Bloodletting”  /  THE LOVECRAVE  “Warriors”  /  BREED77 “Forever”  /  WINTERLAND “Warte bis es dunkel ist“.....“Abendstern“.....“Strände der Einsamkeit“  /  MUTINY WITHIN “Forsaken”....."Oblivion"  /  BLOWSIGHT “Thought Of Bride”  /  SAINTS OF RUIN “End Of Days”  /  AIRBOURNE “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful”  /  P.A.I.N MANAGEMENT  “Weak”  /  KORN “Oildale”  /  REACTIVE Black  “Proud”  /  DeLaSar “Sitting On A Star”  /  CRAZY CHRIS KRAMER “Ich bat um einen Kuß zum Abschied”


Sendung am  05.05..10   ( Wdh. 08.05.10)     Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studio-Gast:             Britta Schmidhauser, Glaskünstlerin, Bad Bellingen

Tel.-Interview:          Marc Wüstenhagen von THUNDER AND LIGHTNING


MY GLORIUS  “YOU SHOULD BE DANCING”  /  TAIS “Viel zu tun” .....“Hartz IV”.....“Fata Morgana”  /  WINTERLAND   “Den Sternen so nah”  /  P.A.I.N. MANAGEMENT “ I Disagree”  /  GOLDEN APES “Windlands”  /  WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION “Cold In Spring”  /  THE LOVECRAVE “Thriller”  /  GRAND Magus   “I, The Jury”  /  THE RAVENERS “Ooh Ya Ooh Ya Ooh”  /  THUNDER AND LIGHTNING “Horizon”.....“The Afterlife Pt. – Back To Life”.....“Sixty Towels”  /  REACTIVE Black   “Taste Of Paradies"


Sendung am  28.04.10   ( Wdh. 01.05.10)     Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview:   Michael Forouz-Mehr, bildender Künstler, Lörrach

                          über seine Ausstellung in der Galerie ARS NOVA in Lörrach


SALAS & FOWLER – NICKLEBAG "Grow"....."Dope Fiend"  / WINTERLAND "Warte bis es dunkel ist"  /  KARMA COWBOYS “Bad TV”  /  CHARLEMAGNE “I Don’t Wanna Lie”.....“She’ Only Young”.....“So Far Away”  /  CANCER BATS "Scared To Death"....."Darkness Lives"....."Raised Right"  /  SLIPKNOT “Snuff”  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK “Mr. Vertigo”  /  FREEDOM CALL “Kingdom Of Madness”  /  KOTTAK “Rock & Roll Forever”.....“Where You Wanna Go”  /  KLEEMANN "Darf ich dabei sein?”  /  STEVIE SALAS “Body Slamm”  /  THUNDER AND LIGHTNING “Nowhere To Hide”  /  “Taken To Rest”


Sendung am  21.04.10  (Wdh. 24.04.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studio-Gast:             Claudius Beck, Kulturamtsleiter der Stadt Rheinfelden/Bd.

Tel.-Interview:          Patricia Hillinger  und Michael Wachelhofer von  CORNERSTONE aus Österreich


RATT "Eat Me Up Alive"....."Look Out Below"  /  JOE BONAMASSA "I Know A Place"....." When The Fire Hits The Sea "....."Wandering Earth"  /  SALAS & FOWLER – NICKLEBAG "Love Song"  /  BERNARD FOWLER "You Know What I Mean"  /  MELISSA AUF dER MAUR "Meet Me On The Dark Side"  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "The Broken"  /  CORNERSTONE “Ready To Go”.....“Crises”.....“Fade Away”  /  RATT "Look Out Below"  /  KENAI "The Fall Before The Finish" 


Sendung am  14.04.10  (Wdh.17.04.10)     Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studio-Gast:    Petra Böttcher, Photographin


KARMA COWBOYS “Crazy Woman”  /  CORNERSTONE “Something To Say”.....“Leave”  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "Far"....."Made Out Of Nothing (All That I AM)"....."Pearl Of Stars"  /  MELISSA AUF dER MAUR "Isis Speaks"....."Lead Hors"  /  KIRAN HALPIN “Found Australia”.....“So Long John”  /  DE STAAT “Sleep Tight”  /  LOST SOULS IN DESERT “Day Off”  /  PARACHUTES “I Won’t A Part Of This”  /  FREEDOM CALL “Thunder God”  /  MARIO PERCUDANI "New Day" 


Sendung am  07.04.10    (Wdh. 10.04.10)       Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber



PHILIP SAYCE “Scars”.....“Bitter Monday”.....“Anymore”.....“Little Miss America”  /  KARMA COWBOYS “Shine On Tomorrow”  /  BLACK CANDY STORE: “Recall”  /  DE STAAT “Habibi”  /  SCHÖFTLAND “Dass Ich Schlief”  /  THE UNFADING BEAUTY “Rise And Fall”  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Rubber Heart”  /  FREEDOM CALL “Zauber der Nacht”  /  STIGMATIZED “Impulse”  /  KIRAN HALPIN “Road Train Driver”  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “About Beasts & Lovers”  /  SLIPKNOT “Purity“  /  HEAVEN & HELL “Follow The Tears”  /  7RAY “Blood”  /  MUTINY WITHIN “Awake” 


Sendung am  31.03.10 ( Wdh. 03.04.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:     mit Andreas Feldmann (Gitarrist) von THE UNFADING BEAUTY


GORDON REEVES “Let Me Go”  /   DE STAAT “Sleep Tight”.....“We’re Gonna Die”  /  BLACK CANDY STORE  “Someday”.....“Wounded”  /   SCHÖFTLAND “Blaulicht”  /  THUNDER AND LIGHTNING “Horizon”.....“Lost And Gone”  /  MARIO PERCUDANI  “In My Old Shoes”  /  THE UNFADING BEAUTY “Dance! Scream! Burst!”.....“In Sorrow”.....“All Hope”  /  MELISSA AUF DER MAUR “Out Of Our Minds”  /  BLACK CANDY STORE: “Wounded”  /  THE MIGHTY STEF “Hound Dogs Of Love”.....“Sunshine Serenade”  /   CANCER BATS “Sabotage”  /  JOHANNES WALLMARK & THE WILDFLOWERS “Hard Land”  /  ATREYU “You Were The King, Now You’re Unconscious”


Sendung am  24.03.10 ( Wdh. 27.03.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogäste:               Hens (Gitarrist) und Cyclon (Sänger) von ADRENALINE 101


JOHANNES WALLMARK & THE WILDFLOWERS “Living On The Same Street”....."Just Like A Man"

ADRENALINE 101 “Seek The Lane”.....“Brand New Day”.....“In The Mix”.....“When I’m Gone”.....“Your Touch”.....LIVE im Studio “I Should Be The One".....“Flash Nights”.....“Fistful Of Hate”   /  THE DOITS “Little Heartbreaker”.....“Girl Of My Wildest Dreams”  /  LOST SOULS IN DESERT “Beautiful”.....“Sacrifice Me”  /  PETER FOX “Stadtaffe”  /  COHEED AND CAMPRIA “Here We Are Juggernaut”  /  KARMA COWBOYS “Slammed Shut”


Sendung am  17.03.10 ( Wdh. 20.03.10)      Moderation:    Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview mit:       Martin Klabund, Schopfheim  /  Roswitha Niedanowski, Buggingen   /  Andreas Bühler, Lörrach  /  Chistel Andrea Steier, Bernau


SLAG IN CULLET “Rubber Heart”  /  TAKING DAWN “The Chain”  /  ADRENALINE 101 “Seek The Lane”  /  CRISES “Joan”  /  BIH’TNIK “Mailbox Song”  /  THE BULBS “Regen”…..”Zukunftsutopien”  /  KARMA COWBOYS “Bad TV”  /  ROB ZOMBI “Sick Bubble Gum”  /  MARIO PERCUDANI “You Can Run”  /  POTHEAD “Smile In The Mind”  /  SIGHTS & SOUNDS “Neighbours”  /  BLACK CANDY STORE “Back To The Wall”  /  THE PARLOR MOB “Everything You’re Breathing For”  /  SMURF “Diesen Moment”  /  DAVE EVANS “Out In The Could”  /  COHEED AND CAMPRIA “Here We Are Juggernaut”


Sendung am ( Wdh. 13.03.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Studio-Gäste:     Andy und  David von SLAG IN CULLET


THE MIGHTY STEF “Hound Dogs Of Love”.....“Sunshine Serenade”

SLAG IN CULLET “Blame”.....“My Fire”.....“Rubber Heart”.....“Sick Circus Of Love”.....“Saved My Soul”.....“Cotton Rose”.....“Fade Away”  /  THE.UNFADING.BEAUTY „Get Up And Move“  /  DAVE EVANS “Sold My Soul To Rock ‘N’ Roll”  /  WILD CHAMPANGE “I Want You”  /  KNASCHTBRÜDER “Adelhuuse”  /  AIRBOURNE “No Way But The Hard Way”  /  TAKING DAWN “Close Your Eyes”  /  THE MILLER ANDERSON BAND “City Blues”  /  DON MCLEAN “Vincent


Sendung am ( Wdh. 06.03.10)      Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview mit:      Björn Laufer von THE BANDGEEK MAFIA

                                   Erwin Lang über das Aktuelle im HÄBSE–Theater CH-Basel


TIMESWORD “Highway to Paradise”  /  JULIETTE LEWIS “Hard Lovin’ Women”  /  DAVE EVANS “Rock ‘N’ Roll Or Bust”…..“Carnal Knowledge”  /  WILD CHAMPANGE “Wanted”…..“Fire And Water”  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “About Beasts & Lovers“…..“Your Kingdom? My Home!“…..“Revealing The Unseen“  /  DeLaSar “Somewhere”…..“Sitting On A Star”  /  WICKED TEMPTATION “Money”  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Rubber Heart”  /  THE DULL “Impish Girl”…..“Olympia“  /  TAKING DAWN “Take Me Away”   /   KNASCHTBRÜDER "Schluckeli"


Sendung am 24.02.10 ( Wdh. 27.02.10)     Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview:  Mit den ELEKTROBOYS:  Leo Dülfer, Paulo de Janeiro und Ralf Dülfer


SWIM “A Good Girl”  /  THE MIGHTIY STEF “Downtown“  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Blame”  /  FM “I Ain’t The One”  /  BRAINLESS WANKERS “Wanna Be Trash”  /  ELEKTROBOYS “An Gott eine SMS. Gib mir Revolution. Denn alle reden viel und jeder will was tun”.....“Es gibt doch wirklich keinen Grund den Humor zu wechseln”.....“Ich will mir noch was nach Hause ziehen".....“Ehre”.....“Ich habe hundert bestellt”  /  NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS “Henry Lee”  /  MEDINA LAKE “Through The Pain”  /  PAUCKER “Sophie”  /  HARM “Little Pariah”  /  ATREYU “You Were King, Now You’re Unconscious”  /  DAVE EVANS “Band Molls”  /  HANDS OF TIME “Medicine Girl”  /  THE MIGHTIY STEF “Kings Of New York“


Sendung am 17.02.10 ( Wdh. 20.02.10)     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview:     Carmen, Sängerin von SWIM


KONTRUST “Bomba”  /  ELEKTROBOYS “Es gibt doch wirklich keinen Grund den Humor zu wechseln”  /  TIMESWORD “World Confusion”....."The New World"  /  EDGE OF FOREVER   “What I’ve Never Seen”....."Edge Of Life"  /  SLIPKNOT “Purity”.....Snuff"  /  SWIM “Eternal Chaos”.....“Good Girl.....“Kiss The Dust"  /  WICKED TAMPTAION “Hellraiser”  /  DOMMIN “Closure”…..”My Heart, Your Hands”  /  SHYLOCK  “Much”  /  DIATRIBE   “Indigo”  /  URIAH HEEP “Lady In Black"


Sendung am 10.02.10 ( Wdh. 13.02.10)     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogast: Simon Stiegeler, Bildhauer, Grafenhausen

Verlosung einer Arbeit von Simon Stiegeler




GYPSY DICKS  “Nothing To Loose”.....“We Are Free”.....“Christmas Forever”  /  DISILLUSION “Don’t Go Any Further”  /  FAIR TO MIDLAND “Dance Of The Manatee”  /  SCHANDMAUL “Dein Anblick”  /  MANES “Nodammbrakes”  /  SHYLOCK   “Dawn”  /  WICKED TEMPTATION “Magic”  /  DIATRIBE   “Amplificaton”  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA   “No Disguise”.....“Breakdown”  /  ZICCO GONZALES “Liebeschaos”  /  ROB ZOMBIE   “Werewolf, Baby!”  /  MILLER ANDERSEN BAND “Fallin´ Back Into The Blue”


Sendung am 03.02.10 ( Wdh. 06.02.10)       Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview:            Wolfgang Krell, Galerist und Künstler, Oetlingen

Verlosung:                  Ein „Countune-Bild“ inkl. Versand



URIAH HEEP “Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2009” bereits veröffentlicht  /  PARACHUTES   “The Working Horse” bereits veröffentlicht  /  SIGHTS & SOUNDS “Monolith”  bereits veröffentlicht  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “No Disguise” VÖ: 19.02.10


ROB ZOMBIE  “Jesus Frankenstein”....."Mars Needs Woman"  /  PARACHUTES   “I Won’t Miss A Part Of This”....."Failing A Cure"  /  WICKED TEMPTATION “Money”  /  URIAH HEEP “Stealin”  /  SIGHTS & SOUNDS “The Clutter”.....“The Furthest Truth”.....“Pedal Against The Wind”  /  BRETT HUNT   “Make It Home”  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “Your Kingdom? My Home!”.....“Ease The Pain”.....“A Great Reminder”  /  THE MIGHTY STEF   “Saint Catherine”  /  THARSYS   “Coldblood”


Sendung am 27.01.10 ( Wdh. 30.01.10)         Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogast: Gerd Jansen, bildender Künstler, Grenzach-Wyhlen



DOMMIN  "Love is Gone" VÖ: 29.01.10 /  THE RAVENERS  “Ravenous ”VÖ: 29.01.10  /  LUXUSLÄRM “So laut ich kann” VÖ: 29.01.10  /  THARSYS “Under Her Dead Hands” VÖ: 29.01.10  /  ZICCO GONZALES “Schnee von Gestern”  VÖ: 29.01.10  /  URIAH HEEP “Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2009” VÖ: 29.01.10  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “No Disguise” VÖ: 19.02.10


DOMMIN “My Heart, Your Hands”..."Love Is Gone"...Dark Holiday"  /  URIAH HEEP “Gypsy”   /  SONJA SANTOS “Addicted To Love"...“Favour Of Love”  /  THE RAVENERS “King Of Queens”  /  LUXUSLÄRM “Leb‘ Deine Träume”  /  ZICCO GONZALES “Hallo Hallöchen“  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “About Beasts & Lovers”  /  THARSYS “The Price Of Empathie”


Sendung am 20.01.10 ( Wdh. 23.01.10)      Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Ziehung der Eintrittskarten für die Fondation Beyeler in CH-Riehen


Tel.-Interview:          KRETZSCHE, Bassist von NARZISS



THE RAVENERS “All This Talk”  /  DEXTER JONES‘ CIRCUS ORCHESTRA   “The Monsters By Your Side”  /  ASTEROID  “Garden”.....“Lady”  /  MY GLORIUS “Under The Water”.....“Horse”  /  ACOUSTICAL SOUTH “More”  /  ZICCO GONZALES “Liebeschaos”  /  NARZISS “Maskerade”.....“Ita Est”  / LUXUSLÄRM   “Regen” /  NICKELBACK “If Today Was Your Last Day”  /  ADRENALINE 101 “Seek The Lane”.....“When I’m Gone”  /  DAVE EVANS “Shoot On Sight”  /  DEXTER JONES‘ CIRCUS ORCHESTRA   “Left To Life Abide”  /  THE RAVENERS “Boy You Wanna”


Sendung am 13.01.10 (wdh. 16.01.10)  Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogäste:   Bernd Kurbach von der Raumstation Sternen, Auggen

                       Paddel, von DIE DIE DIE ENTEN SUCHEN


BIH’TNIK  “Schwarzmalen”  /  THE CRAMPS  “Let’s Get Fucked Up“  /  MORIARTY “You Are My Cotton Flower“ MULTICOLORED SHADES “The Last Kiss Of The…..”   /  DIE DIE DIE ENTEN SUCHEN “Pferde Stehlen” … “Scream Thank‘s Pete“   /  ANGIES “Where”   /  JOY AIVISION “Dissorder”   /  DINOSAUR JR. “There Is No Here”  /  THE BULBS “Regen“  /   KONTRUST “Känämänänna” ... “Bomba”   /  FIRE IN THE ATTIC “Clock Works”   /  SLAG IN CULLET “Saved My Soul”   /  EXTRABREIT/HILDEGARD KNEF “Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen”  /  STRATOVARIUS “Higher We Go”  /   MY GLORIOUS “You Should Be Dancing”


Sendung am 06.01.10 ( Wdh. 09.01.10)  Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller - Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber



NARZISS “Echo“ (20.02.10)  /   SLAG IN CULLET “Time To Explode“ VÖ:12.03.2010


THE BULBS “Now“  /  CONTRACRASH “Open Our Eyes“  /  CONTRACRASH “’Cause Of You"...“Trust“ 101 SOUTH “From What You Know Now”  /  ELEKTROBOYS   “Ich wollt schon immer aus Hamburg wegziehen. Mach ich aber nicht“  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Sick Circus Of Love“  /  QUEENSRŸCHE “If I Were King”  /  JEFF CAUDILL   “Stop Writing Songs”  /  NARZISS “Der Achte Tag Der Woche”…“Ita Est”  /  VANDERLINDE “Lonely”  /  ALIAS CAYLON “Surprise”  /  MELISSA-BEL   “Distance”  /  EUROPE “Catch That Plane”  /  DIE ROTEN ROSEN “Wir”






Sendung am 30.12.09 ( Wdh. 02.01.10)   Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller - Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber


Studiogäste:         Anja; Kerstin; Christian; Stefan und Matteo von: THE BULBS



 THE BULBS “Wie man lebt“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

 LUXUSLÄRM “Sag wie es ist“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

 SLAG IN CULLET “Time To Explode“ VÖ:12.03.2010

                                STATE OF ROCK “A Point Of Destiny” VÖ:29.01.2010



THE BULBS “Alles Klar“.....“Heul Foch“.....“Wie Man Lebt“.....“Regen“.....“Haben Wir Oder Haben Wir Nicht“  /  THE BULBS “Aufgegeben“.....“Zukunftsutopien“  /  MELISSA-BEL “You Don’t Fool Me“  /  STATE OF ROCK “Without My Love”  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Rubber Heart“   /  LUXUSLÄRM “Sag wie es ist“  /  HARM “Philistine“  /  TAKIDA “Hole In The Ground“  /  KRYPTERIA “Ignition“  /  SYMPHONY CULT “Confess“  /  ROB ZOMBIE “Sick Bubblegum“  /  KNASCHTBRÜDER “Spiinebuube“



Sendung am 23 .12.09 ( Wdh. 26.12.09)    Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller - Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber


Besinnliches bei H’ART On Air



JEFF BUCKLEY “Hallelujah“  /  BAI BANG   “Only The Best Die Young“   /  SMURF   “Diesen Moment”  /  ZÜRIWEST   “I Schänke Dir Mis Herz  /  JEFF CAUDILL “Destination”  /  JULIETTE LEWIS   “Hard Lovin‘ Woman“  /  GUNS N’ ROSES “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”  /  POTHEAD “Smile In The Wind”  /  THE ROXX “The Epiphany (Revolt)”  /  NICK CAVE “Hallelujah”  /  FAIR WARNING “Hey Girl”  /  AEROSMITH “What It Takes”  /  THE ROXX “Father”  /  NINA HAGEN “Ave Maria“



Sendung am 06.12.09 ( Wdh. 19.12.09)    Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller - Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:    Bernd Kurzbach, Raumstation Sternen, Auggen                                



HARM    “The Nine“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

MELISSA BEL “Brave“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

ANGLES ON BABYLON   “Kingdom Of Evil” VÖ: 29.01.2010



TAKIDA   “Hole In The Ground”  /  MELISSA BEL “Better Things To Do“.....“I Hate To Say It“  /  DAVE EVANS   “Aint Gonna Do You To Me Anymore“  /  DORO   “Celebrate”   /  HARM   “Hand Me Down Virtue“   /  ANGLES ON BABYLON   “Tear Out My Heart”  /  DIE ROTEN ROSEN   “Leise rieselt der Schnee“.....“White Christmas“  /  BRETT HUNT   “How She Looked”  /  CREKKO   “Goodbye”  /  STONE RIVER “Dust N Stones”.....“Inside This Walls”  /  BURNING POINT   “Was It Me”  /  ANGLES ON BABYLON   “Conspiracy Theory”  /  MASTERSTROKE   “Another Step Back”.....“Purity Fades”  /  CRISES   “When You Were Mine”  /  HARM   “Sentimental Enterprise“  /  MELISSA BEL “Brave“



Sendung am 09.12.09 ( Wdh. 12.12.09)     Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller  /  Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber



Dr. Matthias Schrenk, Vorsitzender Bereich Kunst im Haus Salmeggverein, Rheinfelden



DAVE EVANS   “Judgement Day“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

STONE RIVER “The Valley Of The Butterflies“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

TAKIDA   “Bury The Lies” (bereits veröffentlicht)



THE BLACK SHEEP   “Line Of Fire”  /  TAKIDA   “Evil Eye”.....“Handlake Village”.....“Curly Sue”  / DAVE EVANS   “We Don’t Dance To Your Song“.....“Band Molls“.....“House Of The Rising Sun“  /  BRETT HUNT   “How She Looked”  /  NINJA DOLLS   “Who’s Pretending”  /  STONE RIVER “Come On”.....“Inside These Walls“  /  THE ROXX   “I Found God”  /  AMORAL   “Random Words”.....“Release”  /  THUNDER   “What A Beautiful Day (Live)”  /  THE MIGHTY STEF   “Where The Nightmares Begin”



Sendung am 02.12.09 ( Wdh. 5.12.09)     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interviews:    Peter, Drummer von TERRORGOD

                              Teilnehmerinnen der REGIONALE10

                              Christel Andrea Steier, Bernau   /   Karin Suter, Basel



TERRORGOD   “Coming Home“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

FIRE IN THE ATTIC “ FIRE IN THE ATTIC “ (bereits veröffentlicht)



BLACK SONIC  “The Game“  /  URIAH HEEP “Corridors Of Madness”  /  TERRORGOD  “Miss Treated“.....“Raven“  /  PETER FOX   “Haus am See”  /  BIH’TNIK   “Mailbox-Song”  /  BABYLON BOMBS   “Anywhere The Wind Blows”  /  FIRE IN THE ATTIC “Are We There Yet?”.....“Shapeshifting Mountain”  /  STOCKHOLM STONER   “Spare Me Some Change”  /  THE PARLOR MOB “Tide Of Tears”  /  A SOUND MIND   “So Thankful”  /  CREKKO   “Control”  /  KONTRUST   “Sin”  /  PUMP   “Kiss Of Voodoo”  /  THE LAST WARNING   “Discredit”



Sendung am 25.11.09 ( Wdh. 28.11.09)     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interviews:    Kiki Brodmerkel, Schmuckdesignerin 

                              Evelyn Duerschlag, Galeristin

                              MAETHI, Sänger von BLACK SONIC



THE DEVILROCK FOUR   “First In Line“ (bereits veröffentlicht

BLACK SONIC   “7 Deadly Sins”

DOMMIN   “Love Is Gone” VÖ:29.01.2010



DELAIN   “Stay Forever”  /  BABYLON BOMBS   “Liberation”  /  SOUL DOCTOR   “Take It While It’s Hot”

DOMMIN “My Heart, Your Hands”  /  SHAKE CITY   “Get It While It’s Hot  /  VANDERLINDE

“820721(95%)“  /  CRISES   “Indifference“  /  BLACK SONIC    “Back".....“Don’t Call My Name“.....“7 Deadly Sins “  /  MOTORBAND   “Heartbroken”  /  PUMP   “Never”  /  MEDINA LAKE   “Trough The Pain”  /  JAKE PORN   “So What”  /  THE DEVILROCK FOUR   “Dress You Dow“.....“Should Have Known“  /  DARE   “Follow The River”  /  THE VAGRANTS   “Why Me”  /  EUROPE   “New Love In Town”



Sendung am 18.11.09 (3-stündige Sondersendung Wdh. 21.11.09


Moderation:              Harald Deschler und Klaus Kipfmüller  /  Gastmoderation:      Brigitte Matti 


Telefon-Interviews: Christel Riedel, RHEINGARNIXEN 

                                Frank Urschler, BITTERNESS


                                C.A. Steier

                                Tommy Heart, SOUL DOCTOR



SERVED CHILLED “Light My Fire“  /  TITO & TARANTULA “Angry Cockroaches”  /  VOLBEAT “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood”  /  SMURF “Mittelfinger“  /  SHENANIGANZ „Bavaria“  /  JONNY CASH “Walk The Line”  /  JET “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”  /  GRAVE ROBBER “Fear No Evil”  /  THERAPY? “Isolation”  /  WEDNESDAY 13 “Skeletons”  /  GURD “Your Drug Of Choice“  /  BITTERNESS “Genociety”  /  SEPTIC CHRIST “Stand Up Straight”  /  SPLITTER “Der letzte Tag“  /  BIH’TNIK “Lefuet”  /  THE DULL “Panther”  /  TITO & TARANTULA “Back To The House”  /  TURBONEGRO “Get It On”  /  SOUL DOCTOR “Can’t Stand Losing”  /  KONTRUST “Känämänännä“.....“Bomba“  /  H’ART “Bildbetrachter”  /  GODSMACK “Voodoo”




Sendung am 11.11.09 (Wdh. 14.11.09)   Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller  / Gastmoderation:  Brigitte Matti 


Telefon-Interview:   mit Andre, Sänger von NEFFIN



REAPER   “Gardens Of Seth” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

THE ROXX   “Ironic Truth” V.Ö. 13.11.2009



URIAH HEEP   “Corridors Of Madness”  /  BABYLON BOMBS   “It’s Alright”.....“Goodbye Good Luck”  /  BRUNOROCK   “In Search Of Faith“.....“War Maniacs“  /  REAPER   “Super Mystique”  /  VANDERLINDE   “Lonely”.....“Killing The Man”  /  CRISES   “Joan”  /  DREAM  THEATER   “Wither”  /  CRISES   “The Chase”  /  NEFFIN   “Auf meiner Rückbank“.....“Ich wecke diese Stadt auf“  /  THE ROXX   “No Scruple No Shame”.....“Father”  /  URIAH HEEP   “Lady in Black”



Sendung am 04.11.09       Moderation:    Klaus Kipfmüller



Studiogäste:             Werner Meyer Vertreter der Konkreten Kunst               


Telefon-Interview:    Marcel Knuth, Sänger und Bassist der Punkband PARKHAUS                      


Produktvorstellung:   A SOUND MIND   “Harmonia” V.Ö. 20.11.2009

                                  THE LAST WARNING   “Elegance Of Bloodiness”  (Bereits veröffentlicht)

                                  PARKHAUS   “Hallbumm”  (Bereits veröffentlicht)

                                  BARONS BALL   “Push” V.Ö. 06.11.2009



TRIBAL   “Take Me Away”  /  A SOUND MIND   “Empathy”  /  ANDY LEGGETT / BECHET   “Pussy Willow Blues”  /  ANDY LEGGETT / BECHET   “The Onions”  /  TEMPUS FUGIT ORCHESTRA   “Heartbreak Hotel”  /  NIGEL KENNEDIY / VIVALDI   “Frühling” (aus Vierjahreszeiten)  /  A SOUND MIND   “Venus & Mars”  /  BRETT HUNT   “Wide Blue Sky”  /  BARONS BALL   “Do You Wanna Run”.....“Give Me A Sign”   NINJA DOLLS   “Miss Young And Naive”  /   THE LAST WARNING   “Buried Alive”   /  PARKHAUS   “Wenndann”   PARKHAUS   “Zeit zu gehen - Extended”  /  CREKKO   “Never Again”  /  THE LAST WARNING   “Dark Rock Song”



Sendung am 28.10.09        Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



Studiogäste:            Greg Bailey und Mark Rossi   von der schweizer Band TRIBAL                      


Telefon-Interview:   Elisabeth Veith über "Art in Progress" in Basel                            



TRIBAL   “Corner Of A Circle” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

ATREYU   “Congregation Of The Damned” V.Ö. 23.10.09



JULIETTE LEWIS   “Hard Lovin´ Woman”  /  TRIBAL   “Take Me Away”.....“Higher”.....“Holy”.....“Corner Of A Circle”  /  TRIBAL   “Reign Of Silence”.....“Fly Across The Universe”.....“No Regrets”  /  MADINA LAKE   “Through The Pain”  /  ACOUSTICAL SOUTH   “Lost”  /  ATREYU   “You Were The King, Now You’re  Unconscious”  /  DARE   “Shelter In The Storm”  /  PUMP   “Kiss of Voodoo”  /  GRAND DESIGN   “No Time for Love“    THE DULL   “Panther”



Sendung am 21.10.09      Moderation:    Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:              Petra Böttcher   Lochkamerafotografin                  


Telefon-Interview:   Johanna Klauser von THE BLACK SHEEP                                     



JULIETTE LEWIS   “Terra Incognita” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

THE BLACK SHEEP   “Not Part Of The Deal” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

BRETT HUNT   “Corrugated Road” V.Ö. 06.11.09



DMP   “Timebomb”  /  JULIETTE LEWIS   “Uh Huh”.....“Fantasy Bar”.....“Hard Lovin´ Woman”

NEFFIN   ”Ich wecke diese Stadt auf”  /  ATREYU   “Storm To Pass”  /  BRETT HUNT   “Make It Home”

BRETT HUNT   “Mona Lisa”  /  THE VAGRANTS   “Why Me“  -  CONTRACRASH   “Never Found”

THE BLACK SHEEP   “Unwritten Apology”.....“Bring Us Back”.....“Game Over”  -  TRIBAL   “Corner Of A Circle”



Sendung am 14.10.09             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



Studiogast:               TOBI * MARTIN * MATZE   von der Punkband D M P             


Telefon-Interview:    WALTER SCHNEIDER  von CONTRACRASH                                           



DMP   “Timebomb” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

CONTRACRASH   “Goddamn Planet”   (Bereits veröffentlicht)

DARE   “Arc Of The Dawn” V.Ö. 26.10.2009



DIE PRETTY   “Can You Hear Me”  /   DMP   “Timebomb”.....“Slack And Lazy”.....“Devil’s Circle” (live-unplugged).....“Music”.....”Rosa”.....“Bright As The Sun”.....“Wie die Sonne” (live-unplugged)   /  DARE   “Dublin”  /  SOUL DOCTOR   “Time Of Yesterday”   /  CONTRACRASH   “Never Found”.....“Open Our Eyes”.....“Gone”    WARMEN   “Black Cat”     



Sendung am 07.10.09        Moderation:    Klaus Kipfmüller



Studiogast:       Helmut Förnbacher,    Regisseur, Schauspieler, Drehbuchautor, Theaterdirektor  der Förnbacher Theater Company


Telefon-Interview:   Agata    über KONTRUST  und der neuen CD  “Time To Tango”   



KONTRUST   “Time To Tango” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

MADINA LAKE   “Attics To Eden”   (Bereits veröffentlicht)

101 SOUTH   “No U-Turn“   V.Ö. 20.11.2009

SOUL DOCTOR   “Way Back To The Bone” V.Ö. 20.11.2009



PUMP   “All Could Bleed”  /  MADINA LAKE  “Through The Pain”.....“Not For This World”  /  101 SOUTH   “When You’re In Love“.....“All In The Game“  /  THE MIGHTY STEF   “The Mero”  /  LUDWIG HIRSCH  “Sternderl Schaun”  /  M.A.D.   “Crown and Ring”   KONTRUST   “Mainstream Bypass”.....“Zero”.....“Känämänännä” .....“Bomba”....."Sin"  /  SOUL DOCTOR   “First Man On The Moon”